Victor Kiriakis (as played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Victor Kiriakis

* Victor Kiriakis resides in the Kiriakis mansion.
* Drug overlord!
* Was the top of a pornography ring with Savanah Wilder and Richard Cates.
* Blackmailed Larry Welch into accepting responsibility for the drug ring.
* Held Larry's murder of Megan Hathaway over his head.
* Coerced Kimberly Brady into having sex with him to spare Shane's life.
* After shooting her, he blackmailed Britta Englund into leaving Salem, then upon her return, he arranged to have her shot and killed.
* To gain access of Harper Deveraux's money, he arranged a jail break.
* At one point he drugged his nephew, Justin Kiriakis, causing him impotence!
* Framed Kayla Johnson (Brady) for the murder of Marina Toscano.
* Tried to kill son Bo numerous times to keep Carly Manning tied to him.
* Faked his own death then had Bo framed for it.
* Kate and Victor once plotted to murder Sami Brady.
* Knew about ex-wife Nicole Walker's part in Colin Murphy's death and blackmailed her with it.
* Later learned that his marriage (and divorce) to Nicole Walker was void since she was still legally married to Dean Trent Robbins.
* Married Maggie Horton on Tuesday November 8, 2011

Who's played Victor Kiriakis over the years?

John Aniston (1985 - 1997 - contract; 1999 - 2004 - recurring)

Past History

Victor Kiriakis arrived in Salem in 1985 as a Drug Lord and owner of a pornography ring. This information was not privy to other Salemites of course! He dated Kimberly Brady and coerced her into having sex with him, before she put an end to things and went back to Shane. Victor had a past with Caroline Brady during her marriage to Shawn Brady Sr. The affair produced a son - Bo Brady. Caroline didn't want to hurt Shawn or Bo, so the two hid the truth for years, until eventually the truth came out. In 1986, Kimberly found herself pregnant. Victor thought that the child could be his, but later found out that his blood type didn't match the child's.

Meanwhile, Bo had learned of Victor's crime organization and moved into the mansion with him under the pretense that he wanted to get to know his dad. He was really trying to bring Victor down!

Savanah Wilder, and Steve "Patch" Johnson were arrested for their parts in the crime organization in Salem, but all were freed when Victor blackmailed Larry Welch into taking the fall for everything. Victor knew Larry killed Megan and used it against him.

In 1987, Caroline pressed for Victor to forget he was Bo's father and to leave the family alone, as the stress was too much for the family to bear. Victor agreed to it and had papers forged that stated he was sterile. Victor disowned Bo for Caroline's sake, and Bo left Salem with Hope.

Victor searched for a valuable computer disk which gave a location to a rare mineral. He hired Kai (undercover ISA Agent) to help him find it, but Kai was crooked as was the head of the ISA at the time, Steven Hopkins. This disk was found by Senator Harper Deveraux, who was later shot by Steve Johnson, (who thought that the rifle had blanks in it). Little did he know that Victor changed them with real bullets. Because of this, Steve and Kayla went on the lam. Kai was later captured and confessed to major crimes. Crooked Simon Hopkins was killed by Roman Brady (John Black), but the disk was not recovered.

Later Diana Coleville started to get close to Victor to try to recover the disk. Her mother 'Serena' ended up finding it and Philip Coleville was killed, so Diana ended up with his riches. Serena schemed along with Victor to steal the Coleville fortune from Diana by trying to get Diana to marry Victor. When this didn't work, they tried to fake Serena's kidnapping, in order to get Diana to give the kidnapper's her fortune. When that didn't work, after the assets were frozen, Diana was kidnapped for real by a terrorist group! She was eventually rescued and enlightened about her mother and Victor's schemes.

When Angelica Devereaux (Jack's stepmother) became pregnant, Victor suspected that his nephew Justin was the father. Victor proposed to Angelica, with thoughts of passing the child off as his own but Angelica instead married Neil Curtis. Victor was livid and ended up wrecking their marriage.

It was 1989 when Victor teamed up with Marina Toscano to uncover the Toscano family treasure. With each of them holding a part of the treasure, (Marina knew where the key was, and Victor knew where the treasure was hidden) they started the search, with Marina double crossing Victor! She hid his key in Kayla Brady Johnson's home and when Marina turned up dead, Victor kidnapped Kayla and told Steve he would never see his wife again unless he handed over the key. Steve was clueless as to its whereabouts and when he did find it, (and released Kayla) he found that the treasure had vanished.

Victor realized that his daughter Isabella killed Marina, after watching an incriminating tape. He did some splicing to the tape, hid the real tape in his attic then had Kayla framed for the murder. John Black and Isabella discovered the tape and although Kayla was convicted and sentenced to jail, Kayla was let go - since Isabella had blocked the incident, and it was later found that it was accidental. She was not charged. However, Victor was arrested and charged with withholding evidence!

