Sarah Horton (as played by Linsey Godfrey on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Sarah Horton

* Is Maggie and Mickey's daughter.
* Neil Curtis is her biological father.
* Has siblings named Melissa Horton, Summer Townsend, Daniel Jonas, and Janice Barnes.
* Hit by a car driven by drunken Eve Donovan.
* Found Maggie in bed with Neil Curtis while she was married to Mickey.
* Left Salem with Melissa and moved to Nashville.

Who's played Sarah Horton over the years?

Linsey Godfrey (October 26, 2018 - present)

Past History

Maggie Horton decided she wanted to be a surrogate mother in 1981 for Dr. Evan Whyland and his wife, though their names were confidential. Neil Curtis performed the procedure and unbeknownst to Maggie, used his own specimen instead of Neil's. Maggie became pregnant and when Evan came to Salem and confessed to being the sperm donor, Maggie learned that he lied about his wife being alive. Maggie and Mickey fought and won custody of the child. Evan and Maggie were in a car accident (courtesy of one of Stefan DiMera's henchmen), and Evan died. Maggie and Mickey brought up the baby, Sarah. The couple adopted Melissa shortly thereafter.

Sarah was hit by a car when Eve Donovan was driving under the influence of alcohol. She recovered and noticed that Mickey was barely around anymore. He had been working overtime so Maggie began an affair with Neil Curtis, after learning he was biologically Sarah's father. When Sarah caught the couple in bed together, she was devastated and told her father, Mickey. While Mickey and Maggie worked on their marriage, Sarah was unhappy and left Salem with Melissa. They lived in Nashville and though Sarah returned in 2010 for Mickey's funeral, she was not seen on canvas. Sarah returned in 2018.

Rex Brady was engaged to Sarah Horton and cheated on her with Mimi Lockhart who had his baby and didn't tell him about it. He also cheated with Sarah's sister and when he finally told her, Sarah yelled and screamed and got drunk and wound up in bed with Xander Kiriakis. She made out with his brother Eric, who she started to fall for and later forgave Rex and married him when Eric lied that he wasn't into her. The marriage took place on June 24, 2019.

Past Marriages

Rex Brady (Married June 24, 2019)


Maggie Horton Kiriakis (biological mother)
Neil Curtis (biological father)
Mickey Horton (adoptive father)
Tom Horton Sr. (paternal grandfather via adoption)
Alice Horton (paternal grandmother via adoption)
Dr. Daniel Jonas (half-brother)
Melissa Horton (half-sister via adoption)
Summer Townsend (half-sister)
Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas (paternal half-niece)
Nathan Horton (nephew)
Addie Horton (paternal aunt)
Bill Horton (paternal uncle)
Marie Horton (paternal cousin)
Sandy Horton (paternal cousin)
Julie Williams (paternal cousin)
Hope Williams Brady (paternal cousin)
Mike Horton (paternal cousin)
Jennifer Horton-Deveraux (paternal cousin)
Lucas (Roberts) Horton (paternal cousin)
Nick Fallon (paternal cousin)
David Banning (paternal first cousin once removed)
Shawn Douglas Brady (paternal first cousin)
Zach Brady (paternal first cousin)
Ciara Alice Brady (paternal first cousin)
Jeremy Horton (paternal first cousin)
Abigail Deveraux (Past) (paternal first cousin)
Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. (paternal first cousin)
Will Horton (paternal first cousin)
Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (paternal first cousin)
Scott Banning (paternal first cousin)
Eli Grant (paternal first cousin)
Arianna Grace Horton (maternal first cousin)
Parker Jonas (maternal half-nephew)
Thomas Deveraux (maternal first cousin)


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