Steve “Patch” Johnson (as played by Stephen Nichols on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Steve “Patch” Johnson

* 'Died' October 22, 1990 after an explosion.
* Came back to life!
* Nicknamed 'Patch'
* Used to be engaged to Ava Vitali
* Has a baby boy Joe and a daughter, Stephanie.
* Resides with Kayla and Joe in the apartment building Sami and Lucas used to reside in.
* Is employed now as a PI with John Black and Paul Narita at Black Patch Investigations.
* Moved from apartment to a house with Kayla.
* Learned that he and Ava Vitali had a son together, Tripp Dalton.
* Went blind in his one good eye after John Black poisoned him (was forced by ISA who wanted Steve dead for allowing Joey to kill Ava).

Who's played Steve “Patch” Johnson over the years?

Stephen Nichols (1985 - 1990; 2006 - February 18 2009; August 28 2015 - present)
Aaron Nichols (1986 - 1988; 1990; flashbacks)

Past History

Steve served in the merchant marines with Bo and they were good friends until they both fell for a woman named Britta. They competed for her, sometimes violently, and went along with her when she asked them to get tattoos. They didn't know that the tattoos were a code for secret bonds she was hiding. As the competition accelerated, Bo and Steve got in a knife fight which ended with Steve losing his eye.

They split up and Steve returned to Salem to work for Victor Kiriakis. He was deployed to get a piece of film from Kimberly Brady, but the film found its way to Melissa and Pete Jannings who promptly went on the run when they figured out how dangerous it was. Bo and Hope went off in pursuit, sure that the film would give them the evidence they needed to convict Kiriakis for his crimes. Although Victor and Steve were both arrested, they managed to get free thanks to Victor's blackmailing Larry Welch to taking the blame.

Steve's next project went even worse. He held a mysterious man covered in bandages and planned to sell him to Victor. The plan fell through when the man escaped. Things got even uglier for him when Britta walked back into his life. Although they began seeing each other, she wound up injured after someone tried to shoot him and shot her in the crossfire. Once she recovered, she walked out. This left him with the chance to meet and fall in love with Kayla Brady. After they hooked up, he began having disturbing memories and became increasingly distant from her. He soon found himself enmeshed in a host of problems. After he discovered that his sister, Adrienne, killed their father in self-defense, he decided to shield her and take the blame. All the while she had blocked the incident from her mind, but as the memories returned, she confessed just before he could be sentenced for the crime.

Next, Steve got mixed up with Harper Devereaux, helping him to fake his death so that he could escape while battling with Steve's old boss Victor. Learning of the plot, Victor had the blanks in Steve's gun changed for live ones and Harper ended up in a coma after being shot by Steve. Grabbing Kayla, Steve went on the run only to be cleared of the charges while he was away.

When he returned to Salem with Kayla, things took an unexpected turn. He and his sister had recently discovered that Jack Devereaux was their half brother. Because Jack was dying at the time, they didn't bother him with this fact. At the same time, Kayla became Jack's nurse and he fell madly in love with her. Seeing this, Steve started to push her away so that she could spend her time with Jack and make him happy. This proved effective and Jack married Kayla, but the plan quickly collapsed after that. Steve discovered that Harper was poisoning Kayla so he kidnapped her to save her life. Although she was already ill, she refused to believe him and ran. This was enough to spark things up between them, however, and they began an affair which they tried to shield from Jack. The affair was publicly exposed in the newspaper. Jack was crushed, raped Kayla and had Steve beaten. Steve went after him and wound up pushing him off of a roof. The fall resulted in severe injuries and Jack needed a kidney transplant to live. Since Steve, as his brother, was a match, he agreed to give up a kidney for him, though only at his mother's prompting.

The nightmare wasn't over for Kayla though. Harper was on the loose and he kidnapped her and Kimberley when they realized that he was the Riverfront Knifer. Steve saved them, but Kayla was injured in the fallout and suffered a loss of hearing. After a successful surgery, she could hear again and Steve asked her to marry him. They did and her speech returned just in time for her to say 'I do.' The happy couple went off to the Orient for their honeymoon. There they encountered a deaf boy named Benjy. They returned to Salem with the child but his mother soon came after them. She told them that his father was a nasty man but let them look out for him, hoping that they could protect him. She was found dead soon after. The mysterious father turned out to be the nefarious Stefano DiMera but, to ease their burden, Benjy's grandfather, Orion, arrived to take him away to live in secrecy.

