Samantha (Sami) Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera (as played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Samantha (Sami) Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera

* Born on October 16, 1984 - changed to October 16, 1977.
* Middle name is Gene, after Eugene Bradford.
* Lived at 110 Guilford Street, Apt. 3-D.
* Kidnapped her sister Belle.
* Changed the paternity test results of her sister.
* Drugged and raped Austin.
* Blackmailed Kate repeatedly.
* Stole Austin's car.
* Shot and castrated Alan Harris.
* Made false accusations that Lucas abused Will.
* Sentenced to death for the murder of Franco Kelly (lethal injection).
* Blackmailed Victor to transfer Austin to Hawaii.
* Mail fraud.
* Tampered with Lexie's paternity test.
* Blackmailed Lexie into convincing Carrie that her children would be deformed.
* Was raped by EJ Wells and had sex with Lucas the same night.
* Twins - son John Roman is EJ's son, daughter Alice Caroline is Lucas'.
* Married EJ Wells Friday November 9 2007, divorced less than a year later.
* Became pregnant by EJ after one night of passion and hid the pregnancy from him.
* Went into a safe house after she saw Mayor Marino being murdered.
* Hid her pregnancy from EJ until after she had her baby. Nicole switched her baby with Mia's and Sami took home Grace.
* Grace died June 2009 but Sydney, her real daughter, lives with EJ and Nicole.
* Engaged to EJ April of 2013.
* Shot Joe Bernardi after he almost cut off Rafe's penis.
* Jailed for shooting.
* EJ begged Stefano to get Sami out of jail so Stefano gave EJ the razor as evidence and EJ signed over the business and mansion to his father in return.
* Sami and EJ and the kids are forced to live at the mansion under Stefano's rule.
* Learned EJ betrayed her with Abigail Deveraux and decided to take revenge.
* Married EJ DiMera.
* Tried to ruin EJ financially. Had him sent to jail on tax evasion charges.
* Later forgave EJ and they reunited.
* Found EJ dying in the park after having been shot a few days later.
* EJ died in Sami's arms.
* Sami left Salem Thursday October 30, 2014.

Who's played Samantha (Sami) Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera over the years?

Alison Sweeney (January 6th, 1993 to Thursday October 30, 2014)
Dan Wells (as 'Stan' - February 2005 - August 2005)
Stephanie Bader (1997 - flashbacks)
Christina Wagoner (1990 - 1992)
Ashleigh Blair Sterling (1986 - 1990)
Tiffany Nicole Palma (1986)
Jessica Davis (1985 - 1986)
Lauren Ann Bundy (1985)
Ronit Arnoff (1984)

Past History

Sami was born with a twin brother named Eric. Her mother named her after her own dead twin sister. The little twins were sent to live in Colorado after Marlena disappeared. In her brief sojourn from the screen, little Sami aged rapidly in the mountain air and returned all ready to attach herself to her sister's boyfriend. Things in the family became even more problematic when she happened to catch her mother having sex with John Black on a table at work. Alienated from her mother, she sided with her father, wishing to protect him from the truth even after Marlena discovered that she was pregnant. When she began to work at the hospital, she learned how to read blood tests and switched her mother's when she found that her baby was really John Black's, thus saving her father from the truth.

At this time, Lucas came to town. He was after Sami's sister, Carrie, and, since she wanted her sister's boyfriend, Austin, they began dating to make them jealous, split them up and divide the spoils. The plan flopped and Sami had to rethink. She then met a model named Brandee from whom she learned the secrets of bulimia. Naively, she thought that she could slim down and impress Austin. To make him available quicker, she had to ruin his relationship with her sister first. To do this, she hired Brandee to seduce him and then made sure that her sister caught them in a kiss. That ended the relationship and Sami felt surprisingly bad about it.

