Vivian Alamain (as played by Louise Sorel on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Vivian Alamain

* Was a surrogate mother to Philip Kiriakis when she stole Kate and Victor's fertilized egg and had it implanted into her!
* Killed patients at University Hospital. Carly Manning's patients, then when caught, she tried to kill Carly by burying her alive.
* Drugged coffee, causing Kate's pilot to drink it and crash the flight
* Stefano implanted a chip in her tooth that messed with her behavior.
* Has a son with an Australian man she had an affair with.
* Has a son with Stefano DiMera that Ivan told her died at birth.

Who's played Vivian Alamain over the years?

Louise Sorel (1992 - 1993, 1993 - 2000 then September TBD 2009 - September 2011; December 31, 2017-present)
Marj Dusay (1993) (temporary)

Past History

Vivian first came to Salem in March 1992 because her nephew, Lawrence, told her that John Black was really Romulus, a notorious thief who had pulled off a huge jewel heist back in 1984 at an Alamain party. Lawrence knew that Vivian wanted a stolen Alamain heirloom back.

Vivian followed John, even throwing a similar party to jog his memory and see if he was in fact Romulus. When this didn’t work, Vivian discovered that John was involved with Danielle Stevens, who was actually Romulus. Danielle told Vivian that John had kept the locket because he claimed it revealed his true identity.

Vivian told Lawrence what she found out about the locket and they realized that since the locket revealed John’s identity, this meant he was Lawrence’s dead brother, Forrest Alamain. Vivian had Forrest’s body exhumed, but the coffin was empty! Vivian then stole some of John’s hair and had a DNA test run which revealed that they in fact were brothers! When John found out, he planned to go after his inheritance that his, Leopold, and Lawrence’s father had left them. He found out that Vivian had already taken the money for herself back when they all thought Forrest was dead.

With Victor Kiriakis’ help, John fought with Vivian and won back his inheritance, which included becoming CEO of several Alamain corporations. This left Vivian furious and broke. Vivian initially planned to get revenge on Victor, but instead decided to force a relationship with him, in order to marry him and be wealthy again.

During this period, Vivian and Carly Manning had discussed a secret they shared: Carly had given birth to Lawrence’s son nine years earlier, without his knowledge. Vivian had helped Carly during this time, in her villa in Paris. Carly’s son, however, was declared dead a few hours after his birth, due to premature birth complications. Later, a doctor told Carly that her baby was not dead, and when she and Bo Brady questioned Vivian about it, she insisted that the baby had died.

Soon, nine-year old Nicholas Alamain arrived in Salem and Vivian tried to hide him until Victor found him. Vivian lied that she adopted Nicholas from one of her servants back in France. Eventually, Vivian and Victor fell in love. Lawrence offered Vivian an executive position at Alamain Corporation, on the condition that she would leave Victor, since Lawrence and Victor were business rivals. Vivian pretended to end her relationship with Victor but they kept seeing each other in private. Victor later proposed, but made it clear that it was more for business than love.

Meanwhile, Lawrence’s fling, Lisanne Gardner, found out that Nicholas was Lawrence’s son and blackmailed Vivian. During a confrontation with Vivian, Nicholas pushed Lisanne in an effort to protect Vivian, causing Lisanne to accidentally fall to her death. Ivan Marais, Vivian and Lawrence’s servant, hid her body and later made it look as though she was killed in a car accident.

Lawrence found out that Nicholas was his son, causing Vivian to have a heart attack. Vivian finally told Lawrence the truth about Nicholas, that she had taken him from Carly and raised him as her own. Despite her begging him not to tell anyone, Lawrence told Carly. Carly vowed to take Nicholas back, and Vivian later unsuccessfully tried to run away with Nicholas during Carly and Bo’s wedding.

Everyone in Salem knew that Nicholas was Carly’s child, except for Nicholas himself. When Bo started to investigate Lisanne’s death, he suspected the Alamains and caught Lawrence trying to hide evidence. Eventually, the murder charges were dropped against Lawrence as it was revealed to be an accidental death involving Nicholas.

Vivian and Victor’s relationship ended when Victor broke up with her because of her lies. Kate Roberts, then the owner of The Spectator, arrived in Salem, and when Victor invited her to stay in the mansion, Vivian was furiously jealous.

