precious way exits days as chanel
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Recasts often come just as we’re getting used to a new character — like in the case of Precious Way’s Chanel Dupree. Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that the actress will be exiting the Days of Our Lives role, which has been recast with daytime newcomer Raven Bowens, who will first turn up on July 6.

As reported by our sister site, Deadline, Way has been cast alongside rap superstar MC Lyte in a new sitcom Partners In Rhyme, which is likely the reason for her NBC soap exit.

Chanel first blew into Salem back in March and tried to hustle Claire and Tripp by leaving them with a hefty champagne-fueled check in the square — that is until mama Paulina appeared and revealed that Chanel was her daughter.

Tripp Claire celebrate Chanel DAYS

The character was also connected to another person from her past — Allie, who she met in London. After a fun afternoon of reconnecting in the park, the old friends headed over to Julie’s Place for some cocktails and ended up in a lip-lock, which was witnessed by Tripp, who had been getting closer to Allie.

Chanel and Allie toast pink martinis at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

And even amid all of that drama, and still clearly torn with her feelings for Allie, Chanel had time to embark on a new dream and planned to open a bakery in the square with help from Allie — and Alice’s famous doughnut recipe.

However, even though Chanel, nor anyone else in Salem for that matter, doesn’t realize that her mother has other plans for the square, it should be interesting when that little bit of information becomes public — and we look forward to watching Bowens in the storyline!

Let’s face it, some recasts have been for the better and some for the worst. Now would be a good time to look deeper into those instances, which we invite fans to view in our galleries filled with 10 of the worst recasts that should’ve never happened, as well as 20 of soaps’ best recasts — ranked.

— Amy Mistretta