Now she didn't have Austin, but she did have an eating disorder. As she struggled with this, and attempted to regain her self control, Marlena had a baby (Belle). Sami went into a panic when her mother decided to have more blood tests done. Rashly, she kidnapped the child and tried to sell her on the black market. John discovered this before the transaction could be completed and went in pursuit. Sami tried to run, but John caught her and Roman sent her to counseling for her actions. These events did prevent Belle from having a blood test and Roman was spared the truth for awhile. When Marlena confronted her daughter about all of her problems, Sami had plenty to hit her back with and wasn't in the mood for reconciliation. Soon, Stefano overheard Sami talking about Marlena's infidelity. He stole her diary (where she explicitly talked about it) and showed the evidence to Roman. He was crushed and Marlena left him.

Later, one of Carrie's friends took an interest in the young Sami and took her drinking. Soon he expected more and raped her when she refused to pose for nude photographs. Sami only told her best friend and worried about pregnancy and AIDS. Her mother and sister found out about the incident and convinced her to press charges. Since so much time had elapsed, there was no physical evidence and the case was dismissed. She was humiliated, mocked and rejected at school and even in the tabloids. Her alienation from her family grew and she wanted revenge for what she perceived as their part in her humiliation.

She attempted to steal Austin away from her sister again. This time she set up a fake attack and had him rescue her so that she could get pity. This was appalling to Lucas, who took his distance from her when he saw how desperate she was becoming. After setting up a meeting with Austin, Carrie subverted it, but Sami's original attacker found out and went in his place. He taunted her with a gun, but in a struggle she got it away and shot him in the groin. The tabloids mocked her once again and he left town. Carrie assumed that Sami had been lying about everything and slapped her. Austin caught her in the act and dumped her.

Sami's mind started turning. She learned about a drug that could give a man amnesia after sex. After acquiring it, she drugged Austin and had her way with him while wearing her sister's perfume to confuse him. He was repulsed when he woke up with her and begged her to keep it a secret.

At this time, Sami was already pregnant. Although she'd raped Austin, she'd also been sleeping with Lucas and that complicated things. Complicating things even more was Marlena, who was sick in the hospital and happened to be possessed by the devil. She told her daughter that she had to seduce Austin again. Sami tried to oblige but he turned her down. She left town for Los Angeles and came back on Carrie and Austin's wedding day. She fainted at the ceremony and, while everyone rushed around her, announced that she had slept with Austin and was carrying his baby. This lie was enough to doom the wedding. Austin devoted himself to them and married Sami. When the baby, William, was born, French authorities took the child away. They managed to get him back but things were strained and Sami revealed that Lucas was the father. He wanted an annulment, but it was long in coming. After he accidentally ran over her twice, she developed amnesia and he had to wait until she got her memory back. It didn't speed things up when she continued to fake amnesia after recovering. Finally, he got free of her and she started dating Franco Kelly.

As things progressed, they decided to get married. They never made it to the altar. On their wedding night, she discovered that he'd cheated on her and publicly declared that she would kill him for it. Soon after, she found him dead. After collapsing at the news, the event was blocked from her mind. In fact, Lucas had killed Franco to protect his mother Kate. Wishing to get rid of Sami and save her son from her, she planted the gun on Sami. It wasn't long before Sami was convicted and looking at the death penalty. When she was strapped down for the lethal injection, the execution was halted when someone else took the blame (Lucas had arranged for someone else to take the fall.) After she was cleared, she learned what Lucas had done but they kept it quiet.

Sami went on to be involved with Brandon Walker. She fought for custody of Will with his help and they became engaged. Kate wouldn't let this stand and convinced Lucas to run with his son. This didn't pan out and they were returned. Sami and Lucas became close once again and fulfilled Kate's nightmares by becoming engaged. Kate had another trick up her sleeve though. After drugging Sami, she placed her in bed with Brandon and let Lucas walk in on them. That ended the engagement. Sami sought to prove that she was innocent and dressed as a man named Stan. After doing some nefarious deeds for Tony DiMera, she was finally able to prove to Lucas that Kate had set her up and they became engaged again. Kate managed to subvert this wedding as well and Sami was sure that she was going to be left alone.