Vivian started trashing Carly to Nicholas when she found out that Lawrence wanted to tell him the truth. Eventually, Lawrence told him the truth and Carly pursued custody. Desperate to keep Nicholas, Vivian planned to murder Carly. Vivian made Ivan tamper with Carly’s brakes, causing her to get into an accident. Unfortunately for Vivian, Billie Reed saved Carly.

During all of this, Vivian learned that she had heart disease. She planned to commit suicide and incriminate Carly in her death. After an unsuccessful plan involving poisoned hot chocolate, Vivian came up with another plan: she began an argument with Carly on the balcony of the Penthouse Grill where she “fell” off and went into a coma. When Vivian came out of her coma, she had Ivan help her recover secretly. She then framed Carly for the deaths of several of her patients by injecting them with cleaning fluid, as she was disguised as a nurse. She even tried to kill Caroline Brady, thinking she was the perfect victim to cast suspicion on Carly, since Caroline had not approved of Carly and Bo’s upcoming marriage. Vivian wrote in Carly’s diary to further implicate her. Carly caught her right before Vivian was to inject Caroline, and Vivian revealed everything before stabbing her with morphine, and sending her into a coma.

Vivian came out of her coma to everyone else. Meanwhile, Bo found Carly’s diary, and Carly was suspected as the hospital murderer. Vivian kept injecting Carly with morphine to keep her asleep, and with the help of her doctor, Dr. Wu, Vivian injected Carly’s IV with a drug that made it look as though she died. Vivian took care of the funeral, and also made sure Carly was not embalmed. Carly soon woke up in her grave and realized she was buried alive!

Without realizing it, Vivian was going insane from the herbs she was taking for her illness. She even set the coffin up with oxygen and water, as well as a radio transmitter so that she could taunt Carly. When Ivan made Vivian stop taking the herbs, Vivian finally came to her senses and revealed everything to Lawrence. Immediately, Lawrence had Carly’s grave exhumed and Carly suffered amnesia.

Lawrence and Vivian kept Carly in the mansion’s attic. When Carly was found alive, Vivian ran to Brookville and became a waitress. Bo and Lexi found her before she could breakaway to Europe. Bo arrested her, but Vivian pleaded insanity due to the herbs, and avoided jail. She was taken to a psychiatric facility for four months.

There, Vivian spied on Kate Roberts, who was visiting Laura Horton. She got Ivan to get a job at the facility in order to learn what Kate was up to. She eventually discovered that Laura knew a secret from Kate’s past. Vivian had Ivan withhold Laura’s medications that had kept her in a catatonic state, and soon learned that Laura despised Kate Roberts.

On New Year’s Eve, Vivian escaped the facility to attend a party in disguise, at the Penthouse Grill. Laura’s daughter, Jennifer, was going to take her to the party, so Vivian wanted to see what would happen between Laura and Kate. Once back at the facility, Vivian’s plan was revealed and she was moved to a high security area, while Ivan was fired. A lobotomy was ordered for Vivian, until the lights in the operating room went out! Ivan and Laura rescued her, and tried to escape through the fire. Ivan made it out, but Laura and Vivian struggled with a nurse and Ivan thought they were killed. Eventually, they arrived at the Alamain mansion, much to Ivan’s pleasure.

Vivian and Laura tried to keep their existence secret for a bit. Finally, at the Curtis Brown murder trial, Laura walked in as Kate was on the stand and dropped a bombshell: Kate and Curtis were married. Soon, Vivian and Laura’s friendship fell apart, as Vivian threatened Laura to reveal more of Kate’s secrets.

Vivian had Ivan spy on Kate and suspected that Kate’s divorce to Curtis Reed was never finalized. She also discovered that Kate was seeing a lawyer, David Caldwell. She disguised herself as Madame Yvonne Molière and visited David in order to overhear his sessions with Kate. Vivian then tried to seduce David while she had Ivan search his office. Ivan found tapes of David’s conversations with his clients and stole them for her.

With the tapes, Vivian learned that Kate in fact never divorced Curtis, as he never signed the papers. On the tapes, Kate also revealed her affair with Bill Horton, making him Lucas’ father. Vivian sent one of the tapes to a reporter from “The Intruder,” and kept the others to taunt Laura. During a party that Victor had planned for Kate, Vivian arranged for Kate and Bill Horton to be alone together as Laura looked on. With Vivian’s coaxing, Laura burst, called Kate a tramp, and revealed her past affair with Bill as the reason she went insane. Following this, the reporter walked into the party and revealed that Kate was still married to Curtis!