Danger ended up coming at Steve and Kayla from another source soon after. Harper had escaped prison and kidnapped her once again, but Steve managed to save her and put Harper back in prison.

The next year, Steve became mixed up with Nick Corelli after he found his severely burned body. Steve hid Nick while he recovered and had to bring Kayla into the fold to help out. When Nick was sufficiently recovered, he left them but his bad luck followed him. Steve came to his rescue when he needed help trying to get rid of Eddie who was trying to steal his secret fortune. When Eddie was shot in a standoff, Nick gave Steve and Kayla his mansion as a token of his thanks.

Later that year, Steve joined the ISA and was sent to track an arsonist who had been torching black churches in the south. His investigation brought him to Saul Taylor's revivalist camp, which just happened to be set up right outside Salem. After undergoing some facial surgery and getting a glass eye, he infiltrated the group under the alias of Brother Daniel Lucas. He soon discovered that Taylor was using the camp as a front for stolen goods and that he was behind many of the bombings which included an explosion that killed his best friend's parents. The investigation ended when Taylor's partner shot him and then went off of a cliff during a fight.

Returning to focus his attention on Kayla, Steve found that she was expecting a child. Their happiness was complicated by the arrival of Marina Toscano, who claimed to be Steve's wife. While he had indeed married her, he had thought her long since dead, confessing to Kayla that he believed that he'd killed her during a seaboard fight. Marina made it clear that she didn't want Steve back, she just needed his help getting a key that they'd thrown into the sea. Hoping for a quick divorce, he agreed to help her and went to Italy to get the key. While there, he had to fight off Kiriakis' henchmen when they tried to get the key from him. The fight left him with a broken glass eye. Meanwhile, in Salem, Kayla had had enough of Marina putting her husband and family in danger and the pair got in a fight. Later, Marina turned up dead and Kayla became a key suspect. To make things worse, Kiriakis kidnapped her in a bid to get the key. She was released when Isabella gave the key to Victor. The couple then rushed to get married before she gave birth and she was arrested for Marina's murder during the wedding. Kayla stood trial, thanks largely to doctored evidence that Kiriakis had sent to John Black. She was convicted and gave Steve their newborn daughter, Stephanie, to raise. He hired a nanny, Kelly Parker, who, unfortunately, turned out to be quite crazy and kidnapped the child when Kayla escaped from prison. Steve and Kayla went in pursuit of her, tracking her to Australia where they were lucky enough to find Bo and Hope who helped them track her down. After getting Stephanie back, they had the additional good news that Kayla had been cleared of the murder conviction and they all returned to Salem.

Unfortunately, Harper Devereaux wasn't finished with the couple and escaped from prison once again for revenge. Harper tried to shoot Steve while he and Kayla were married, but his son, Jack, learning of the plot, stopped him and pushed him from the bell tower from which he took aim. After he plummeted to his death, the wedding continued. Now Steve decided to turn over another leaf in his life and become a police officer. While out on patrol one night, he investigated a boat where he discovered a card from Lawrence Alamain. The boat then promptly blew up and left him severely injured. He went into a coma but recovered. Fearing what he knew, Lawrence had Steve's IV poisoned. When Steve died, Lawrence then had his casket switched before it could be buried and rushed Steve's body off.

Years later, Steve reappeared, suffering from severe amnesia, calling himself Nick. He shocked Kayla by showing up at Jennifer and Frankie's wedding. He had no idea who she was, but she tried her best to make him remember. After the pair was attacked by a lethal biological agent, they recuperated in the hospital but her recovery was complicated by a reaction to the antidote. In a bid to help her recover, he faked his memories and this gave her the confidence to get better. She soon realized that he'd been faking and distanced herself from him. From then on, he tried hard to take back the life that he'd lost and get her back. It took a lot of effort to convince her that he was his old self again. Eventually, they reunited.

Steve had other problems yet, namely being brainwashed by the DiMera's as a covert agent. While the couple tried to rebuild their relationship, they had more difficulty with Steve's ravaged mind and its frequent manipulation by the DiMeras. As he has kept pushing her away for her own protection, she refused to leave his side and even helped him steal John Black's kidney and track down Stefano. Kayla tried to help Steve as he was put into a mental hospital. She sent his sister Adrienne to see him, in order to remind Steve of who he was and what type of person he was (kind). Adrienne’s visit worked and she broke him out of the hospital.

