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After teasing his return to Days of Our Lives on Twitter earlier this week, Mike Manning’s Charlie Dale returned to Salem —  in a most unexpected way. Sure, soaps are famous for “bringing characters back from the dead”, but those characters aren’t usually dead, dead. Charlie certainly is though, but that didn’t stop MarDevil from literally resurrecting him from his grave in Friday’s episode. Well, his hand at least.

As she stood in front of his grave, MarDevil urged the deceased villain to, “Rise up, Charlie Dale.” Cue his hand popping up from the ground.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens Monday, but it seems MarDevil isn’t stopping with just Charlie, as other dead villains will soon be roaming Salem. Yep, Halloween will extend into next week’s episodes to wreak more havoc on all the good, and bad, Salemites. Just the way MarDevil likes it.

A hand bursts out from the ground on Days of Our Lives

Mike Manning was last seen in Salem in May when Jan recounted Charlie’s murder to Claire. You know, the murder that Jan committed when she shot him dead and set up Belle to take the fall.

Even though Manning is not currently a permanent fixture in Salem these days, he does still make time for his daytime fans. He even participated in a Magic Mike-like performance with a few of his Days co-stars at a Samantha’s Friends event back in May.

Aside from his current Days of Our Lives return, Manning is also attached to the upcoming TV series Hidden Springs and the movie The Way Out. Additionally, the actor won a Daytime Emmy earlier this year for his role as Caleb McKinnon on the streaming series The Bay, and is working on a multifaceted comic book project.

And, according to his Instagram feed, when he’s not in front of the camera, the actor is in the gym working out. By the looks of it in his photo below, he’s there a lot.

As we wait to see what fresh hell Manning’s Charlie brings to Salem, look through our photo gallery of soaps’ all-time best villains.