Stefano DiMera (as played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Stefano DiMera

* Guilty of kidnapping,brainwashing, drug dealing, murder, blackmailing, conspiracy, art theft, forgery, political corruption, assassinations, faking deaths, money laundering, raising private mercenary armies, and conducting guerrilla warfare in Third World countries.
* Was responsible for Marlena becoming possessed.
* Suffered from an inoperable brain tumor.
* Alias the Phoenix.
* Suffered from kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant. EJ forced Steve Johnson to steal John Black's and had it put into Stefano.
* Had Mayor Marino shot.
* Responsible for kidnapping Rafe and putting a fake Rafe (RoboRafe) in his place.
* Responsible for
* Deaths: stroke, car crash in Salem harbor, shot by Marlena into a fire, burned alive in a collapsing cave, car explosion, drowned, plane explosion, blown up and buried under a collapsing tunnel.
* Recently, Marlena drugged him so he would appear as a vegetable for the rest of his life - and nobody would suspect what was done.
* Came out of his catatonic state

Who's played Stefano DiMera over the years?

Joseph Mascolo (1982 - 1983; 1984 - 1985; 1988; (1993 - Friday January 8, 2016 with some ghostly appearances)
Frank Fata (1991)

Past History

The DiMera family was a powerful 'business' family located in the Mediterranean. In 1982, the seventh son of the seventh son, Stefano DiMera, first relocated his family and their operations from Europe to Salem.

He was first introduced to audiences as the disarming and somewhat sinister friend of Lee DuMonde. His arrival was spurred by and attempt to find his son, Tony. At that time, Tony was having an affair with Renee DuMonde. Things hit a snag when it was discovered that Renee was, in fact, the lost daughter of Stefano. The couple split up and Tony angrily blamed his father. When his children threatened to leave him, he faked a heart attack to keep them from going. To make things up to Tony, he aided in his attempt to salvage his relationship with his estranged wife Liz. When Liz tried to leave Tony for Neil Curtis, Neil was soon found dead.

Not everyone was falling for the aging patriarch act though. Stuart Whylands for one saw through the cracks in his person and tried to blackmail him for his money laundering schemes. Stuart was soon found dead. Soon after, Roman sought to discover and reveal Stefano's substantial connections with organized crime and dealings in illegal drugs. Once he had proof, he was found 'dead'...but this time he wasn't dead and came back after Stefano. In a desperate attempt, Stefano kidnapped Liz and Marlena as he fled town. The escape went awry. He was caught and convicted. He 'died' in prison. Roman still continued to pursue his evidence against the DiMera's anyway.

In his will, Stefano had demanded that Renee and Tony live under the same roof. The first child to have offspring would receive a reward. As they competed, Stefano returned from the dead. (He had paid off a nurse to fake his death is prison.) While he had been away he had hatched a plan. Discovering his nephew Andre, he gave him plastic surgery and turned him into Tony's double. Together they planned a wave of killings, which they would frame Roman for. Staging a highly theatrical kidnapping and torture session for Marlena, Stefano lured Roman into his clutches, but things went wrong for him again and he tried to flee town, crashing into Salem River on the way and dying yet again.

In fact he had returned to his island. From there he planned to gather together three prisms, which would heal his brain tumor. As he and Andre searched the globe for the items, they planned revenge on Salem in their spare time, eventually dragging most of the town down to his island. Daphne was killed when the captives went down in an airplane and Andre was killed soon after. Roman fought Stefano across the island before throwing him off the edge to his death.

Stefano wasn't dead of course. He was traveling the world in search of his prisms. He returned to Salem for revenge again, this time unburdening himself with more secret offspring, this time Benjy, the deaf son of the daughter of a martial arts master who Stefano had had an affair with. Taking everyone down to his island with the brainwashed John Black, revenge alluded him again and everyone escaped his clutches. Even he didn't die this time. Instead, he escaped to the south where he was later found by John and Roman in a Mayan pyramid. During their fight, the pyramid collapsed and Stefano was killed.

Of course, he wasn't killed. He was only dying. His brain tumor had left him weak and he became the hostage of Curtis Reed. He was strong enough to overpower and kill Curtis however, laying the blame on Billie in the process. As one final gesture, he begged Tony and Kristen to marry before his death. They agreed, but she left Tony at the altar. Realizing that he had to lure her away from John and the Brady's, he uncovered some of their family secrets, disgraced them and Kristen returned to his son. Unfortunately, John showed up at the wedding with proof that Stefano had killed Curtis. When Stefano fled, John shot out his tires and Stefano drove off road to his death.

