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Just because a TV character is dead doesn’t mean they’ll never show up again. Especially on soaps. Even more especially on Days of Our Lives. In Salem, it often involves a serum from Dr. Rolf bringing them back to life, but we’re thinking something else will be going on when Chrishell Stause reprises her role as Jordan Ridgeway, a.k.a. Ben’s very dead sister.

It looks like Ben will see his dearly departed sibling once again the week of May 24. We’re not sure what she has to say to him but the next day he’ll set out to frantically search for Claire. Considering Jan is on the loose terrorizing her parents, Belle and Shawn, he could certainly be on to something there. But why is he seeing visions of his dead sister now?

ben hallucinates jordan is alive days

Last we saw her, Jordan appeared to Ben in an ominous dream before his ill-fated wedding to Ciara on July 20, 2020. (Hopefully, this visit will be a little friendlier.) Prior to that, she was revealed to have been murdered after the time jump in 2019. However, Stause appeared in flashback scenes on March 4, 2020, as Jordan’s killer, Evan, recounted her death.

As for the actress, Stause has kept busy since leaving Days competing on Dancing With the Stars and starring on Netflix’s reality series Selling Sunset.

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— Lori Wilson