Willow Stark (as played by Annie Burgstede on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Willow Stark

* She was once a prostitute.
* Worked at Chez Rouge as a waitress. Shawn got Maggie to give her the job. Later he had her fired.
* Burned down Shawn's loft apartment after he dumped her.
* Was involved with Philip and testified against Shawn in court, to help Philip win his custody case against Belle and Shawn.

Who's played Willow Stark over the years?

Anne Burgstede (October 3, 2006 - June 4 2007)

Past History

Willow came to town as a prostitute. She met Shawn one evening and he took her under his wing. Shawn got Willow a job waitressing for Maggie at Chez Rouge so that she could quit the prostitution. He dated her and stayed with her at the YWCA when he moved out of his loft with ex-wife Mimi Lockhart. Later, he found a loft and she invited herself to move in. She became controlling when Shawn tried to see Claire or Belle. Her jealousy became too much, and he elected to break things off with her in order to show Belle that he could be a better person and a better father to their daughter, Claire. She set fire to his loft and was sent to jail. She lost her job because of this, but Maggie gave it back to her once she realized that Willow was a fine waitress.

Willow once again got fired from her waitressing job and went to EJ Wells for work. EJ paid her to break into the Brady home, which she did, but accidentally set fire to the place. She planted Chelsea's brush at the scene, but Nick hid the brush, so she was sent to jail. Once Nick bailed her out, he helped her find a place to live.

Willow met her fate June 4, 2007 after she fell to her death!

Flings and Relationships

Jed Stark (brother)


Was pregnant with (Shawn Brady's baby?)


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