Maxine Landis (as played by Aloma Wright on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Maxine Landis

* Is the head nurse at University Hospital, Salem.
* Is friendly with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton.
* Started dating Abe Carver in April 2014.

Who's played Maxine Landis over the years?

Aloma Wright - (February 28, 2008 - Present)

Past History

Maxine is the head nurse at Salem's University Hospital. She often gets into the lives of the Salemites to offer a piece of advice. She has mentioned having two children in the past, a son and a daughter, and her husband Carl has passed away. She has been friends with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton, and is now starting to date Abe Carver.

Flings and Relationships

Abe Carver (Dating)




Son (unnamed)
Daughter (unnamed)


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