Austin returned to comfort her but she resisted her old feelings for him because she knew that he really loved her sister then followed a complex set of manipulations as the two brothers and two sisters matched off. Sami tried to set things up so that she could be with Austin and Lucas with Carrie. For awhile, Austin thought that she had changed for the better and they became engaged. To keep him, Sami blackmailed Lexie to tell Carrie that a child between her and Austin would have congenital defects. He became closer to Sami, and Lucas moved on with Carrie.

Soon another person entered the foursome: EJ Wells, who took an immediate shine to Sami. They became close and she told him many of her secrets. Around this time she also began receiving strange threats, including one which made her call off her wedding to Austin. Then Will seemed to go missing. Fearing the worst, Sami and Lucas went on TV to appeal for help. During this time, Lucas discovered that Carrie was cheating on him with Austin. When Will showed up unharmed after ditching school, it was decided that Lucas and Will should move in with Sami. The threats continued, however, and Lucas soon found out that she was being blackmailed. Carrie threatened to tell everyone the truth about Sami and her family abandoned her again.

This left her to spend more time with EJ. Unfortunately for her, EJ wasn't what he seemed. He was working with Kate to help her take Sami out of her sons' lives and to finally have an heir of his own. As he and Sami dated, Lucas made motions that he wanted to reconcile. This, combined with discovering that he was sleeping with Kate, put her off of him. Bo, however, asked her to keep seeing him to help with an investigation. She complied, though it almost led to him raping her. Lucas walked back into her life and rescued her. They resumed their love affair and decided to go away for the weekend. On the way, their car broke down and the roof of a cabin collapsed on him. Desperate to help him, she ran into EJ who agreed to save Lucas if she would sleep with him and cover for him to the police. She was forced to comply, even after he told her that he was a DiMera and was 'planting his seed' in her as per Stefano's instructions. After this, she tried to push him out of her life but he wouldn't go. He discovered that she was pregnant but it was unknown if the child was his or Lucas'. In revenge, she tried to humiliate him and Kate by showing a video of their sexual exploits to investors, but this proved useless. As he continued threatening to expose their rendezvous, she desperately hooked up with Celeste and tried to kill EJ with a poison and then burn him to death. This failed and Celeste double crossed her. Despite all of this, she managed to finally marry Lucas. After the wedding, EJ slipped proof of their night together into a wedding video. Sami had to break down and tell Lucas the truth.

Lucas surprised everyone and asked Sami if she still wanted to be married to him and they continued on happily. For their honeymoon, they went to New Orleans and worked to rebuild an old mansion where they found mysterious Italian letters signed by a DiMera! The mansion turned out to be Masion Blanche. The letters revealed the root of the Brady-DiMera feud.

Sami found out that she was actually pregnant with twins and tried to convince everyone that they were Lucas' but EJ caught on and a paternity test showed that he was the father of one of her twins.  Sami gave birth to Twins - son John Roman is EJ's son, daughter Alice Caroline is Lucas' child.

Stefano warned Sami that the only way to end the feud between the Brady's and the DiMera's was for her to marry EJ and raise their child together. After John was killed by a hit-and-run, Sami divorced Lucas and married EJ to end the feud.

EJ was shot at his and Sami's wedding ceremony and Stefano threatened Sami to support her new husband as he recovered. A torn Sami tried to stick to her duties to EJ, while heartbroken over Lucas. When her son Will left to Switzerland, Lucas warned Sami that he would sue for full custody of Ally if she didn't leave EJ. Lucas was later arrested for shooting EJ and tried to flee the country, but Sami stopped him. Lucas confessed his crime and was sent off to prison.

After EJ told Sami and Marlena that Stefano had been keeping someone prisoner in his lab, everyone learned that John was in fact still alive this whole time! Sami and EJ were then sent to a safe house with the twins for protection while Stefano was arrested for John's kidnapping. Stefano was later found in a catatonic state while in prison, so Sami and EJ left the safe house and made plans to annul their marriage.

