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It’s beginning to seem as if everyone involved with Beyond Salem — the highly-anticipated Days of Our Lives spinoff which hits the Peacock streaming service on Monday, September 6th — has trouble keeping secrets. First, Lisa Rinna let slip that Eileen Davidson would be appearing on the limited series, then Davidson herself confirmed that she’d be playing Kristen (and possibly another role). Now, after some teasing by Adrienne Frantz, we can confirm that she, too, is part of the star-studded sudser!

Along with her real-life husband Scott Bailey, they will play married couple Sophie and Miles Faversham — the hosts of a party Ben and Ciara crash (posing as Princess Greta and her husband Austin) in order to get one of the stolen gems.

The casting reveal started simply enough, with Frantz — best known to soap fans as Bold & Beautiful scheme queen Amber — seeming to excitedly promote Beyond Salem. “So excited to see this!” she said of the project. And why wouldn’t a daytime alum be stoked to see a new drama making waves?

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But soon after her initial tweet, Frantz sent something that seemed a bit more telling. “Something exciting is coming soon!” she posted, along with a stunning headshot and a hashtag that proved just how well she knows us: #don’tyouwanttoknow

Before we could respond, “Hell yes, we want to know,” another piece of the puzzle seemed to fall into place when Ron Carlivati — headwriter of both Days of Our Lives and Beyond Salem — joined the fun. In response to Frantz’ tantalizing tweet, he wrote, “Something exciting… something… beyond?”

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Those not quite getting why we’re so excited about Frantz appearing on Beyond Salem — and, dare we hope, perhaps then bringing her mystery character over to Days of Our Lives? — are perhaps unfamiliar with her work. So let’s offer you a quick, but by no means comprehensive, introduction.

Bold Beautiful Amber Rick CJ Becky

Originally hired to babysit Rick and Bridget, Amber soon spiced things up for everyone… including CJ.

Credit: Tony Esparza/CBS/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Frantz first appeared on Bold & Beautiful back in 1997, and her Amber Moore quickly got caught up in the schemes of fellow waitress Sheila Carter. Amber would later go from babysitting Rick Forrester to seducing the babyfaced hunk. Over the next few years, she’d be involved in everything from pawning jewelry to a baby swap. She was not, however, a villainess so much as a young woman who made more than her fair share of mistakes in the pursuit of happiness. This would become clear when, after the character crossed over to The Young and the Restless in 2006, she was befriended by none other than Katherine Chancellor.

Should Frantz’ role on Beyond Salem prove to be a one-off, we’ll simply go back to championing the notion of her returning to either of the CBS sudsers. Heck, she’s already got a spot on our list of Bold & Beautiful characters we’d love to see back on the canvas!