mike manning exits days as charlie dale
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His character, Charlie Dale, was murdered back in February, but Mike Manning continued to appear in flashbacks throughout the big whodunit storyline for months. However, it’s the end of the line, and we can now confirm that the actor has officially exited his Days of Our Lives role.

Charlie's hands are up in surrender on Days of Our Lives

The last we saw Charlie alive was when he opened his door to an unknown visitor, put both hands in the air and begged, “Don’t shoot.” After Rafe found him dead, the list of suspects was a mile long and so the investigation into his death began. But before we lead up to who won the prize for Salem’s Latest Gun-Wielding Hero — for taking out the man so many wanted to kill for raping Allie — let’s revisit what brought him to town in the first place and everything leading up to his demise.

Xander gives Charlie romantic advice on Days of Our Lives

Charlie first arrived on the scene in October 2020 as a new intern at Titian. Whether he wanted it or not, Xander often gave him advice about how to win the heart of Claire Brady. Once that happened, Charlie appeared to be on the path of love — that is, until his mother Ava reappeared in Salem. Not to mention, Allie’s cloudy recollection of having been raped in London. Though Allie pinpointed Tripp as her rapist, and a DNA test proved he was the father of her son, he venomently denied having raped her. However, Ava’s return from the dead shed light on the fact that Charlie was Tripp’s brother and even got her son to confess the crime.

A tied up and gagged Ava faces off with Charlie on Days of Our Lives

Ava wasn’t about to let her favorite boy, Tripp, take the fall for his evil brother and told Charlie as much. Big mistake! Charlie knocked out his mama then gagged and tied Ava to a chair and drugged her to make it appear she was going insane.

Rafe feels for a tied up Ava's pulse on Days of Our Lives

After Ava was rescued by Rafe, she revealed that Charlie was in fact her son — and the one who raped Allie. Claire then convinced Charlie that even if what Ava said was true, he deserved a second chance. Not realizing that Claire was conning him, Charlie confessed the rape — and Claire recorded it.

Rafe points his gun at Sami on Days of Our Lives

Shawn ended up arresting Charlie but in the end, he was released, which put many on the warpath. So many people wanted to make Charlie pay — and vowed to kill him — but it was Sami who appeared in Charlie’s doorway, just as Rafe had found him dead on the floor, and was arrested for the murder.

Allie holds a gun on Days of Our Lives

As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that Kate’s gun had been used in the murder — even though Kate insisted to Rafe that she didn’t shoot Charlie. As Rafe privately recalled questioning Allie about the gun she used to threat Tripp, Allie learned about the new evidence and thought back to taking the gun out of Kate’s lockbox.

Sami's exasperated with Rafe at the SPD on Days of Our Lives

At one point, Sami was arrested for Charlie’s murder but released and the finger pointed to many others, including Belle, as well until it was finally revealed in the Monday, April 19 episode that Jan Spears had shot Charlie, while dressed in Belle’s red coat — which was Salem’s latest set-up! Jan ended up confessing the details to Claire on Monday, May 24 after taking Shawn and Belle’s daughter hostage.

As we close the final chapter of this storyline, take a look back at photos of the suspects and the reasons why any one of them had a motive to kill Charlie.

— Amy Mistretta