Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Kiriakis (as played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Kiriakis

* Hid secrets from her past that her skeevy father got her into porn against her will.
* Adult star name is Misty Circle.
* She shot Colin Murphy after he blackmailed her.
* Fell for Eric
* Married Lucas
* Was paid 5 Million to divorce Lucas by Kate!
* Tried to murder huband Victor with the help of Jan Spears.
* Offered Larry Welch money to kill Victor.
* Tried to sabotage Chloe's facial reconstruction surgery with the help of Stan/Sami and Tony DiMera.
* Left Salem after unsuccessfully trying to lure Austin Reed into her web.
* Returned in 2008 with Pookie, her little dog.
* Had a thing with EJ and is in love with him.
* It was revealed that she is married to Trent and this would make her marriage to Victor invalid.
* Fell for EJ, married and divorced him.
* Faked a pregnancy after she miscarried EJ's baby.
* Stole Sami's baby Sydney and replaced the child with Mia's baby Grace.
* Became EJ's PR agent when he ran for mayor.
* Got engaged to EJ and pregnant with EJ's baby.
* Kept EJ's baby from him.
* Lost her baby November 2012.
* Blamed Jenn Horton for the baby's death well after the fact.
* Fell for Daniel Jonas.
* Nicole and Daniel had Chloe try surrogacy but it didn't take so Chloe tried it on her own and now is pregnant with Nicole and Daniel's baby.
* Fell for Daniel Jonas.
* Chloe had baby Holly and took Nic to court for custody because Nicole wouldn't give up Deimos Kiriakis.

* Kidnapped Holly.
* Married Xander
* Died in Xander's warehouse in Tennessee via fire/explosion

Who's played Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Kiriakis over the years?

Arianne Zucker (1998 - 2006, April 2 2008 - October 20, 2017; December 2017 - October 22, 2018)

Past History

First arriving in Salem with dreams of becoming a model, Nicole was over-worked and as a low-paid waitress who wanted nothing more than to hide from her past – and all it held. After her friend Eric used his connections with Sami, Nicole was offered a modeling contract and went on to be the featured cover model for Bella magazine, escalating her status in the community almost over night! She and Eric fell in love, however, her past still held intact, Nicole continuously sent money to ‘someone’ in fear as her ex-Jay arrived to keep tabs on Nicole and her photographer during many of her shoots.

As Nicole and her photographer grew romantically closer, Jay became overwhelmed with jealousy and threatened to reveal the secrets of her past! Nicole then found herself not only trying to hide her own secrets but those of others as well. Nicole went on to marry Lucas unbeknownst that his initial reasoning was for the sole purpose to gain custody of Will, which his mother Kate was totally against.

After experiencing much drama between Lucas, Sami and her brother Eric, Nicole’s cancer scare not only drew her closer to Eric but gave her the strength to admit her past – and the fact that she'd been involved in pornography at the hands of her father! Nicole ultimately ended the fling with Eric and demanded a divorce from Lucas, only to make a bed with Victor – and help him uncover the shady fact that Kate wanted him dead. However, Nicole soon found herself wanting the man dead and used many unsuspecting helpers to make it happen! She used Larry Welch, Brady and Victor’s own son Philip, but Jan Spears was the one who ended up killing Victor for her – so we thought! Of course as we know, he was not dead but sent with other Salemites to melaswen (new Salem Island) where Andre held them captive.

Before leaving town, Nicole went on to unsuccessfully lure Austin Reed into her web, but effectively attracted the likes of Brady. However, after helping Stan/Sami and Tony DiMera sabotage Chloe’s (the love of Brady’s life) facial reconstructive surgery, her involvement cost Nicole her relationship with Brady, who turned to Chloe again. Nicole decided to leave Salem behind... and left to Los Angeles to run that division of Austin Reed and Co.

Nicole returns to Salem a few years later, from California, with her pup, Pookie.

Nicole is still very much an alcoholic and moved in with Victor Kiriakis, reminding him that they were still married. Victor wants a divorce and Nicole wants half of Victor’s money, but he fights her on it. She becomes friendly with EJ and they become attracted to each other. She hires him as her lawyer to fight Victor for half of his fortune and they get closer. When Trent Robbins comes to town, Nicole is shocked to learn she’s still married to him, and has been since he was in University. He’s now Dean of students of Salem U. She tries to keep it quiet and Trent blackmails her. He wants $25,000 to keep quiet and pay off some gambling debts.

Nicole becomes friends with John Black during this time and figures she’ll try to tempt Philip into bed, but she walks in on Chloe and Philip having sex and is crushed. She makes friends with Ava Vitali, who urges her to go for EJ instead. EJ is still in love with Samantha, but Nicole goes for him anyway, when she notice his attraction for her and that he and Sami have a complicated relationship.

One night there’s a power outage as EJ and Nicole are headed to her room at the Salem Inn. They become stuck in an elevator and make love. Nicole lets EJ know that she can’t become pregnant, (because she was shot a long time ago and the scar tissue will not allow her to carry to term) so they figure they’re safe. Weeks later, Nicole starts throwing up and figures it’s Caroline’s chowder. She continues to play footsies with EJ, though they don’t have an actual date and she loses the taste for alcohol and then finds out that she’s pregnant. She wants to tell EJ, but Trent threatens her to stay away from EJ and reminds her that they’re married! She lies to EJ that she’s tired of sharing him with Sami, but he can tell she’s hiding something.

When Philip is shot, Nicole goes by the hospital to visit him and finds Chloe there. She and Chloe realize their past issues are nothing in comparison to what Philip is going through, fighting for his life. They agree to become friends and slowly forge a relationship. EJ continues to try to find out why Nicole is brushing him off and finally, Nicole admits who Trent really is and what he’s all about. She knows Victor won’t give her any money if he finds out she is married to Trent still. She admits Trent is blackmailing her not to see EJ.

