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After escaping prison and going on the lam, yet again, it looks like Days of Our Lives’ Kristen is headed back to Salem. Her return was teased this week when Victor told Steve that he wanted to hire Black Patch to find the woman who once stabbed him. It was all part of his deal with Trask for Justin and Xander’s freedom, but whether Steve follows through remains to be seen. What we do know, per the spoilers, is that next week, Kristen pays her brother EJ a visit.

While Stacy Haiduk has been playing the Brady-obsessed vixen since 2018, Eileen Davidson, who originated the role in 1993, briefly returned as Kristen in the spin-off series Beyond Salem. However, Haiduk will be back to wreak more havoc when Kristen returns on October 26. Davidson even previously indicated she was only back for the limited run.

“It kind of made sense,” she said to Soap Opera Digest, “the fact that Stacy is playing Kristen [on Days of Our Lives] and I would be doing this Peacock version of it.”

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Before dressing up as Sister Mary Moira and stealing jewels on Beyond Salem, Kristen was arrested in May after abducting Chloe and Kate. While fleeing with both women, she got into a head-on car collision with Brady, which landed him in a coma. Kate was also sent to the hospital, where she faked blindness to get back at Jake for reuniting with Gabi. And poor Chloe was left tied up in the trunk of a car. It’s OK, though. She was eventually rescued.

Kristen evaded prison once again by swapping places with a nonconsenting Susan. And, oh yeah, Ava helped her do it by turning a blind eye.

Kristen pleads with Brady on Days of Our Lives

While on the run, Kristen sent EJ a letter detailing Sami’s affair with Lucas. Though it was initially intercepted by Sami, it ended up in EJ’s hands. As to be expected, he didn’t exactly take the revelation in stride, and, well, now Sami’s been kidnapped.

Could Kristen have taken her brother’s unfaithful wife? She did ship Sarah off to a deserted island, after all, so anything’s possible.

Just what will Kristen have in store for Salem this time around? Will she reveal Sarah’s whereabouts? Will she become a pawn in the devil’s plan? Will Victor succeed in turning her in to Trask?

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