Tony knew that his father wasn't dead and John soon found out as well when he received a strange gift from the dead man. Stefano sent him a puzzle with an eerily familiar picture of a plantation. The image haunted John and he sought out the real thing. When he found it, Stefano was waiting for him and brainwashed him yet again. Using him, he lured Marlena down and had to begin to admit his love for her, much to his mistress Celeste's chagrin. The townspeople came to the rescue again, burning down the house. Stefano fled. He returned to Salem quickly and began blackmailing Mike Horton to let him into Marlena's apartment. Disguised, he slipped in every night and opened up her soul for Satan's grasp. Her friends managed to exorcise the devil and she literally kicked Stefano out of her apartment. Falling out the window, he suffered paralysis and amnesia.

Marlena felt guilty and tended to him while he fell in love with her again. His memory slowly returned, thanks largely to being hit by lightning. Back to his old self, he realized that Marlena wouldn't be his as long as John was around. This was enough to push him into bribing a judge to convict John of murdering Tony (in a faked death that he had helped orchestrate). This backfired when Marlena grew to hate Stefano for having John condemned. Not taking the rejection well, he abducted her, and Celeste demanded to go along on the escape route, this time with their daughter, Lexie. He ran with Marlena instead, but things went wrong, John got her back and Stefano escaped.

From a distance, he organized another abduction of Marlena using his children as help. Disguised as a woman, he was stowed away with her on a plane, which he had crash. He took her to Paris where they lived in his subterranean kingdom. Providing her with hallucinatory glasses, he let her watch John and her family until he had them 'killed' to convince her that they were gone. Slipping out to a festival one day, subterranean couple were spotted by some Salemites and John soon came after them. After a convoluted trap, which John set and completely backfired on him, Stefano captured his nemesis and took him to his underground world. While preparing to decapitate John, a series of explosions upset the balance of the situation and Stefano was captured. As the chaos of John's rescue ensued, Stefano escaped.

He returned to Salem in another attempt to meddle in the lives of Kristen, Peter and Marlena but his plotting was off and it quickly fell apart. He came back twice more in feeble attempts to capture Marlena but failed, almost unnoticed, both times.

After some time away, he allowed himself to be captured and returned to Salem claiming to have the only cure for Roman's strange disease. Reluctantly, Stefano and his enemies traveled down to his jungle lab. After working on the cure, they found it, and Roman's life was spared. As a result, Stefano was pardoned. But the cure didn't last, just as Stefano had anticipated. He only agreed to help cure Roman again if Marlena would forgive him, something she reluctantly did. He then began a campaign to become respectable. This was sidelined somewhat as he battled Susan over their son little Elvis. Despite Kristen's best efforts to secure power over the child, Susan, with John's help, out wiled her and escaped. Stefano vowed to get his son back. This led to numerous problems with his children. Kristen was soon disowned by him after a fight with Celeste, and Peter was making trouble. Distracted, Kristen began making outrageous plans behind his back. These eventually led to slavery, death and her apparent suicide. The death upset Stefano so much that he had a heart attack. When he went to her grave, he found the living Kristen waiting for him, begging for his help. Although he did help her vanish, the mess she left behind was more difficult to clear up. Over the next year he sorted out his finances and his large treasure trove of stolen art and valuables as they were being sold out from under him.

Stefano vanished from the scene soon after. In 2006, John and Marlena discovered him in an Italian hospital.He revealed to them that the man making everyone in Salem miserable, E.J. Wells, was in fact his son. Months later, E.J. brought his aging father to a secret locale to receive the much needed kidney he had stolen from the comatose John. He then returned to Europe to begin his recovery.

Stefano is back in Salem. It is known that he is ill but recovering, slowly, with the help of what EJ calls his "cracked" friend, Dr. Rolf.

When John Black was killed in a car accident,it was Stefano who dug him up and brought him back to life, "Frankenstein-like" and gave John a mission to kill Colleen Brady. Just as John was found to be alive, Marlena gave Stefano some drugs to make it appear as though he had a stroke. He was in a vegetative state indefinitely, able to see and hear all, alive in a private hell that is his mind.

