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It seems like in Salem, at least, you can’t keep a bad guy down. On Tuesday, November 9, Days of Our Lives tweeted out a cast photo for their 56th anniversary in which, sharp-eyed fans may have noticed, are a couple of unexpected familiar faces. Tucked away in the back row is Greg Rikaart in one of Leo’s eye-grabbingly flashy suits and James Read (Clyde), standing next to his Salem son, Robert Scott Wilson (Ben).


The show isn’t commenting on their possible returns, but Rikaart and Read’s presence at the anniversary celebration certainly makes them seem very likely.

Leo was least seen on the Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem, where he *checks notes* saved the world? Yup. In between making Chad uncomfortable and claiming he wanted to spice up Will and Sonny’s relationship, Leo switched out the satellite-controlling Peacock emerald with a fake, thereby unintentionally thwarting Drew Donovan’s plot to take the world hostage. Don’t ask.

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Though Rikaart is still appearing over on The Young and the Restless as Kevin, the two Sony shows have a history of sharing actors, so there’s no reason to think he couldn’t start popping in to Salem again. But just because Leo saved the world, don’t expect many Salemites to welcome the selfish slimeball back with open arms should that visit happen.

James Reads’ Clyde, on the other hand, was last seen in prison — where he’s been for quite a few years now. Technically, though, we saw him in the photo Ben and Ciara had on Tuesday’s episode while the two discussed whether or not he was the “evil” presence Susan detected threatening their baby. (Spoilers: He wasn’t.)

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With Clyde being on his family’s minds again, it looks like Days of Our Lives might be right on the verge of his return. But how? Whenever Ben’s dastardly dad does pop up, it tends to be during jail stays. So the big question is: Will Clyde be returning to Salem, or will someone from Salem be sent to prison?

As we ponder what these two possible returns could mean for our favorite Salemites, why not revisit a bit of Clyde’s twisted history with a gallery of his (numerous) misdeeds?