Stefan Octavius DiMera (as played by Tyler Christopher on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Stefan Octavius DiMera

* Mother is Vivian Alamain, father is Stefano DiMera
* Real name (adoptive name) Sam Maitland.
* Middle name Octavius.
* Grew up in an orphanage.

Who's played Stefan Octavius DiMera over the years?

Tyler Christopher (December 29, 2017 - present)

Past History

Stefan O. DiMera arrived in Salem with Vivian Alamain, where the two crashed the DiMera New Year's Eve party.  Vivian let the people of Salem know that he was Stefano's son, that Ivan lied to her when she gave birth to him and told her he was dead. Vivian stated that Stefano never knew Stefan existed and he was conceived when Stefano was posing as Rudolpho Meradi and seduced Vivian to steal her ruby. It was only last year when Stefan found his mother and they forged a relationship. Stefan wants to take over as CEO at DiMera Enterprises. He thinks that the DiMera name used to be something to fear and he wants to fulfill Stefano's legacy. Chad learned that Stefan is a corporate raider and his adoptive name is Sam Maitland. Stefan took over and ruffled feathers of Abigail DiMera and Gabi Hernandez by being sexist to both women at work. It became obvious that he was taken with Abigail. When somebody killed Andre DiMera, Gabi Hernandez was a suspect but it turned out that the women in the security video footage the police saw entering and leaving his office looked like Gabi but was Abigail or Gabigail. Stefan soon realized Abigail had DID and two alts, Gabby and Dr. Laura. He was intent on hiding it from everyone and set up Gabi for Andre's murder in order to take the heat off Abby's alt.

Flings and Relationships



Stefano DiMera (father)
Vivian Alamain (mother)
Leopold Alamain (deceased uncle)
Lawrence Alamain (cousin)
Nicholas Alamain (cousin)
John Black adoptive cousin
Belle Black Kiriakis Brady (adoptive cousin)
Claire Kiriakis Brady (adoptive cousin)
Brady Black (adoptive cousin)
Tate Black (adoptive cousin)
Paul Narita (adoptive cousin)
Philip Kiriakis (surrogate "brother")




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