Before the annulment was made official, EJ learned that he was to be deported because his visa had expired, so Sami agreed to postpone the annulment in order to keep EJ in Salem. Sami and EJ continued to grow closer over the twins as Sami kept fighting her feelings for EJ.

Meanwhile, Lucas' sentence was commuted when he helped the police capture a criminal. He was then placed in house arrest in the DiMera mansion and just as he came home, he surprised Sami by walking in on her and EJ in bed together! The tension between the three became unbearable, as Sami was torn between her feelings for both Lucas and EJ.

While Sami tried to figure out her feelings for EJ and Lucas, she inadvertently pushed both men away. EJ turned to Nicole Walker as Lucas turned to Chloe Lane. When all of them end up in the hospital during a power outage in Salem, Stefano DiMera, who was finally back and ready for revenge, locked an entire floor and a mysterious gas causes hallucinations among the Salemites. Sami and EJ ended up trapped in a stairwell and shared a kiss, while Nicole furiously watched from a security camera. Eventually, Sami accepted that she had lost Lucas to Chloe, and continued to live with EJ for the sake of the twins. When Lucas threatened to sue for full custody, Sami asked EJ to help her fight for her daughter. This further causes a wedge between Nicole and EJ.

Eventually, Lucas dropped the custody case and made peace with Sami. After finding Sami passed out at the DiMera mansion, Lucas took her to the hospital, where Sami learned that she was pregnant with EJ's baby. She swore Lucas to secrecy as she tried to figure out a way to hide her pregnancy from the DiMeras, and decided to move out of the DiMera mansion.

After witnessing Mayor Marino's murder in front of the DiMera mansion, Sami went into the witness protection program, a perfect place to hide her pregnancy. During her time in hiding, Sami became close to her bodyguard, Rafe Hernandez, and sought help from the Convent of the Holy Cross, where Sami planned to leave her baby for protection from the DiMeras. Thanks to Nicole's scheming, Sami gave birth to a baby girl at Dr. Baker's clinic, where Nicole switched the baby with Mia's baby.

Unknowingly, Sami ended up taking Mia's baby as her own and named her Grace. When the mayor's killer was caught, Sami reluctantly returned to her life in Salem, leaving Grace behind at the convent. Back at home, Sami was reunited with her twins and her teenage son, Will, who returned from Switzerland and tension grew between him and Sami, as Will didn't understand why she was so emotional.

Sami convinced Lucas that she lost the baby she was pregnant with before by EJ. When Sami saw EJ and Nicole's new baby, Sydney, she had an instant connection with the child and continued to miss Grace. When she couldn't bare to part with Grace anymore, Sami brought her home and told everyone that she had adopted a baby from an orphanage that she met while in witness protection.

When Rafe lost his job with the FBI due to some violations during his assignment to Sami, she tried to convince her dad to give him a job at the Salem PD. As Rafe and Sami became closer, much to EJ's dismay, Rafe turned down a great job in New York and applied to the Salem PD to stay closer to Sami and Grace.

As Sami recalled the mistakes she made with hiding Will's paternity in the past, and seeing how good a father EJ was to Johnny and Sydney, Sami felt guilty for hiding the truth about Grace from EJ. She told Lucas the truth about Grace and told an upset Rafe that she had decided to tell EJ about Grace. After arguing with Sami about this, Rafe decided to take that previous job in New York and to leave Salem.

Sami tried to tell EJ about Grace and even stopped his wedding to Nicole, but after hearing that Philip was shot, Sami's suspicion that EJ was behind the attempted murder quickly changed her mind. She decided to tell him once she found out that Grace was ill and died from bacterial meningitis. EJ lashed out at her in his pain and anger and tried to take custody of Johnny. Nicole came to the rescue, knowing that if EJ got custody, Rafe Hernandez, ex-FBI and Sami's beau, would continue poking his nose into Nicole's life.