Victor decided to go legit and started a search for Bo. Upon Bo's return, came his acceptance of who his father was. Victor made peace with Justin, but then things went awry and he had a stroke, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. He fell for Carly Manning, his physical therapist - who was in love with Bo! They became engaged even though she and Bo were in love. Victor intercepted a love letter that Bo wrote, before the wedding, begging Carly not to wed Victor. Victor sent her a forged letter back from Bo, encouraging the union, thus breaking Carly's heart. Bo showed to the wedding toasting the two with poisoned champagne - meant for Carly.

Victor tried to find a serum for Bo, even offered to trade a file he had on 'John Black' to Lawrence Alamain for the cure to the poison. The deal fell through but Carly was able to get a sample of the cure and created a cure for Bo. She ended up leaving Victor for Bo. An enraged Victor attempted to kill Bo via an elevator incident. As a result, Bo and Isabella disowned Victor.

In 1992, Isabella passed on due to cancer. He started to see Vivian Alamain, then hired Kate Roberts to take charge of Titan Industries. Victor opened his home to Lucas and Kate and the two fell in love and married - until Vivian found out that Kate was still married to Curtis Reed. Victor promised to re-marry Kate only if she had a child with him. Since Kate had issues conceiving, she went to a fertility clinic. Vivian also went to the same clinic and ended up switching embryos and was implanted with Victor's embryo. She tried what she could to get Victor to marry her, and during a wedding rehearsal, (it was real) Vivian stood in for Kate, and Victor winded up marrying the wrong woman. Later, when Victor tried to marry Kate, Vivian went into labor and gave birth to Philip. Kate found out that Philip was Victor and her child, and threatened to expose Vivian upon her return from a business trip. The plane crashed and Kate was presumed dead. Victor carried on with Vivian, and Kate walked in and told Victor the whole story. Victor kicked Vivian out then suffered a stroke. Kate continued to run Titan while Vivian tried to take her place.

Sami found evidence of Kate's past as a call girl - before Salem. She threatened Kate to come clean to Victor, and when she showed Victor a photo, Victor, who was still in a wheel chair, collapsed. He was sent to a nursing home for care, and didn't return until 1999, where he recovered completely.

Meanwhile, Kate's son Lucas married a gold digging Nicole Walker, who realized that Victor was the one with the money. Once she dumped Lucas and started to go for Victor, it was almost too easy. Kate was flirting with Nicholas Alamain. Victor tried to put a stop to the affair and took her and Lucas to Italy. Upon their return, Nicole schemed to get Victor to marry her. Kate put a hit on Victor, after his controlling ways became too much to bear. She burned down his mansion, but he escaped and left her destitute while he moved on with Nicole.

Nicole proved herself to be trouble with a capital T. She had a thing for Austin Reed, and then his grandson, Brady Black! Victor's jealousy turned to rage. She started boozing and he started to control her well into their relationship. The two married on New Year's Eve. Colin Murphy was murdered just outside the ceremony and Victor knew that Nicole had something to do with it. He blackmailed her, and offered her $100,000 to leave town and get out of his life, but she turned him down. Victor prepared to divorce Nicole, hiding divorce papers - precluding her from getting a dime - in his private safe. She teamed up with Jan Spears in order to change the documents in his safe, and had Jan electrocute him in the bathtub. He "died" while waiting for paramedics to come, but just like the other victims of the 'Salem Stalker' he showed up alive and well, on a remote island called 'MelaSwen" (New Salem spelled backwards!) He was held by Tony DiMera and while there he and Caroline grew closer, but when back in Salem, things went back to the way they were.

Kate went to Victor in 2006 to tell him that Philip's daughter Claire (with wife, Belle Black Kiriakis) was really Shawn Douglas Brady's child. He tried to do the right thing, and get Kate to tell Philip the truth. He reminded her of the mistakes he made in the past with the lies to protect his true identity from his son Bo. Kate pleaded with him to protect Philip, and against his better judgment, he agreed to keep quiet. When a DNA test revealed Claire to be Shawn's child, Belle divorced Philip. He went back into the war and was badly burned when his jeep was bombed in Germany. He was flown to a veteran's hospital in Atlanta, where Victor found him. Victor secretly flew to the hospital in Atlanta and removed Philip from the hospital then took him home and hid him out while Philip recovered. He paid a top plastic surgeon from Montreal Quebec to provide Philip with a 'face transplant'. When Philip's friends, Max Brady and Mimi Lockhart went searching for Philip's whereabouts, they found a photo resembling him in a news article. They went snooping and revealed that Philip was missing from the Atlanta hospital after notifying Victor of this. He lied to them and told them that Philip was sent overseas by the military. The two saw right thorough him and went to Roman Brady and Kate Roberts with their thoughts. Victor found out, when Kate's probing lead to Philip. Victor told her the whole story about Philip and arranged to have Max and Mimi kidnapped in order to keep them silenced until he could get Philip to Montreal Quebec, in order to get him surgery for a new face. During this process, Victor had been bringing Claire over to the mansion in the secret room to visit with Philip. He started scheming to get full custody of Claire in order to make Philip happy.

