Rex on the phone, standing in front of greenery on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Back in July, Kyle Lowder posted an Instagram post with the simple caption, “Back to work.” Speculation, of course, ran rampant about the actor returning to Days of Our Lives as Rex, but Lowder kept mum ever since. But now, his return has finally been confirmed, thanks to that jam-packed winter preview.

In it, Rex runs into Xander and Gwen in the Square where Xander asks where Sarah is. Confused, Rex responds, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

This prompts an even more confused Xander to yell out, “Where the hell is she,” as Gwen stands by horrified.

If you’ll recall, the last time Rex was in Salem, Kristen disguised herself as Sarah, broke Xander’s heart, “reunited” with Rex, and then promptly dumped the latter, as well. As for Sarah, Kristen shipped Xander’s love off to a deserted island, and she hasn’t been seen since.

Xander fances Kristen as Sarah with Rex on Days of Our Lives

Kristen recently revealed she’s been sending texts to Maggie as Sarah to cover for her disappearance, and finagled a remote job for Doctor Rex to jet off to, where there is little cell service. Still, you’d think he’d find some way to update his parents, the newly reunited Kate and Roman, on what’s going on in his life. Regardless, Kristen finally clued someone else in on Sarah’s whereabouts last week, when she blackmailed Gwen into helping her escape prison, in exchange for keeping quiet about Xander’s ex-fiancée being held on an island.

Based on Xander’s reaction in the promo, he still seems very much emotionally attached to Sarah, despite telling Maggie he had moved on. And, based on Gwen’s look of horror at Xander’s desperation, well, that can’t be good.

Rex sees "Sarah" pushing a trunk on Days of Our Lives

But does it mean Sarah’s coming back? It’s the logical assumption, based on the way she exited and all the mentions of her lately, including Rex finally revealing he and Sarah aren’t together.

Days of Our Lives loves a good return and bringing characters back for short stints. Just like Rex, and Sami, and perhaps the biggest shock in the winter promo… Eric, But with Days of Our Lives, you just never know.

While we wait to find out what Rex’s return brings, and when exactly he’ll be back, relive Xander and Sarah’s romance in our photo gallery.