Lucas (Roberts) Horton (as played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Lucas (Roberts) Horton

* Lucas has forgiven Sami a million times but has also done his fair share of bad deeds.
* Lucas has helped Kate frame Sami for murdering Franco Kelly.
* Lucas attempted to kill Sami himself.
* Lucas is a recovered alcoholic.
* Has kidnapped his son Will, once.
* Changed his last name from Roberts to Horton October 29 2007
* Worked overseas in Hong Kong and became engaged there.
* Engagement didn't work out. Moved back to Salem.
* Stayed a part of children's lives.
* Goes back and forth to Los Angeles after Sami moved there.
* Had a fling with Adrienne Kiriakis that turned into love and then an engagement.

Who's played Lucas (Roberts) Horton over the years?

Bryan Dattilo (1993 - 2001, 2002 - Thursday, December 24 2009; returned Wednesday February 29 2012)

Past History

Lucas came to Salem as a teenager. He had a fling with rock star, Cherish, and then moved on to loving Carrie Brady, who was dating (his brother) Austin. He didn't know yet that Austin and Billie were his siblings. He and Sami became best friends and often conspired to break Austin and Carrie up so that Sami could be with Austin and he could be with Carrie.

Lucas found that his father was Bill Horton, which made his relationship a strain with Kate. He met the Horton family and became close with some of them.

Lucas and Sami had sex one night after they were drowning their sorrows because their plan to break up Austin and Carrie didn't work. Will was conceived but Sami assumed that the child was Austin's child. It would be years before Lucas would know the truth.

Lucas' sister Billie Reed was on trial for the murder of Curtis Reed (she didn't do it) and it was at that point that Kate found out that Billie and Austin were her children and Lucas wound up hating his new siblings. He and Austin butt heads often while he and Billie eventually become closer.

When Sami discovered that Will was really Lucas' son and not Austin's, she tried to hide it. When the truth came out, Lucas demanded custody. He had a problem with drinking by then and was in AA to overcome his addiction to alcohol. Sami used his alcoholism against him and lied and said that he abused their son. Lucas was careless and kidnapped Will but wound up in a car accident with him. Will had to have brain surgery but the surgery went well. Kate paid Nicole Walker five million dollars to marry Lucas so he could gain custody of Will.

Franco Kelly tried to kill Kate before his marriage to Sami, and Lucas killed Franco to defend his mother. Kate planted the gun on Sami and framed her and Lucas was forced to go along with it or face life without Will. Sami almost died on death row until Lucas saved her. Sami gained custody of Will when Sami was in jail, and divorced Nicole. Sami blackmailed Lucas and got custody of Will and he couldn't handle it so while drunk one night he got caught in a fire that Kate set in order to kill her then husband, Victor. He spent time in rehabilitation, and after he went back to Salem he was more determined to pay Sami back. He got a job with Tony DiMera and got proof of one of Sami's schemes to switch the paternity test on Lexi and Abe's child, to prove it wasn't Brandon Walker's baby (she was in love with Brandon). He celebrated the news with Tony, and Sami burst in angry and wound up in critical condition after going through the glass at the DiMera mansion. At this point, Lucas started to remember the friendship he and Sami once had. He decided to forge a new friendship and took care of her when she was out of the hospital. Lucas slowly fell for Sami, and Roman was murdered by the Salem Stalker (He was not really murdered as the stalker victims were sent to an island. Tony DiMera was holding them hostage.) Lucas was always there to comfort Sami. While Sami dated the Assistant DA (Ray Diaz) he dated nurse Manda in order to make her jealous. It worked but he didn't love Manda and ended things. He proposed to Sami twice before she said yes at the Penthouse Grill. They didn't make it to the altar, because the night before she was to marry Lucas, Kate drugged Sami and put her in bed with Brandon Walker and showed Lucas that Sami would always hurt him. Lucas believed that Sami really made love to Brandon and Sami went on a downward spiral. Lucas found out that Carrie was in Los Angeles and dated her and then married her for a short time, until he found she and Austin making love on the roof one night. They got an annulment and he moved in with Sami in order to be closer to Will. Eventually Sami and Lucas found their way back to each other and when Sami was dating EJ Wells, Will and Lucas tried what they could to break the two up - they succeeded when Lucas came into her apartment one night when EJ was about to have sex with Sami. They got together slowly and went on a ski trip, where the roof of a cabin caved in on Lucas. Sami couldn't get the logs off of Lucas' leg so she flagged down a car that just happened to be EJ making a quick get away after shooting John Black. EJ agreed to help Sami get the log off of Lucas if she would give him sex in return. Fearing for Lucas' life in the snow, she reluctantly gave in and had sex with EJ. She is now pregnant and unsure of whom the father of her baby is. Lucas and she want to marry around Valentine's Day.

