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When it comes to Halloween, Days of Our Lives and headwriter Ron Carlivati love nothing more than taking advantage of the spooktacular holiday, usually in some outrageous fashion. This year, the show will amp things up to the max with a little help from Marlena’s temporary bodyguest, the devil.

While kids will come around begging for candy on Sunday, October 31, Carlivati and company won’t begin dishing out their Halloween tricks and treats until the episode airing on Monday, November 1. But what they have in store is as delicious as any full-sized candy bar… and will last twice as long. Because MarDevil is about to turn Days of Our Lives into The Walking Dead by using her powers to resurrect a few familiar faces. And as you might expect, she’s not really looking to bring back the town’s kinder, gentler souls. (Sorry, Alice and Tom Horton!)

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Sure, it’s not really unusual for soap characters to come back from the dead (especially in Salem, where Marlena once “killed” practically all of her friends and neighbors only to find out it was… well, we never really did understand that whole Melaswen plot). But what’s different this time is that the returnees weren’t mistakenly declared deceased. Instead, as the Munchkinland coroner would say, they were — and still are — “really, most sincerely dead.”

While we’re not sure of all the invitees who’ll be attending MarDevil’s “Back to Life” party, hints have definitely been dropped on social media. For example, Mike Manning — aka Ava’s son Charlie, who went from adorkable office boy to rapid rapist — this week excited Twitter followers with three little words: “Oh, hey Salem!”

Viewers will recall that eventually, Charlie ditched his nice-guy glasses, went full-blown psycho and wound up being killed by equally unbalanced Jan. Something tells us that Charlie might have a few scores to settle if given the opportunity. And given that newly-released spoilers tip off that Ava, Tripp and Allie are all about to have terrifying experiences, we have a pretty good idea whom Charlie will be visiting!

Allie points a gun at Charlie on Days of Our Lives

Above: Is it wrong we’re still holding out hope that somewhere out there, Charlie has an equally-cute, far less psychotic twin brother?

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Meanwhile over on Facebook, another Salem baddie’s portrayer posted an equally simple — and thrilling — message. “Heeeere’s Deimos!” shared Vincent Irizarry, followed by (appropriately enough) a devil emoji.  And remember those teasers we mentioned (and linked above)? Well, they say that Nicole’s past comes back to haunt her… which leads us to believe they mean that quite literally!

Days deimos nicole dead

Above: How it started… how it ended.

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Why would Deimos haunt Nicole? Well, given how confusing the story surrounding his demise was, you’re forgiven if you forget the details. But in a nutshell, after hosting a party at which he slipped all of his enemies mickies, Deimos wound up being murdered. It was eventually discovered that he’d been stabbed to death by a drugged-out Nicole, who’d then left him to die on the living room floor.

Meanwhile, look for at least one other troublemaker to become zombified. Let’s do this one as a blind item, shall we? Here we go: “Soaps hears that one of MarDevil’s resurrectees has done the whole back-from-the-dead thing before, and that he could pay a visit to a local lass who stole his heart and then put a bullet in it!”

Ready to play our little guessing game? Hit the comments with who you think will join Deimos and Charlie, as well as who you think should. Then check out this gallery of characters from all four soaps we really want back — dead or alive — and see if your faves made our list.