Roman Brady (as played by Josh Taylor on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Roman Brady

* Killed on January 2, 2004.
* Resurrected on May 24, 2004.
* Dated Billie.
* Married and divorced Kate.
* Salem PD Cop.

Who's played Roman Brady over the years?

Wayne Northrop (1981-1984; 1991 - 1994)
Josh Taylor (1998 - present)

Past History

Roman arrived on the scene as a detective. He set out to protect Dr. Marlena Evans from the Salem Strangler, but couldn't stop himself from developing feelings for her during their time together. After she was abducted by the Strangler, he managed to save her and shot her assailant in the process. As the pair grieved through the trauma, his feelings for her came out. Luckily for him, these feelings were reciprocated and they became engaged as things began to simmer down.

Unfortunately, he had not been forthcoming about his past, specifically his wife, Alice, who he had presumed was dead in a boating accident. She wasn't and, with appropriate timing, arrived on the scene as he was set to marry Marlena. His wife had, she claimed, disappeared into a white slavery ring for years only to return now with his daughter. This didn't stop him from going ahead with the marriage, but undercover work forced him to do a disappearing act of his own after he discovered that Alice had been working with Stefano DiMera to frame him. After putting together enough evidence to put Stefano behind bars, things seemed to calm until Stefano died and quickly came back from the dead with plans for revenge. Stefano set up Roman by having an impostor murder a girl right before Marlena's eyes. This wasn't enough to convince her that he was guilty but it was good enough for a jury. Roman soon escaped prison and teamed up with a disgruntled Anna DiMera to go after Stefano. Leaving Marlena with their new child and the daughter of his first wife, he 'vanished' from town by faking his death while really hiding in a basement. His fight with Stefano escalated and Roman 'died' again after being shot off the edge of a cliff by Stefano.

Two years later, John Black arrived in Marlena's care. Although he was covered in bandages and had no memory, she realized (incorrectly) that he was her husband. As he assumed Roman's role, she soon vanished, presumed dead and he was left to care for the children.

The real Roman showed up on a Mexican island where he was followed by John and Marlena. Carrying mysterious medals, they found their way to a Mayan temple where Victor Kiriakis and Stefano were battling. After a series of natural disasters, Stefano was killed and everyone else returned to Salem. Roman went back to police work, tracking the Torres mob family. He eventually brought them down after they had kidnapped Bo and bombed Marlena, but this triumph brought a demotion thanks to the often illegal means that he'd used to accomplish this. Things got worse when he was forced to arrest his sister and her violent multiple personalities. He was then shot and had to have surgery to have a bullet removed from his brain.

As he recovered, Marlena had another child and Stefano reappeared to reveal Marlena's affair with John to Roman. She beat him to the punch though, but the truth hurt just as much. Not only was he betrayed by his wife and best friend, they had also lied to him about the paternity of Belle. He soon filed for divorce and left Salem for dangerous work with the ISA.

As the years past, he sent letters to his family before supposedly dying in the spring of 1997. By summer though, Kristen DiMera decided it was time to bring him back, just in time for Marlena and John's wedding. Roman was convinced that he was dying of a virus and Kristen took him into her care, encouraging him all the while to reunite with Marlena. This was compounded when Eric returned and tried to pull his parents back together. As Roman's illness became more severe, he told Marlena that he loved her and she found it difficult to leave him. Although he clung to life, Sami used him as a pawn in her attempt to upset her sister's wedding. Realizing the truth, he helped Carrie out and she finally married Austin.

Recovering slightly, Roman learned that John had set Stefano free. This set him on the decline and Eric told his mother that his father's dying wish was to see her marry him. Believing that he would die anyway, Marlena agreed to marry Roman. He was administered the cure, however, just as the wedding was set. This was thanks to Stefano and was part of a larger plan that would see him pardoned for saving Roman's life. Released from the hospital, John and Marlena were forced to hide their feelings while Roman teetered on collapse. Eric continued trying to push his parents together while John pretended to be happy in his marriage to Kristen, a conceit that began to fray. Soon, Roman caught John and Marlena talking about how they were deceiving him. With Kristen's deceptive help, he confronted them and they, in turn, confronted Kristen with all of the lies she'd been telling everyone. Alienated from everyone, she soon turned up dead. Of course, it wasn't her, it was her sister and a long complex weave of deceits had to be unraveled before the truth came out. Kristen didn't depart without leaving some poison behind. While it was intended for Marlena, it was swallowed by Belle. Luckily, Roman managed to save her. As time passed, watching her spending time with John and Marlena was enough to convince him it was time to move on and leave them be.