Sami got her biological daughter back from Nicole, but Nicole stole Sydney back and went on the run. EJ kidnapped Sydney from Nicole and made everyone, including Sami, believe she was dead. EJ eventually felt sorry for Sami and brought Sydney home. Back in love with Sami, EJ proposed. But when Rafe exposed EJ’s involvement in the kidnapping at the wedding, Sami left EJ at the altar. Later that night, she snuck out of Rafe’s bed and shot EJ in the head. Rafe proposed the next morning and provided an alibi, but Will had seen Sami leave the scene of the crime. Rafe’s sister Arianna also learned the truth but was killed by a car before she could tell EJ. Nicole got the video proof Arianna had and EJ used it to get full custody of Johnny and Sydney.

Johnny was diagnosed with ocular cancer, causing EJ to soften to Sami. He gave Sami shared custody of the children, but hired a Rafe impersonator to sabotage Rafe’s marriage to Sami. It worked until Sami and Rafe realized what was going on. Eventually, EJ signed over full custody of Johnny and Sydney to Sami.

Sami settled into a happy life with Rafe and was hired at Mad World Cosmetics. But after Johnny went missing a news report falsely announced Johnny had died. Distraught, Sami and EJ had grief sex. Will found them and vowed never to forgive Sami, who never even knew Will was there. Sami was overjoyed to learn Johnny was alive. But when she caught Rafe and Carrie kissing, she ordered him out of the apartment.

Sami worked with Madison to take down Countess W Cosmetics from the inside and got Kate to hire her away from Mad World. Sami eventually quit Mad World and committed to Countess W.

Rafe overheard Will tell Sonny about Sami’s sex with EJ and they divorced. Then, Kate outed Sami as a mole and fired her, refusing to believe her newfound commitment. Sami wasn’t down for long though. EJ gave her an apartment and Stefano removed Kate as CEO of Countess W and gave Sami the job instead. Lucas and Sami reconnected romantically, and helped each other when Will came out to them.

EJ moved into the apartment across the hall from Sami and the two grew close. Sami helped EJ leave Salem when he was accused of Stefano’s murder. During their escape an explosion hit Salem and they went on the run together and soon were confessing their love. Rafe arrested them and after making bail Sami tried to sort out her feelings. She dated them both and was leaning toward Rafe but blew it when she lashed out at Gabi after she learned Will was her baby’s father, not Nick. Rafe broke up with Sami, but EJ was happily waiting with open arms.

Nick used Sami’s erratic nature to put a plan in place to keep Will out of the baby’s life. Sami offered to sign a document that would forbid her from coming near the baby instead but Nick refused. Will reluctantly signed because Nick knew Will was the one who really shot EJ back in 2007. Sami was determined to destroy the evidence and even moved with the kids into the DiMera mansion in the hopes Stefano would help. He did, but Sami overheard Stefano telling Detective Bernardi to bring the evidence to him instead of destroying it. Sami attacked Bernardi to take the evidence, but failed.

After Rafe was beaten into a coma Sam visited him in the hospital and caught a man standing over him with a razor. Sami shot and killed the man, who turned out to be Bernardi, sent by Stefano. The police were unable to find the razor and after a video of Sami and Bernardi’s fight in the square came to light, Sami’s bail was denied. Stefano offered to exchange the razor if EJ would turn the company back over to him and move back into the mansion with Sami. EJ agreed and Sami was freed, but furious about her new living arrangements.

A few moments before Brady and Kristen’s wedding, Kristen confessed to EJ that she drugged and raped Father Eric, and videotaped the whole thing. She begged EJ not to tell Sami, so he didn’t. When the video was played during the wedding, Sami questioned EJ’s involvement in the whole thing and put their relationship on pause.

