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* Who were those hoods we saw out in the alley behind the Brady Pub? Geoff Mead played the ‘hood’ while Gino Montesinos played the ‘buyer’ of the gun!

* Detective Ohanion was played by Jeffrey Parise.

* Ashlee Holland (Winner of I Wanna Be A Soap Star) makes her long awaited appearance on the show on December 26 as ‘Crystal’, a psychic!!

* Frances Reid (Alice Horton) will return for one episode for Christmas in Salem. You’ll see her December 26 2007 along with Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) and Bill Hayes (Doug Williams – who will sing for us!)

* Renee Jones exit was confirmed by James Reynolds when he spoke with’s very own Lori Wilson.

“Abe’s next storyline won’t involve his on-screen wife, Lexi, as he confirmed actress Renee Jones has already left the show. This is clearly another topic he feels strongly about as emphatically stated, “For me that’s very disappointing and I can’t tell you how sad and upset that makes me. I’m very unhappy about that.”

Read more about this and other eye openers in his exclusive interview on Thursday!

* Say goodbye to Ford Decker (Matthew Florida) as he leaves Salem in a final way December 5th. (He played his part well. Kudos to him!)

* A new Jeremy Horton is NOT going to be recast. Originally, Dax Griffin was approached says SOD. And then SOD reported that they nixed their idea of bringing Jeremy back so don't look for him to return! Hey... they can change their minds! * Tuesday, December 11th a high school reunion is held for old Salem High School friends and old classmates such as “Penny” (Alison McMillan), “Susan” (Jennifer Gee), “Kevin” (Robert Benvenisti), “Cynthia” (Veronica Lauren), and “Jason” (Aaron Van Wagner) return to Salem. * According to my pals at Days, Christina Stacy will replace Jamie Chung in the role of Cordy Han, the sorority sister who accuses Ford Decker of rape. Christina will air Wednesday, November 21. * Nadia Bjorlin is starting back on the show, November 29, with a two year contract as a single Chloe Lane-Black. She started taping October 31. * Dena Higley, is back as co-head writer on the show. She was a writer for a brief time in 2003 and will now be helping head writer, Sheffer to bring up ratings! * "Ashley" Jennifer Birmingham, Carmen Kimberly Williams and "Sloan" Kira Verrastro continue to portray recurring roles as Theta house sisters. * "Ford Decker's" dad, "Crawford Decker," John Sanderford will be seen once again in December. He previously aired Wednesday, November 14th.

Thursday, November 1st, 2007


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