When the hospital is shut down due to Stefano’s machinations, Nicole spies EJ kissing Sami, in a stairwell and fantasizes that she has killed Sami! She goes to John and Chloe for advice.
Soon, Bo and Hope find out that Nicole is “Misty Circle”, an ex-porn star. They find out she’s married to Trent and then Victor finds out and tells her she must give him back all the money of his she spent! When EJ lets Nicole know that he cares for her, they try to date. Their dates end up terribly and she tries to tell him about her pregnancy but the timing is never right. When she finally tells him, he asks for a DNA test and takes a while to get used to the idea of being a dad again. Sami goes crazy when she finds out Nicole’s pregnant as she is herself, and she moves out of the mansion, so EJ moves Nicole in, deciding he’s going to take care of her and the baby. Soon, Nicole is a suspect in the murder of Trent Robbins, but she didn’t kill him. She’s put in jail for a few days and once out, she starts to cramp. Her pregnancy has difficulties. Brady Black returns to Salem and they resume an unlikely friendship. Nicole goes off to a lodge one evening to meet EJ, and when she starts to bleed and cramp, she calls the only person she can get a hold of – Brady, who takes her to Brookville Hospital, where she promptly loses her baby. She doesn’t tell EJ, opting instead to wear a pregnancy pad and fake the pregnancy. She blackmails Dr. Baker into keeping her miscarriage private, but Dr. Baker demands more money. She tries to give him items from the DiMera household to bide time and finally, she hired teen mother, Mia McKormick to hand over her baby once she was born, so she could pawn the child off as her own. The night Mia gave birth, so did Sami, with EJ's baby, and when Nicole saw this, she switched babies and EJ arrived at the Brookville Clinic after Sydney (his and Sami's child) was born, unsuspecting of anything. Sydney was ill when they brought her home, but the illness passed and Nicole has still not told anybody the truth. Sami took home Grace, Mia's child and she later died from bacterial meningitis, so Sami decided it was time to tell EJ the truth as she knows it, that Grace was his daughter. EJ tried to punish Sami for keeping the truth from him by taking full custody of Johnny from her but Nicole put a stop to that. When Chad Peterson, Mia's beau, and father of Grace returned to Salem, Nicole warned him to stay away from Mia, as she was concerned Mia would spill the truth and ruin her lies. The truth eventually came out and Sami was both angered by Nicole's betrayal and thrilled her daughter was still alive. EJ threw both Nicole and Sydney out, in denial and later, Nicole kidnapped Sydney, worried Sami would take her away from her daughter and throw her in jail. When Sami admitted to EJ Syd was really his, he got back at her by kidnapping Sydney from Nicole, with Anna DiMera's help and led Sami to believe Sydney died in the river. He realized he was still in love with her and tried to become her hero by being 'the one' to bring Sydney back to her. Rafe was on to him the whole time and figured out Anna was in on the scheme. He went away to get proof while EJ and Sami bonded over Sydney's return. Nicole, meanwhile was put in prison for Sydnapping but soon got out with help from Anna and a political figure who Anna bribed to keep Nicole's silence. Nicole got out and turned to Brady, who no longer trusted her for what she did to his step-sister. Eventually, Nicole took a job with Titan as a reporter and got into Brady's good graces. She saw Sydney in the park one day with Kinsey, which stirred up old feelings of love for the girl who was to be her daughter. At the same time, Sami shot EJ and EJ gave Sami an ultimatum. She could go to prison or hand over the kids. Nicole pleaded with EJ to allow her to be a part of Sydney's life as well. Nicole eventually got on EJ's good side when she showed EJ a video of Sami admitting to shooting him. He allowed her to stay in Syd's life and they're now engaged to be married. Taylor, her sister, came into town recently and though things got off to a rocky start (Taylor reminded Nicole of the horrors from her past.) she asked Taylor to become her bridesmaid. Taylor met EJ and they fell for each other. EJ married Nicole and cheated with Taylor, and when Nicole found out, her relationship with her sister was strained to say the least. Eventually, Taylor saw EJ for who he is and left town. Nicole left EJ and divorced him, but became his PR agent for his mayoral campaign. They fell back in love but EJ, after thinking Johnny was dead, had angry, grief sex with Sami. Nicole could not trust EJ again so left him but soon found out she was pregnant. She kept this a secret from him and Rafe Hernandez helped her by telling everyone he was the baby daddy. Nicole changed DNA results when Daniel Jonas was her doctor and so he too kept it a secret for her. They dated a while but it didn't work out and Daniel promised to keep her secret. Nicole learned in her 8th month that her baby died. She attempted to tell Daniel and Rafe but couldn't do it and when Nicole and Jennifer Horton were arguing, Nicole fell from the town square stairs and claimed Jenn pushed her. She claimed Jenn murdered her child.

Flings and Relationships

EJ Wells DiMera
Eric Brady
Colin Murphy
Brady Black (dated)
Dr. Daniel Jonas (dated, engaged)
Deimos Kiriakis (engaged)


Paul Mendez (father)
Fay Walker (mother)
Taylor Raines/Walker/Mendez(sister)
Brandon Walker (Mendez) (half-brother)
Holly Walker (daughter with Daniel Jonas)


Baby with EJ DiMera died en vitro November 2012.
Baby with EJ DiMera died during premature labor December 2008.
Sydney DiMera (Baby switch with Mia's kid, Grace. The child is Sami & EJ's)
Holly (With Daniel via IVF through Chloe Lane)


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