Philip Kiriakis (as played by John Paul Lavoisier on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Philip Kiriakis

* Born in 1995, SORASed in 1999.
* Served in Afghanistan and Iraq.
* Lost his leg while serving and has had extensive facial reconstruction.
* Once married to Belle Black.
* Legal father of Belle’s daughter Claire although she is biologically Shawn Douglas Brady's.
* Once married to Melanie Jonas, who miscarried his child.
* Was thought to be the biological dad of Chloe Lane's son Parker, but it was really Daniel Jonas.
* Returned to Salem December 2015 at Victor Kiriakis’ request to take over Titan from Brady Black.

Who's played Philip Kiriakis over the years?

John Paul Lavoisier (December 10, 2015 - present)
Jay Kenneth Johnson (1999 - December 2002; 2006 - 2011)
Kyle Brandt (2003 - 2006)
Brandon Tyler (1999)
Shane Nicholas (1998)
Jonathan and Thomas Selstad (1995 - 1998)

Past History

Philip came into the world through the convolutions of the power struggle between Kate and Vivian. As the women struggled for a place next to Victor, they took drastic measures. When Kate sought to get implanted at a fertility clinic, Vivian managed to switch their embryo and be implanted with it herself.

As his parents battled over him, the young Philip rapidly aged into a high school student. He spent his time with rich kids Jan Spears and Jason Welles, tormenting Chloe Lane. The nasty games would stop for a moment when Philip, discovering more depth to her than he originally imagined, fell in love with her. Things got nasty again though when she accused him (falsely) of rape. He dumped her soon after, once her nude photos began to circulate in public.

Moving on with his life, Philip left Salem and joined the military. He soon returned to town to serve as the 'mystery hunk' in the Love is Blind contest. While back in town, his feelings for Belle Brady were soon reawakened. As they pursued a relationship, he continued his covert work for the ISA. Along with Tek, he worked to get the dirt on Tony DiMera. Eventually, he and Belle became engaged. They almost had to postpone the wedding when he was called to serve in Iraq. Instead, they rushed ahead and wed before he left.

While he was away, Belle couldn't help admitting to herself that she was truly in love with Shawn Douglas Brady. Despite wanting to run off with Shawn, she had to stop herself after Philip lost his leg in the war. She became pregnant and Philip was ecstatic to have his own daughter. They began planning for more children and went to a fertility clinic. There was a mishap at the clinic however and she became pregnant with Shawn's child while Mimi became pregnant with Philip's. Soon, another fact would shake up his life. It came out that Shawn was Claire's biological father. He nearly broke down and ran off with Claire, refusing to ever let anyone take her away from him. After he settled down, he returned to Belle's side and promised to be there for her and her new baby. Sadly, things weren't working out for the young couple and they came to understand that neither of them was really happy in the marriage.

He left Salem, returning to combat. Soon, he returned, now unrecognizable thanks to the reconstructive surgery done to his face after it was seared by severe burns in Afghanistan. His father, Victor, tried to look after him and brought Claire to visit him on a regular basis. Victor bribed a judge to grant his son legal custody of the little girl, a move which would push Shawn and Belle to take Claire and go on the run. He followed them, first to Toronto and then onto a ship as they stowed away for Australia. Although he managed to get them confined to their quarters, they escaped and were presumed dead when their boat washed up smashed and covered in blood. Philip still clung to hope and joined forces with EJ Wells to track them down.

Philip tried to win Belle back, and even though they slept together after she thought her father John, died, she married Shawn. Shawn, Belle, and Claire left Salem soon after and Philip threw himself into his job as CEO of Titan.

Philip clashed with John over Titan shipping and they were both suspects when customs agent Paul Hollingsworth went missing. Philip began a relationship with Paul’s daughter Morgan in order to keep an eye on the search for her father. He began to really care for her though but she ended things when she learned of his possible involvement in her father’s disappearance.

Philip offered to buy Nick Fallon’s alternative fuel project for Titan when it was ready, and hired Stephanie Johnson and Melanie Layton to work at the office. When his mother Kate was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer he grew close to Stephanie. They began dating, which made Melanie jealous. She kept meddling in their relationship so Philip fired her despite her ownership of the alternative fuel project. Victor made Brady Black co-CEO to watch Philip and they began to battle for Victor’s approval.

After Melanie sold the project to Tony DiMera, Philip confronted him. Tony slipped and fell and Stefano and EJ blamed Philip for his death and ordered a hit on Philip, then another when the first did not work. Victor and Philip kidnapped Stefano and held him hostage until EJ signed over DiMera Enterprises. Instead, EJ kidnapped Philip’s fiancée Stephanie to swap. Still, Philip had to rescue Stephanie when her kidnapper wanted to keep her for himself. He agreed when she asked him to leave his family business, and she left him when he ultimately couldn’t do it.

Philip then pursued Melanie and the two got married on Valentine’s Day 2010, but she still had feelings for her ex Nathan Horton. Philip caught them kissing and cheated with Chloe. Melanie begged forgiveness for the gift and Philip agreed, but his guilt was compounded even more when Chloe told him she was pregnant. Still, they both thought Daniel was the father after a paternity test, but then Caroline confessed to switching them, making Philip the pop. Melanie was also pregnant with Philip’s baby, but miscarried and then filed for divorce.

Philip focused on Chloe after Daniel broke up with her and even saved her from suicide when she tried to jump in the river. After the incident Chloe signed rights of their son Parker to Philip, and with his son Philip moved to Chicago. Philip stayed away from Salem even when Parker was revealed to be Daniel’s son and custody was returned to Chloe and Daniel in 2013. Philip did not return until December 10 2015 when Victor called him home to head up Titan again after Brady resigned.

Flings and Relationships

Victor Kiriakis (father)
Kate Roberts (mother)
Isabella Toscano (half-sister - deceased)
Bo Brady (half-brother - deceased)
Austin Reed (half-brother)
Billie Reed (half-sister)
Lucas Roberts (half-brother)
Rex Brady (half-brother)
Cassie Brady (half-sister)
Yurgos Kiriakis (grandfather - deceased)
Sophie Kiriakis (grandmother - deceased)
Alexander Kiriakis (uncle - deceased)
Justin Kiriakis (cousin)
Xander Cook/Alexandros Kiriakis (cousin)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (half-niece)
Shawn Douglas Brady (half-nephew)
Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (half-nephew - deceased)
Brady Victor Black (half-nephew)
Will Horton (half-nephew - deceased)
Alexander Neil Kiriakis (cousin)
Victor Kiriakis II (cousin by adoption)
Joseph Kiriakis (cousin by adoption)
Jackson Kiriakis (cousin)
Tate Black (half-grandnephew)


Claire Kiriakis Brady (adopted daughter)


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