Soon after that, with Victor's support, Philip ended up chasing Shawn, Belle, and Claire to an island off the coast of Australia. Eventually, Philip had a change of heart and gave up his fight for Claire. Under his close watch and scrutiny, Victor made Philip CEO of Titan.

An annoyed Victor soon learned that his ex-wife, Nicole Walker, was back in Salem. It was later revealed that Nicole was in fact still legally married to Dean Trent Robbins, voiding her and Victor's marriage and divorce. Victor happily stripped Nicole of everything she took after their divorce and left her with nothing. Meanwhile, Victor's son, Bo, was diagnosed with a pancreatic failure and Victor sought the help of his godson, Dr. Daniel Jonas to perform a transplant to save his life. Victor was wary when Daniel started dating his granddaughter, Chelsea, but the two eventually ended their relationship.

Victor continued to keep a close eye on his children, as Philip became involved in a shipping war with the new John Black. Eventually, the shipping war was resolved but Victor was still wary of the way Philip ran Titan. He pressured Philip to acquire the rights to Nick Fallon's alternative fuels project, which was left in the hands of Melanie Layton. Victor also welcomed his grandson, Brady, back to Salem by giving him the co-CEO position at Titan. This caused a rift between Victor and Philip, as Victor had asked Brady to keep an eye on Philip. Victor's disappointment in Philip only grew when Titan lost the project to the DiMeras.

When Titan's computer server was sabotaged and wiped out completely, including the blueprints for the project, both Victor and Philip suspected the DiMeras were behind it. Philip swore to Victor that he'd get revenge and get the fuels project back, but Victor didn't believe him and the two constantly fought. Victor eventually fired Philip from Titan and disowned him as a son, so Philip moved in with Stephanie as he worked to get the fuels project back.

Eventually, the last copy of the fuels project ended up in Tony DiMera's hands, and Philip tried to threaten Tony for it. Victor later learned that Tony accidentally fell to his death on the pier after an altercation with Philip. He stood by Philip as Stefano swore revenge on the Kiriakis' for Tony's death. Stefano and EJ refused to believe that it was an accident and plotted to have Philip killed. Victor's fears came true when Philip was shot.

The DiMeras are the number one suspects for Philips' attempted murder as he lays in critical condition with Victor by his side. Philip made a quick and full recovery. Victor wasn't seen that often if only in a supportive sense. He recently became intrigued by Maggie Horton but when Vivian Alamain returned to Salem, he had no choice but to marry her in order to keep her from killing Carly. If she had, Bo would have gone after her and Victor couldn't afford losing Bo. In the meantime, Victor and Maggie grew to become friends and when Vivian disappeared, he started divorce proceedings. He later learned that Brady locked Vivian in the sarcophagus she created in order to lock Maggie in.

Once Vivian escaped from the sarcophagus, she tried to get revenge on her captures but failed and left Salem. Since Brady took control of Titan, Victor was free to focus on courting Maggie, and they eventually fell in love and got engaged. After Maggie found out that her harvested eggs from years ago were given to another woman who had her child, she learned Daniel Jonas is her son. Victor and Maggie married on November 8th, 2011 in a quiet ceremony at the Kiriakis estate. Victor learned that Brady wants to leave Titan to work with John at Basic Black and tried to persuade Madison to become CEO of Titan. When she didn't do it, Ian, her husband took the position.

Flings and Relationships

Caroline Brady
Loretta Toscano (deceased)
Kimberly Brady
Yvette DuPres
Angelica Deveraux
Julie Williams
Kate Roberts
Nicole Walker


Yurgos Kiriakis (father - deceased)
Sophie Kiriakis (mother - deceased)
Demetrius Kiriakis (grandfather - deceased)
Antonia Kiriakis (grandmother - deceased)
Alexander Kiriakis (brother - deceased)
Aristotle Kiriakis (uncle - deceased)
Athena Kiriakis (aunt - deceased)
Justin Kiriakis (nephew)


Isabella Beatrice Toscano (daughter with Loretta - deceased)
Beauregard Aurelius Brady (son with Caroline)
Philip Robert Kiriakis (son with Kate)
Brady Victor Black (grandson Isabella)
Shawn-Douglas Brady (grandson)
Chelsea Benson Brady(granddaughter)
Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (grandson - deceased)
Claire Kiriakis (great-granddaughter)


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