Tripp Dalton (as played by Lucas Adams on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Tripp Dalton

* Parents are Ava Vitali and Steve Johnson
* Has a record for stealing and assault
* Worked in a diner in Arizona

Past History

January 2016, Ava Vitali told Steve Johnson that when they were together some years ago, she became pregnant with Steve's child but their son was sold on the black market by her father, mob boss, Martino Vitali. Steve and Kayla took a trip to Jakarta in order to find their son but Raymond, the man who handled his black market adoption, lied that their son died of pneumonia a few weeks after somebody bought him. In March of 2016, Raymond contacted Steve out of the blue, telling him that he lied. His son was alive and looking for his biological parents. Raymond kept the truth from the boy, Tripp Dalton, and Steve and Kayla set off to find the teenager. They learned that he has a record for shoplifting and assault and found him in some diner in Arizona where he was fired for passing out free food. When Tripp showed up, the owner tried to boot him out but Steve interjected and told Tripp that he thought he might be his father. Tripp had a lot of questions and Steve would only answer a few about Ava, saying he wanted to do a DNA test first, before telling him more.

Past Marriages

Haley Chen (married April 15, 2018 in order to get a Green Card)


Steve "Patch" Johnson (biological father)
Ava Vitali (biological mother)
Kayla Johnson (step-mother)
Joey Johnson (half-brother)
Stephanie Johnson (half-sister)
Duke Earl Johnson (grandfather - deceased)
Jo Johnson (grandmother)
Shawn Brady (grandfather - deceased)
Caroline Brady (grandmother)
Pete Brady (great-grandfather - deceased)
Patrick Aloysius Brady (great-great-grandfather - deceased)
Nora Molly Brady (great-great-grandfather - deceased)
Jack Deveraux Sr. (uncle - deceased)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (aunt)
Roman Brady (uncle)
Kimberly Brady Donovan (aunt)
Frankie Brady (aunt)
Max Brady (uncle through adoption)
Bo Brady (half-uncle)
Carrie Brady (cousin)
Samantha Brady (cousin)
Eric Brady (cousin)
Rex Brady (cousin)
Cassie Brady (cousin)
Andrew Donovan (cousin)
Theresa Donovan (cousin)
Abigail Deveraux (cousin)
JJ Deveraux (cousin)
Joey Kiriakis (cousin through adoption)
Victor Kiriakis II (cousin through adoption)
Sonny Kiriakis (cousin)
Shawn Douglas-Brady (half-cousin)
Chelsea Brady (half-cousin)
Ciara Brady (half-cousin)
Tate Black (cousin)
Will Horton (cousin)
Arianna Grace Horton (cousin)
Claire Brady (cousin)
Sydney DiMera (cousin)
Allie Horton (cousin)
Johnny DiMera (cousin)


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