Victor fired Lucas after he refused to kidnap Claire back from Belle and Shawn, so he went to Law School to become a Lawyer.

Despite Kate's meddling, Lucas and Sami got married and went to New Orleans for their honeymoon. There, they worked to rebuild an old mansion where they found mysterious Italian letters signed by a DiMera! The mansion turned out to be Masion Blanche. The letters revealed the root of the Brady-DiMera feud.
Later, Sami found out that she was actually pregnant with twins and despite her insistance that they were Lucas', a paternity test showed that EJ was the father of one of her twins.  Sami gave birth to Twins - son John Roman is EJ's son, daughter Alice Caroline is Lucas' child.

Stefano warned Sami that the only way to end the feud between the Brady's and the DiMera's was for her to marry EJ and raise their child together. After John was killed by a hit-and-run, Sami divorced a heartbroken Lucas and married EJ to end the feud.

A distraught Lucas showed up at EJ and Sami's wedding and shot EJ. While the police were still searching for the shooter, Lucas' son, Will, left to Switzerland. As Lucas became more and more distraught over losing Sami, he warned her that he would sue for full custody of Ally if she didn't leave EJ. Lucas was later arrested for shooting EJ and tried to flee the country, but Sami stopped him. Lucas confessed his crime and was sent off to prison. He told Sami to move on and refused to see her any more.

A few months later, Lucas' sentence was commuted when he helped the police capture a criminal. He was then placed in house arrest in the DiMera mansion and just as he came home, he surprised Sami by walking in on her and EJ in bed together! The tension between the three became unbearable, and Lucas sensed that Sami was torn between her feelings for him and EJ.

Slowly, Lucas befriended Chloe Lane and the two grew closer. Lucas even violated house arrest to see Chloe and they soon became lovers. After Lucas, Sami, Chloe, Nicole, EJ, and a few other Salemites ended up trapped in the hospital during a power outage, Stefano DiMera, who was back and ready for revenge, locked an entire floor and a mysterious gas caused hallucinations among the Salemites. Eventually, it became clear that Sami and Lucas were over as a couple and they reached a friendly truce. Lucas moved on to propose to Chloe, much to Kate's dismay.

Lucas and Chloe moved into the Horton cabin to raise Allie together, as Sami was sent away to a safe house for a few months. Before going into witness protection, Lucas learned that Sami was pregnant with EJ's baby, but agreed to keep her secret. Lucas also soon learned that his mother, Kate, had lung cancer, and stayed by her side as she fought for her life. Eventually, Kate needed a bone marrow transplant and the perfect match turned out to be Chloe. After Chloe saved Kate's life, Lucas and Kate were overly grateful, but could not understand the tension between Chloe and Kate's doctor, Daniel Jonas.

Later, Chloe told Lucas that she wasn't sure about getting married to him, and when she called off the wedding without a clear reason, Lucas fell off the wagon and drowned his heartbreak in alcohol. His sponsor, Maggie, eventually found him and told him in his drunken state that Chloe had been cheating on him with Daniel. Lucas stormed to Daniel's apartment, where Chloe was waiting for Daniel. As he drunkenly knocked on the door, a sudden explosion from a damaged pipe, injured him and Chloe, and they were rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately for Chloe, Lucas couldn't remember anything about the affair and Chloe guiltily asked him if they could be engaged again. The two reconciled as Will came home from Switzerland. Kate, who had learned the truth about the affair, tried to convince Lucas to postpone the wedding, but Lucas and Chloe ended up eloping in Vegas before Kate could stop the ceremony.

