cameron johnson returns as theo carver DAYS
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Cameron Johnson will be making his way back to Days of Our Lives beginning on Wednesday, March 10, as detailed in our Days spoilers. The actor first appeared in the recast role in November 2020, a part previously played by Kyler Pettis.

Abe welcomes Theo home on Days of Our Lives

On the last occasion when Theo returned to Salem, he and his father Abe spent some time caching up at the Brady’s Pub, where he pointedly joked about how Jake looked exactly like “the old one” — Stefan — which was something Jake quickly got sick of hearing.

Theo kisses Claire on Days of Our Lives

Before leaving to head back to Africa, Theo and Claire shared a kiss — one that Charlie just so happened to stumble upon and witness. However, though Claire and Theo had a past, he wished her the best with Charlie in the future.

Abe and Val hold their grandchildren on Days of Our Lives JJ

So, what brings Theo back to Salem this time? Aside from his current family still living in town, he has some new ones to meet — namely Eli and Lani’s twins.

On the flipside, though that will be a very happy moment indeed, finding out what Charlie did to Allie — and knowing how close the creep was to Claire — will be anything but! Theo may have his own opinion when it comes to the long list of suspects in Charlie’s murder.

Is there anyone else you’d like to see return? We have plenty of requests and you can view photos of them all in our gallery of other Days of Our Lives characters we’d like to come home.

— Amy Mistretta