Jaime Lyn Bauer returns to Days
Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI

We can confirm that Jaime Lyn Bauer’s days of coming in and out of Salem are over. The actress left Days of Our Lives on February 10 when Laura Horton was — sigh — confirmed to have been killed. Back in 1993, Bauer took over the role, which was previously played by various actresses, most notably Bold & Beautiful’s Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie), and has appeared on and off throughout the years.

Her most recent return to the NBC soap opera was on February 1 when Laura made her way back to Salem after seeing Gwen’s name in an article in The Intruder and realized that her worst nightmare had come true — that Gwen had surfaced and might reveal that she was Jack’s daughter. Though Laura hightailed it to town in hopes of preventing the reveal, she was too late.

So, where did Laura fit into this mess? Laura finally admitted to her family that she had secretly pretended to be Jack’s secretary and met with Tiffany to inform the woman that Jack didn’t want anything to do with her or the baby. Laura also paid Tiffany to stay away and never told Jack about any of it. She reminded Jennifer that her daughter and Jack had just started patching up their relationship, and she didn’t want the news of a baby to ruin their chances at a happy future.

Fast-forward to Gwen finding out what Laura did… After Laura went to see Gwen and revealed more details as to why she kept her existence from everyone, the two got into a heated argument and Gwen grabbed Laura, who ended up with a head injury and died from the trauma.

As our Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed, though Gwen called Jack for help, Rafe was soon on the scene, and everyone involved confirmed that Laura was — we believe the scientific term for it is — toast. (Frankly, we thought the character deserved better. Way better. Here’s the reason why.)

Even though her feelings of neglect from the past put her down a road to being a Salem baddie, Gwen isn’t the only one who has taken out her frustrations on the town’s residents. Take a look at other Days of Our Lives baddies — but ones who have turned good — in our photo gallery.

– Amy Mistretta