Steve saw a psychiatrist after that and started to get his memories back and was able to move in with Kayla and restart their live together. When daughter, Stephanie, brought home bad boy boyfriend, Jeremy Horton, Steve didn’t like it and tried to get her away from him. Eventually, Stephanie figured out what Jeremy was about and left him, and then had a pregnancy scare, when she was raped by the campus rapist, Ford Decker. She let Steve and Kayla take care of her and go through bumpy times of their own, as they struggle to get their life together. While the couple tried to rebuild their relationship, they had more difficulty with Steve's ravaged mind and its frequent manipulation by the DiMeras. Kayla tried to help Steve to remember who he once was, and their attentions were turned to Stephanie’s bad boy boyfriend, Jeremy Horton, who was abusive to her, then later, to comfort Stephanie when she was raped by Ford Decker. Kayla’s attentions with Steve paid off when he started having memories of his life with her. They moved in together and re-started their life, after some bumpy starts! Steve got closer to Stephanie at this time as well and when Crystal Miller came to town, spying on the Brady family, for Colleen Brady, Steve and family followed her to Ireland, where Colleen Brady was found and where Steve caught a glimpse of Ava Vitali for the first time. Ava, an ex-fiancee of Steve’s had her goons sabotage the plane returning to Salem, and Shawn Brady Sr. died before it crashed, leaving some wounded. Steve worried about a newly pregnant Kayla and her health and puts a guard on her, fearing Ava is going to try to kidnap her. He finds out that Ava has kidnapped Hope, thinking she is Kayla, and works with Bo to try to save her.

Steve, Bo and Kayla try to save Hope and are caught at the Vitali mansion, where Kayla is forced to watch Ava flirt with Steve and discuss marriage to him. Noticing that Ava is up one day, down the next, she asks what drugs she’s on and wonders if the drugs are causing her to do crazy things. When Ava forces Steve to sleep with her after threatening to harm Kayla, Kayla witnesses them kissing. Bo and Hope rescue them all and the aftermath is hard on Kayla and Steve. Kayla starts having cramps shortly thereafter and has her baby, early. He is born too soon and on a ventilator and eventually goes home, to their new apartment that Steve has leased for them.
Steve is caught in the hospital with Kayla and Joey, when Stefano comes to from his paralysis and pours an unknown substance through the vents of University Hospital. Stefano takes the child, momentarily and after he returns him, Steve and Kayla notice there seems to be a new freckle on him. Nothing is said about this since and the baby seems fine.

Steve now has a job as a Private Investigator and recently helped Salem PD to find out who killed Trent Robbins and who the Mayor’s killer is. When Kayla is shot by Hope Brady by accident at the hospital, Steve is there. She makes it through surgery and he supports and comforts her.

When Stephanie has issues with Philip, Steve and Kayla think she may be better off without him, but Stephanie can't let go just yet. This is the last time he is seen on canvas.

Steve returned August of 2015, surprising Kayla and Joey. He told Kayla that he left her and Joey in Africa because he needed to take care of somebody who posed a threat to his family. Though he thought he took care of them, it turned out he didn't. Joey was drugged and wound up in the hospital and the same day, Steve received a mysterious and threatening note from someone. Though Steve wants to get back together with Kayla, she's confused and torn. It took some time and the two eventually got back together and remarried February in 2017. They live in a house while Joey lives with friends in a loft.

In 2018, John Black was poisoning Steve, as he was forced to by the ISA when they learned Joey killed Ava Vitali. John was beside himself knowing what was coming but knew if another agent was involved, they would have killed him immediately. Instead, the poisoning caused Steve to lose his eyesight in his one good eye. Steve forgave John and Kayla, after finding that there was nothing she could do to help, went to Stefan DiMera, who offered her a deal. She help him get Kate DiMera and he'd give her the bionic eye that his company was creating.

Flings and Relationships

Britta Englund
Kayla Johnson (First was not legal, remarried February 16, 2017)
Ava Vitali (engaged but left her at the altar)


Duke Earl Johnson (father - deceased)
Josephine Johnson (mother - deceased)
Jack Deveraux (brother)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (sister)
Abigail Deveraux (niece)
Jack Patrick Deveraux (nephew)
Joseph Kiriakis (nephew by adoption)
Victor Kiriakis, II (nephew by adoption)
Jackson Kiriakis (nephew)
Earl Duke Johnson (uncle)


Stephanie Johnson (current) (daughter with Kayla)
Joey Johnson Friday May 16, 2008 (son with Kayla)
Tripp Dalton (Child with Ava Vitali)


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