Morgan Hollingsworth (as played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Morgan Hollingsworth

* Is a Southern Belle
* Is the president of the Theta sorority
* Dated Max Brady
* Was attacked and almost raped by Ford Decker
* Father is Paul Hollingsworth

Who's played Morgan Hollingsworth over the years?

Kristen Renton (September 28 2007- September 2008)

Past History

Morgan Hollingsworth came to Salem as a Salem U student. Stephanie Johnson and Chelsea Brady rushed her sorority and once got in, became fast friends. Morgan started dating Max Brady and this caused a bit of a rift with Stephanie who still has feelings for Max. Max recently admitted he and Morgan are from different worlds and it appears he may have residual feelings towards Stephanie. Ford Decker (on campus rapist) drugged Morgan at the sorority Halloween party and when she drove him home, he attacked her. She was saved by Max and the sorority sisters but because she couldn't prove what happened, Ford was set free.

The girls turned the tables on Ford and drugged him and as he was chasing Chelsea up the stairs of the sorority house, he fell down two flights to his death. Morgan and the other girls are now hiding his body in the basement!

Later, Max buried the body in the woods and later told the cops where to find it. He got community service for his part in the death and they wrapped up the storyline.

Morgan started working in co-op with an advertising firm that Anna was working for, and started seeing Philip, but when she found out that he had threatened to kill her father, who went missing, she broke things up. Her storyline wrapped up quickly and suddenly and Morgan took a job in Chicago and left town.

Flings and Relationships

Max Brady previously dating
Philip Kiriakis - dated




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