Departing from Salem again, Roman went back to the ISA and they sent him to Paris. He met up with Billie there and they infiltrated a smuggling ring while she posed as his mistress. While working together, they became lovers, a fact which they kept from everyone at home. When his next deadly assignment came, Roman went on undaunted and Billie followed despite his objections. Together, they went through a series of dangerous missions before returning to fight to prove that Sami was innocent of the murder of Franco Kelly. After freeing her and splitting from Billie, he was left to remember the love that he lost with Marlena.

He began a relationship with Kate Roberts and tried to put the past behind him. Though Marlena tried to reunite with him before the marriage, he turned her away and went ahead with the wedding. Only hours later, he was 'killed' by the Salem Stalker. While Kate mourned, Roman awoke on a strange tropical island which was quickly populated by all of the victims of the Stalker. Eventually Marlena joined him there and they tried to escape. Failing this when they were recaptured and taken to the DiMera castle in Europe, they were held captive and forced to watch video surveillance showing John and Kate growing intimate. Finally giving in and making love, they were soon rescued and returned to Salem. When they arrived, Marlena found herself pregnant. As he and John fought over her, she had an accident and miscarried.

With Roman worried by Marlena's side, Roman and Kate's marriage fell apart and they divorced. Roman was wary as John had Dr. Alex North put on Marlena's case. After Marlena's horrible experience with Alex North, Roman was pleased to see that she and John separated. Only, it wasn't too long before Marlena and John happily reunited.

Roman continued his work with the Salem PD. This included solving the 'gloved hand' crimes, keeping Bo from hurting Patrick Lockhart, and trying to trap EJ DiMera. When Stefano returned to Salem, Roman had more work to do, including keeping Sami and her twins safe.

When Anna DiMera, Roman's ex-wife returned to Salem, Roman had a short flirtation with her but she was soon reunited with Tony DiMera. Before the real Tony DiMera was found, everyone was fooled into believing that Andre DiMera, who was presumed dead, was Tony DiMera. When the truth came out, Roman and the Salem PD tried to capture Andre but Andre stabbed Roman, sending him to the hospital where he had surgery and recovered.

The Salem PD decided to fake Stefano's death in order to trap and capture Andre. At the funeral home, Roman contemplated the idea of really killing Stefano. Later, Andre forced Kate to lure Roman to the Brady Pub, where he trapped him and Roman went missing!

When Steve found his adoptive son, Benjy, murdered, he vowed revenge on Stefano. Steve hijacked a TV station to demand that Andre bring Roman alive or he'd kill Stefano. Andre brought an alive Roman, strapped with dynamite. Eventually, Roman was saved and Andre DiMera fell off a rooftop to his death.

Months later, Roman reluctantly witnessed his daughter, Sami, marry EJ DiMera in an effort to end the Brady/DiMera feud. When EJ was shot in the back at his wedding ceremony, Roman was suspected as the shooter. Marlena was also a suspect and Roman tried to cover for her. Eventually Lucas was charged with attempted murder.

After John Black was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver, Roman tried to console a distraught Marlena, who vowed revenge against Stefano. After John was found alive but re-programmed, Marlena sought Roman's help in trying to retrieve the old John and his memories. Roman also arrested Stefano for kidnapping and allowed Marlena to question him using truth serum.

After the root of the Brady/DiMera feud was discovered in Ireland, Roman and his family mourned the loss of his father, Shawn Senior.

Eventually, Stefano came out of his coma, brought on by Marlena, bringing Roman and the Salem PD back to work. When someone attempted to murder his daughter, Sami, Roman put her into a witness protection program.

With his brother Bo as the new police commissioner, and Abe Carver as Salem's new Mayor, Roman and the rest continue to work hard to solve crimes and keep Salem safe. Roman eventually took over the police commissioner position where he works now.

Flings and Relationships

Billie Reed
Kate Roberts (married then divorced)


Shawn Brady (father)
Caroline Brady (mother)
Kimberly Brady (sister)
Kayla Johnson (sister)
Frankie Brady (brother by adoption)
Max Brady (brother by adoption)
Bo Brady (maternal half-brother)
Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-grandfather)
Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-grandfather)
Eric Brady (uncle)
Molly Brady (aunt)
Colin Murphy (cousin - deceased)
Andrew Donovan IV (nephew)
Jeannie Donovan (niece)
Stephanie Johnson (niece)
Shawn Douglas Brady (maternal half-nephew)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (maternal half-niece)
Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (maternal half-nephew - deceased)
Will Roberts (grandson)
Noah Reed (grandson)


Caroline Anna Brady (daughter with Anna)
Eric Roman Brady (son with Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Samantha "Sami" Brady- Roberts (daughter with Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Rex Brady (son with Kate Roberts - carried by Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Cassie Brady (daughter with Kate Roberts - carried by Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Unnamed Child (with Dr. Marlena Evans - Black - 2005 - miscarriage)


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