linsey godfrey exits days as sarah
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So much for a happy ending for Days of Our Lives’ Sarah and Xander. Linsey Godfrey is exiting the NBC soap opera, she confirmed on Twitter on March 16.

“It’s truly been a pleasure,” she wrote to fans on her Twitter feed. “A massive thank-you to Days of Our Lives for the opportunity to play Sarah and all 86 of her hairstyles.” (And there have been quite a few — take a peek here.)

The actress went on to express her gratitude to the cast and behind-the-scenes personnel that have become like family. “Thank you to casting, production and the crew!” she exclaimed. “Also thank you to the amazing cast I got to work with! I have made some lifelong friends that I cherish.”

sarah arrives in salem to see maggie days

The former Bold & Beautiful star (who played the second of the CBS soap’s ill-fated Carolines) debuted in the recast role of Days of Our Lives’ Sarah in October 2018 when Maggie’s daughter appeared at the Kiriakis mansion and announced her engagement to Rex Brady. Though the couple ended up married in June 2019, it didn’t last due to her lingering feelings for Eric Brady.

Mind you, that wasn’t the biggest upset to rock Sarah to the core…

sarah gives rachel to kristen days

That would be the loss of her baby Mickey (with Eric), who she later learned had died at birth following a car accident and had been switched (by Xander and Victor!) with Brady and Kristen’s newborn, Rachel… who Sarah had been raising as her own. (Got all that?) Sarah quickly fled Salem for Paris, where she once again crossed paths with Rex. When her ex uncovered that she was on the run with Kristen’s baby, Sarah refused to allow him to blow up her plan and tied Rex to a chair. In the end, Kristen located Sarah and reclaimed her baby.

days kristen sarah floor JJ

Back in Salem, Xander managed to win Sarah’s heart and even convinced her to marry him… that is until she stumbled upon Kristen, who had escaped from prison by doing a switch of her own — with Susan Banks — to keep an eye on Brady and Chloe.

Sarah realizes she's been kidnapped on Days of Our Lives

As previewed in the Days of Our Lives weekly promo, Kristen took Sarah captive then produced a Sarah face mask with plans to impersonate the doctor on her wedding day. Though Kristen insisted that she wasn’t going to kill Sarah, she did talk about stranding her on an island, then breaking Xander’s heart while in her Sarah disguise. This way, he’d leave “Sarah” alone, and Kristen would be free to continue to stay in Salem as Susan.

Boy, that was a mouthful! While we watch how Godfrey’s exit unfolds, take a look at our gallery of Sarah and Xander’s romance filled with memorable photos, and update your Who’s Leaving scorecard by consulting our newly-updated list of all the actors exiting Days of Our Lives. Then, if you can bear it, ponder along with us what could be next for Xander without Sarah.

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