When Victor pushed Kate away, Vivian was too pleased to get back together with him. They went on several dates, but Victor soon got together with Kate and asked her to bear him an heir. This left Vivian furious and she began concocting a plan. She discovered that Kate couldn’t have children and sought Dr. Layton’s help, who was going to perform in-vitro fertilization. Vivian and Ivan broke into the clinic and switched the labels on the petri dishes, so that Vivian would be implanted with Victor and Kate's baby! When Dr. Layton admitted to his mistake with Kate and Victor, Kate accused Vivian of planning it, but Victor was pleased to have Vivian carry his heir.

Vivian’s plan didn’t work as Victor still loved Kate regardless. Vivian got her carpets cleaned and asked Victor to stay at his mansion, as the fumes were dangerous for the unborn baby. Much to Kate’s dismay, Victor welcomed her and the two got into several fights. During a blackout, Vivian and Kate got stuck in an elevator and called a truce when they opened up to each other about their pasts. This truce didn’t last long as Vivian still planned to get Victor back.

Vivian later received a called from Laura, who blackmailed her to help her escape another psychiatric facility. Vivian and Ivan helped her, and hid Laura in the Alamain mansion. Vivian almost miscarried when she heard that someone had spotted her at the facility, but there was no evidence to prove this.

Over the next few months, Vivian tried to seduce Victor constantly. She also helped John speed his resignation from the church by speaking to Bishop Andrews on John’s behalf. There, she met a cardinal and noticed that his red ruby ring was hers!

Meanwhile, Vivian was forced into preparing Victor and Kate’s big wedding, and purposely tried to delay it. She tricked Victor into marrying her while Kate was away on business, with a fake wedding rehearsal. She had a real marriage license issued, and Victor signed it, thinking it was for him and Kate. Ivan kept Kate from interrupting the ceremony, as she came home early.

Vivian later learned that Victor and Kate had gone to elope at the Salem Inn. Vivian and Ivan stopped the wedding in time, and Vivian went into labor! She gave birth to Philip Robert Kiriakis. After Philip’s birth, Kate and Victor told Vivian to move back into her own mansion. They redecorated it to show their gratitude, but Vivian had Ivan burn it down, and making it look like a furnace problem. Victor welcomed Vivian back into the mansion until she could find a new place to live.

Kate got annoyed with Vivian’s presence and finally learned the truth. Kate got everything out of a drunken Ivan and confronted Vivian. Kate threatened to tell Victor the truth, who was away in Bermuda. She took the Kiriakis jet, but Vivian and Ivan tried to beat Kate to Bermuda. Vivian drugged Kate’s coffee, but Kate had given her coffee pot to her pilot, causing the Kiriakis jet to crash. Kate was declared missing and then dead. She was actually still alive, aboard a Spanish freighter.

Everyone suspected Vivian for Kate’s accident. The Kiriakis jet pilot survived, and told Victor about the coffee. Billie, who was aware of Kate’s suspicions of Vivian, had Bo investigate. Ivan buried the coffee pot and Vivian burned a letter that Kate had written to Lucas, in which she told him of her suspicions of Vivian.

With Kate gone, Vivian tried to take her place at Titan, as well as in Victor’s heart. In order to prove to Victor that she was worthy, she forged a relationship with Kate’s children. She made a deal with Lucas: he was to help her win Kate’s position, and she’d help him get Carrie away from Austin. Lucas agreed, and they persuaded Victor to give her the job. However, Vivian was unsuccessful with holding her end of the deal, and Lucas threatened to expose her.

Lucas then blackmailed Vivian into helping him get Sami Brady out of jail in Seattle. Vivian and Ivan traveled to Seattle and got Sami out. Vivian later kept working on getting closer to Victor. She did well at Titan and took care of Philip. She even organized a charity event, in memory of John. With the theme of magic, Tony convinced Vivian to get John to perform a magic trick. Part of the grand trick went awry and John almost died!

Still working on Victor, Vivian finally made a breakthrough and Victor began to make love to her. While in bed, Olga (Vivian’s former nurse), barged in and told Victor that Vivian had tricked him into marriage. Victor then threw Vivian out. Vivian tried to get Sami and Lucas to help her win Victor back, but they refused. Vivian manipulated Carrie and Austin to meet each other, in an effort to teach Sami and Lucas a lesson.

