Paul Narita (as played by Christopher Sean on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Paul Narita

* Arrived in Salem in 2014 as a patient of Dr. Daniel Jonas.
* A professional baseball player, he used the alias David Press while a patient of the hospital to avoid discovery.
* Made a generous donation to the physical therapy department at the hospital.
* Came to Salem as a gay man still in the closet.
* Will helped out Paul in an interview with Sonix, which Paul allowed.
* John Black's long lost son.
* Had a relationship with Sonny Kiriakis.
* Flirts with every woman in Salem.
* Had sex with Will while Will was married to Sonny.
* Was injected with a bio-toxin by John Black's father, Yo Ling.
* Had Jungle Fever.
* Almost married Sonny Kiriakis until Ben Weston stopped the wedding to tell them Will is alive.
* Found Will Horton after he was presumed dead.
* Started a relationship with Will Horton after Sonny dumped him.
* Works for Black Patch Investigations.

Who's played Paul Narita over the years?

Christopher Sean (November 27, 2014 - October 2018)

Past History

Paul Narita arrived in Salem in 2014 as a patient of Dr. Daniel Jonas. A professional baseball player, he was hoping Daniel could fix his torn rotator cuff. Narita used the alias David Press while a patient of the hospital to avoid attention, yet hit on many ladies and even kissed Theresa Donovan. But it was soon revealed he was the ex-boyfriend of Sonny Kiriakis after he kissed him too. Paul had surgery to repair his rotator cuff. The surgery was a success but Daniel told him he'd never pitch again. Paul was crushed. At this time Will Horton started interviewing him for Sonix Magazine and upon learning he was gay, had sex with him and urged him to come out in the article. Paul decided to do so and told his mother and grandfather that he's gay. Paul's mom supported him though she was afraid that the public would be cruel. Before the article was published, Paul donated blood to the hospital and then learned that the blood was donated to Sonny Kiriakis, when his life was in jeopardy after he was stabbed. Paul went into therapy with Marlena until she revealed she's Will's grandmother. She referred him to someone else. He gets to know John and participates in a charity benefit for underprivileged children. Meanwhile, the affair was exposed during Will and Sonny's anniversary. John accused Paul of seducing Will then going after Sonny but he doesn't know what happened, nor does he know Paul and Sonny's history. After, Tori revealed to Paul and John that John is Paul's father. Paul decided to stay in town and Kate offered him a job as a spokesman for a new men's fashion campaign for MadWorld Cosmetics. Paul bonded with Brady while he worked and when Will was murdered, Paul comforted him. He modeled for Basic Black. He was kidnapped by Yo Ling who was John's presumed dead biological father, Tim Robicheaux. Yo brainwashed Paul who was rescued by Eduardo Hernandez and John, though Yo had already injected Paul with a bio-toxin that made Paul very ill. He, Gabi, Arianna and a few others were hospitalized with this issue, but there was an antidote made and all were saved. Paul began work later as a private investigator at Black Patch with Steve and John. He reunited with Sonny and they forged a relationship. Paul went to an island in Greece with Sonny and several others, where he contracted jungle fever. He was ill, but saved by John and Marlena, and taken back to USA. He and Sonny said their vows at a double wedding with Chad and Abigail, but when Ben showed up to tell them all that Will was alive, Sonny refused to marry Paul.

Flings and Relationships

Will Horton (fling, dating)
Theresa Donovan (kissed)
Sonny Kiriakis (dated, engaged)


Tori Narita (mother)


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