Meanwhile, Sami learned that Gabi had gotten a job offer in New York City and Nick was moving with her. She and Kate wanted Gabi and the baby to stay and made plans to meet. They found Gabi standing over Nick’s body in the woods. Sami couldn't find a pulse and after Kate suggested tossing the body in the river, Sami agreed. EJ had his men clean up any remaining evidence when he found out a few weeks later, but Sami still didn't trust him yet to marry him.

Nick Fallon shocked everyone when he showed up alive at the church for Ari’s christening. He revealed to Sami and Kate that bird-watching Percy had saved him and taken pictures of them tossing him in the river. Nick held this over Sami and Kate to get whatever he wanted, but it wasn’t long before Nick was shot and Gabi went to jail for his murder.

Will and Sonny’s engagement inspired Sami to set a wedding date with EJ. But before they could make it down the aisle Sami learned EJ had cheated on her with Abigail Devereux. She got close to Abigail and asked her to be her maid of honor, while teaming up with Kate to take out EJ and Stefano together. Sami went through with the wedding, then immediately had EJ arrested for tax evasion. Sami became CEO of Dimera Enterprises and worked hard to ruin Abigail’s reputation in town, having her outed in a damning article Will wrote about Sami and EJ.

Eventually Sami warmed to EJ and they recommitted themselves to each other. Sami was optimistic about their future together and was devastated when she found him shot in the woods. She declared her love for EJ as he died in her arms. Sami mourned the loss of her husband and decided to leave town and when Hollywood execs came knocking, wanting to write the Sami Brady Story, she was all in and took the kids to Hollywood, along with Will, to write the screenplay. Sami returned a few times to visit with family. She returned after Will returned to Salem and was murdered by Ben Weston, the Necktie Killer then left for Europe with the rest of her brood. She returned in autumn 2017 when she heard her son Will was alive, and followed clues provided by Dr. Rolf, to Memphis.

Flings and Relationships

Alan Harris (he date raped her so this is really not a fling or relationship)
Austin Reed (she drugged and raped him)
Brandon Walker (lived together)
Lucas Roberts (ex-husband as of November 2007)
Austin Reed (formerly engaged)
EJ Wells (dated, her raped her and later married November 9, 07, divorced 2008; engaged 2013)
Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez (Dating, living together and then married November 24, 2010; divorced)


Roman Brady (father)
Dr. Marlena Evans - Black (mother)
Eric Brady (brother - twin)
Carrie Brady-Roberts (paternal half-sister)
Rex Brady (paternal half-brother)
Cassie Brady (paternal half-sister)
D.J. Craig Jr. (maternal half-brother - deceased)
Belle Black-Kiriakis (maternal half-sister)
Shawn Brady (paternal grandfather)
Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother)
Frank Evans (maternal grandfather)
Martha Evans (maternal grandmother)
Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-grandfather)
Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-grandmother)
Kimberly Brady (paternal aunt)
Kayla Johnson (paternal aunt)
Samantha Evans (paternal aunt - deceased)
Frankie Brady (paternal uncle by adoption)
Max Brady (paternal uncle by adoption)
Andrew Donovan IV (paternal cousin)
Jeannie Donovan (paternal cousin)
Stephanie Johnson (paternal cousin)
Bo Brady (paternal half-uncle)
Shawn Douglas Brady (paternal half-cousin)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (paternal half-cousin)
Zack Brady (paternal half-cousin - deceased)
Ciara Brady Brady (paternal half-cousin)
Claire Kiriakis (maternal half-niece / paternal first half-cousin)
Eric Brady (paternal great-uncle)
Molly Brady (paternal great-aunt)
Robert Evans (maternal great-uncle - deceased)
Colin Murphy (paternal first cousin - deceased)
Trista Evans (maternal first cousin - deceased)
Noah (Austin and Carrie's son - nephew)


Grace Brady - EJ DiMera's daughter, died June 9 2009
Will Roberts (son with Lucas Roberts)
Alice Caroline Horton - Lucas is Ali's father.
John Roman Horton - EJ Wells is John's father (rape).


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