Vivian continued to try different things to win Victor back, to no avail. Meanwhile, Vivian realized how attached she was to Philip and decided to use this to win Victor back. He finally took her back and on a night they were to make love, Kate walked in on them! Kate furiously told Victor everything that had happened, and how Vivian was responsible for everything. Victor threw Vivian out right away.

Vivian went into isolation for weeks. Ivan finally convinced her to live life again. She decided to steal the divorce papers before Victor could file them, but she was caught and thrown out of the Kiriakis mansion again. Vivian then blackmailed Sami into helping her get Victor back.

One night, Vivian and Ivan went out to eat and got drunk. Ivan admitted his undying love for her and Vivian agreed to his wishes to make love to him. When she returned to her room at the Salem Inn, she saw someone in her bed, who turned out to be Stefano DiMera! Vivian knew him as Rudolfo, her Italian lover from Monte Carlo. She was furious with him, as she thought he was the man who stole her ruby ring. Stefano denied this and charmed her into sleeping with him. Ivan found them together and was crushed. Ivan later found a picture of Stefano in the paper and showed Vivian that her lover was actually Stefano DiMera! Stefano confessed his true identity and threatened to harm Vivian and Ivan if they didn't help him escape the police. Vivian and Ivan tried to escape Salem but Stefano ended up in the backseat of their car. He got them to keep driving and escaped. John and Abe then arrested them for helping Stefano escape.

Vivian and Ivan’s trial would take some time to start. Meanwhile, Victor fired her from Titan but then offered her a job in Europe, on the condition that she confess everything she and Sami had done. Vivian agreed, but when it came time to confess, Vivian lied. Victor was furious and told her he was filing for divorce. Vivian desperately put a press conference together, where she announced that she was suing Victor and Kate for custody of Philip. Vivian later told Victor that she’d drop the case if he agreed to leave Kate and be with her. Victor was distraught over this and suffered a stroke. When Kate found out what happened, she and Vivian had a violent fight outside of Victor’s room. Kate refused to allow Vivian to visit Victor. Vengeful, Vivian sought the help of Randall King, a lawyer, and took control of all of Victor’s businesses and properties, which was possible since they were never legally divorced. With Victor in a coma, Vivian fired all of Victor’s employees since they refused to sign her loyalty oaths. Eventually, Kate claimed that she owned half of everything, due to a document Victor filed before his stroke, in which he stated that his wife and son’s mother owned everything. Since Kate was Phillip's mother, and Vivian was Victor's legal wife, they equally shared control. Kate then moved back into the mansion and re-hired all of Victor’s staff.

Meanwhile, Abe and John pressured Vivian for help regarding Stefano’s whereabouts. Vivian convinced them that she had no idea where Stefano was. During all of this, Kate had arranged for Vivian’s mug shot and an article about her and Stefano’s relationship to be on the cover of every Bella Magazine. Vivian flew to Paris to escape this, but found the magazine being sold there as well. She had Ivan buy all the magazines in Paris. During a night out in Paris, Vivian and Ivan saw Stefano with Marlena. Vivian tried to call John and tell him, but Stefano stopped her and threatened to kill her and Ivan if they said anything. Soon, John and Abe showed up in Paris to question her, but Vivian denied having seen Stefano. She tried to find Stefano to get him to sign an affidavit stating that he forced her to help him escape. Stefano told her he’d think about signing it and told her to meet him at a masquerade. Vivian attended, dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte, while Ivan was dressed as Josephine, but Stefano refused to sign. Vivian chased Stefano all over Paris until she found his hideout. She also found John caught in a guillotine and after she helped him out, Abe arrested her. She and Ivan shared a cell with a man named Andre Soven, who helped them escape. The police searched for her and Vivian threatened to commit suicide off the Eiffel tower. When the police informed her that she was cleared of all charges, Vivian returned to Salem to get Victor back.

Back in Salem, Vivian was removed from her CEO position at Titan, and from the mansion. Vivian eventually discovered that Kristen Blake had hired a look-alike woman named Susan Banks to pass her baby off as John’s. With this secret, Vivian blackmailed Kristen into voting against her removal from Titan, as Kristen was on the Titan Board of Directors. Kristen then threatened to get Stefano involved, and forced Vivian and Ivan to help her accomplish her pregnancy scam.

