Thomas Edward Kramer “Tek” (as played by Rhasaan Orange on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Thomas Edward Kramer “Tek”

* Salem Police officer.
* Previous ISA Agent.
* Obsessed with Lexi Carver.

Who's played Thomas Edward Kramer “Tek” over the years?

Thomas Edward 'Tek' Kramer (2003 - 2006)

Past History

Tek arrived in Salem to replace John's ISA contact. After investigating the mysterious case of Maya Leano, he teamed up with Philip Kiriakis to route out the drug trade in town. Although the two men rarely agreed, they had a grudging respect for each other and accomplished a lot in a short time.

Following this, he began working closely with the Salem PD on the drug scandal that erupted around Carson Palmer. As he investigated the murder of Colin Murphy, he became a close cohort of both Bo and Abe. He and Abe formed a special bond and, when Abe was supposedly killed by the Salem stalker, Tek vowed to get justice for his friend and mentor. While he tried to close the case, however, he soon found himself unable to deny his growing attraction to Abe's widow, Lexie. When the two began a relationship, evidence came to light that Abe may actually be alive. Following the lead, Tek searched out Abe on an island. Now he knew that he would no longer have the future he wanted with Lexie and her baby, but he chose to be loyal to his friend first.

Flings and Relationships





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