After EJ, Lexi, and Tony decided to leave Stefano away in a long-term care for his vegetative state, Salem was able to breathe easier, temporarily. Stefano came out of his vegetative state on the same night that there was a power outage in Salem. Stefano locked an entire hospital floor and a mysterious gas made several of the trapped Salemites hallucinate, with Stefano sneering from the sidelines.

Eventually, Stefano returned to his mansion to find that John had taken over. They butted heads while Stefano felt that his entire family had betrayed him. He also found that Tony, Sami and her twins were living there with EJ. Eventually, John gave up the DiMera empire, and Stefano regained control. Much to Sami and Nicole's dismay, he sought EJ as his right hand man, and together they continued running the DiMera business. Meanwhile, Stefano tried to romance Kate once again, even proposing marriage, but Kate turned him down and preferred to be friends.

Soon the DiMeras found themselves in a war with the Kiriakis' over the alternative fuels project. Stefano had EJ work on Melanie Layton, to try to buy the rights away from Titan, and it became a game of tug and war. With Nicole's insistence, EJ appeared to give up his copy of the project, but when Titan's computer server was wiped out completely, all other copies of the project were destroyed as well. Philip suspected EJ as the culprit, and swore he'd get revenge. Eventually, Tony approached Melanie and convinced her to sell him the last copy of the blueprints that she had memorized.

Later, Stefano learned that Tony accidentally fell to his death on the pier after an altercation with Philip. Stefano swore revenge on the Kiriakis' for Tony's death, even though Nicole told the police that it was an accident. Stefano and EJ refused to believe this and plotted to have Philip killed. During a romantic surprise in a hotel room with Stephanie, Philip was shot by a DiMera hit-man and lays in critical condition.

The DiMeras are number one on the suspect list for Philips' attempted murder. Victor swore revenge and warned Stefano that this wasn't over, while Kate told Stefano that she would never forgive him. Recently, Stefano thought he was poisoned by Victor, but it turned out to be type 2 diabetes. He escaped the hospital before treatment, told EJ that he was now in charge, and is going to leave Salem. He was intercepted by one of Victor's henchmen and kidnapped, taken to a warehouse where Victor held him there, giving him sparing amounts of insulin to keep him alive. EJ in turn kidnapped Stephanie, and Victor and Philip agreed to let Stefano go. Stefano made it home fine but Stephanie didn't and EJ had to explain that Owen had her and wouldn't return her. After Philip, Melanie and Brady saved her, the Kiriakis' and DiMera's decided to stop the feud. Since, Stefano was regaled to the back burner for a while, and then when Kate Roberts needed his help in erasing a crime she committed, he ordered her to marry him, after he cleaned things up. She did so and the two fell in love. When Kate betrayed Stefano by telling Sami that EJ was about to take her kids to another country, Stefano broke things off with her. They started seeing each other again but Stefano tested her by leaving the country for several months and then trying to get her to cheat on him with Ian McAllister, an old beau. They broke up. Stefano was seen very little on and off. Bo Brady turned up after being gone missing for a few years and when it was suggested that Stefano was responsible. Bo died and Hope accused Stefano of torturing him while he was being held, but Stefano had nothing to do with it. Still, Stefano goaded Hope into shooting him one night and she shot him three times and killed him. Rafe convinced her to hide the body in an old house slated for destruction, where it was found by Andre. When it was finally revealed that Hope murdered Stefano, Shawn Brady, and Rafe Hernandez went through Stefano's emails and learned from his doctor, Dr. Klein, that he had terminal colon cancer. Rafe and Shawn suggested to Chad that Stefano goaded Hope into killing him because he knew he would die anyway.

Flings and Relationships

Gina Von Amberg
Lee DuMonde
Celeste Perrault
Ellen Hawk
Susan Banks
Vivian Alamain
Hope Williams Brady


Andre DiMera (nephew)
Theodore Brandon Carver (grandson)
John Black Biological brother. We found out Feb 4,2008.


Tony DiMera (son with Daphne)
Renee DuMonde (daughter with Lee - deceased)
Megan Hathaway (daughter - mother unknown - deceased)
Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver (daughter with Celeste Perrault)
Benjy Hawk (son with Ellen)
EJ Wells (son with Susan)
Johnny Brady (grandson from EJ and Sami)
Sydney Brady (granddaughter from EJ and Sami)
Chad Peterson Woods (biological son with Madeline Peterson Woods)


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