Vivian was left penniless, and found an old man named Jonesy, who owned lots of stolen art and treasures. These treasures actually belonged to Stefano, but were placed in Jonsesy’s name to keep Stefano’s name clear. Vivian married Jonesy before he died and inherited all Stefano’s fortunes. Stefano had Dr. Rolf planted a mood-altering device in Vivian’s tooth that made her seem insane. He married her and continued to control her moods until Vivian’s herb doctor found the implant. Her great nephew, Nicholas, returned to Salem to help her get revenge on Stefano by taking his forty-nine percent stock in Titan.

Vivian continued to try to win Victor’s love back but was unsuccessful. Disappointed, Vivian was soon happy again when Ivan won the lottery and offered her a fresh start. They both left Salem to live a life of luxury abroad.

When John Black was presumed dead in 2007, Vivian paid for his funeral, since returning to Salem would be “too painful.”

Vivian returned to Salem after learning Dr. Carly Manning killed Vivian's nephew Lawrence Alamain. Vivian was seeking revenge and attempted to have Carly killed but Bo protected her and Victor married her in order to keep her away from Bo - and then Carly. Vivian enlisted Chloe Lane Black's help. She manipulated her into thinking Daniel was having an affair with Carly and tried to get Chloe to have Carly fall down an elevator shaft. Her plan backfired and Chloe fell through the shaft and Vivian set her sights on Maggie Horton who she felt was stealing Victor from her. She had a specially equipped sarcophagus made with toxic paint lining the walls and outfitted with a television monitor. She planned for Maggie to be put inside but Brady caught her in the act and put her in there instead. Vivian spent what seemed an eternity in the sarcophagus but eventually was let out by Gus, her faithful assistant. She didn't take revenge because of her own indiscretions but kept looking for ways to wreak havoc on her enemies lives.

It was revealed in June of 2011 that Vivian had an affair with an Australian man that produced a son - Quinn. The Australian man was a terrible person and Vivian feared her son was just like him. It turned out that Quinn wasn't as bad as she thought. They forged some semblance of a relationship. With Quinn's help, Vivian took revenge upon Carly once again. After learning Carly was abusing prescription drugs, vivian set things up so Carly would see Jennifer with Daniel and break her down. Seeing them together caused Carly to take way more drugs than usual and Vivian captured pictures of it all and uploaded them to everyone she knew. She, in turn, ignored Gus, her faithful servant, who became jealous of Quinn and set out for his own revenge. He heard Quinn ran a prostitution ring and attacked three prostitutes, then planted evidence to make it appear like Quinn was the one attacking the women. Quinn was arrested and Gus tried to talk Vivian to moving away. When the police were unconvinced that Quinn was their guy, they looked into things further, learning that Gus was their guy. He was arrested and sent to jail. Ivan returns to Salem and shows her that he's a rich man, because he has become a Bollywood movie director and producer in Dubai. He took her to India with him to make her a star.

In 2018, Vivian crashed a New Year's Eve party at Doug's Place with her son, Stefan Octavius DiMera. She let the people of Salem know that he was Stefano's son, that Ivan lied to her when she gave birth to him and told her he was dead. Vivian stated that Stefano never knew he existed and he was conceived when Stefano was posing as Rudolpho Meradi and seduced her to steal her ruby. It was only last year when Stefan found his mother and they forged a relationship. Stefan is currently trying to take over as CEO at DiMera Enterprises, stating that the DiMera name used to be something to fear and that he wanted to fulfill Stefano's legacy.

Flings and Relationships

Ivan Marais (lovers)


Leopold Alamain (deceased brother)
Lawrence Alamain (nephew)
Nicholas Alamain (grand nephew)
John Black (adoptive nephew)
Belle Black Kiriakis Brady (adoptive grand niece)
Claire Kiriakis Brady (adoptive grand niece)
Brady Black (adoptive great-nephew)
Tate Black (adoptive great-nephew)
Paul Narita (adoptive great-nephew)
Philip Kiriakis (surrogate "son")
Belle Black Kiriakis Brady (adoptive great-great niece)


Quinn Hudson (From an affair with an Australian man.)
Stefan Octavius DiMera (Stefano DiMera's son)


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