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This post really needs to come with a warning, because trust us… you will not be able to handle the cuteness that you’re about to see. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to resist saying “Aww” and immediately turning to the person who happens to be nearest to you in order to say, “Isn’t this the most adorable thing you ever saw?”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Even as Eli and Lani’s kids — who’ve largely been played by blankets since making their grand entrance nearly a year ago — popped up on screen, @Star_Kidz shared the news that Arya and Wynter Wells are playing Carver, the twin sibling to Julia, whom everyone calls “Jules.” (You’ll recall that the children were named after Abe and Julie, the latter of whom was glad the parents went with Julia. Why? “For a while there, I thought it was going to be Big Julie, Little Julie,” quipped the fan fave. “And believe me, I didn’t want to be Big Julie!”

We are happy to report that upon getting their first glimpse of Carver, the internet had the appropriate response… practically in unison.

Days Eli Abe Carver baby screenshot

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The scenes in which Carver made his debut were especially poignant, given that they featured Abe worrying that perhaps, in light of the recent revelation that he is not Lani’s father, the baby’s name might be changed. “Hell, no!” declared Eli emphatically. “Abe, I’ll tell you the same thing I told Theo: He is still their uncle, and you are still their grandfather!”

Making the moment even sweeter, Eli added, “Just so you know, I still think that you are the greatest father-in-law that a guy could ever have.” As Lani, Eli and Abe try to navigate their new relationships while keeping the newest members of their extended family happy and healthy, why not continue to revel in cuteness by checking out this photo galleryin which we look at some (but by no means all!) of daytime’s most adorable tots!