Sami came back to Salem and ended up adopting a baby named Grace. She first lied to Lucas and told him that she lost the baby she was pregnant with before. Eventually, Sami told Lucas that Grace is really EJ's baby and swore him to secrecy.

Lucas now works with Kate for Hearth and Home, and they are both working on a new talk show with Chloe as the host. Chloe and Daniel have been keeping their distance from each other, but Kate is set on exacting revenge. She has Chloe and Daniel do a medical segment together and poisoned Chloe with a cancer drug. Lucas is unsuspecting and always away on business or busy, so has noticed nothing. Chloe was poisoned a few times by Kate and Chloe and Daniel finally agreed she'd leave Lucas for him. Kate once again poisoned her and Chloe went into a coma. Lucas learned that she cheated on him with Daniel and when she finally awoke, he dumped her. He went into alcohol rehab with help from Philip and when he returned, was more mature. He faded off canvas after the actor was let go, January 2010.

Lucas returned February of 2012 when Sami called him for support when she felt everything in her life was turned upside down. Lucas confessed he had a fiancée, Autumn, but Sami’s pull was strong and they soon began their romance again. Lucas also tried to be there for their son Will, who was having a tough time and working for EJ DiMera. Lucas soon lost his job at Hearth & Home when Stefano was punishing Kate for having an affair, and he ended up working for Sami when she was named CEO of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics.

Will admitted to his parents that he was gay and Lucas initially struggled with the news. He finally accepted Will’s sexuality, and helped Sami come to terms with it. He began to support his relationship with Sonny Kiriakis. They were beginning to be a family again but it was short lived - Lucas ended things with Sami after she helped EJ leave town when he was being framed for Stefano’s murder. Still, Lucas was able to comfort his sister Jennifer Horton after her husband Jack Deveraux died in an elevator accident, but gave her a hard time when she reconnected with Daniel Jonas.

After Will had a child with Gabi Hernandez, Lucas tried to help him take an active role in the baby’s life. Nick Fallon overheard Lucas and Will talking about how Lucas went to prison for Will shooting EJ, and used it as ammo to blackmail Will out of the baby’s life. Despite their romantic involvement being over, Lucas worked with Sami to break into Salem PD to get rid of the evidence against Will. They bonded when their grandbaby Arianna Grace was born, and again when Will and Sonny got married.

Lucas got mixed up in Kate’s incessant pursuit of the truth of the background of new-in-town physical therapist, Jordan Ridgeway. Lucas had begun to date Sheryl Connors, a new hire at his company and an old friend of Jordan’s, but it ended when she left Salem after Kate’s machinations. And when Nick Fallon was killed in the park, Lucas was an early suspect.

Lucas became a person Adrienne Kiriakis leaned on after her husband Justin was away from Salem for a long stretch of time. They bonded over their sons’ marriage troubles and their grandbaby, and spent more and more time together as she worried about her husband’s fidelity. After Sonny was attacked Justin returned, and Lucas gave him a hard time for not being there for Adrienne while he continued to get close to her, even sharing a few stolen kisses.

Flings and Relationships

Autumn (As told to Sami on March 5, 2012)
Chloe Lane (married early 2009 - divorced December 2009)
Samantha_Sami_Brady-_Roberts (married June 8, 2007 divorced October 31 2007 (for Sami to marry EJ to end the vendetta)
Carrie Brady Roberts Reed (married - annulled)
Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis broken engagment


Bill Horton (said to be biological father)
Kate_Roberts (mother)
Mike Horton (paternal half-brother)
Jennifer_Horton-Deveraux-Brady (paternal half-sister)
Austin_Reed (maternal half-brother)
Billie_Reed (maternal half-sister)
Rex Brady (maternal half-brother)
Cassie Brady (maternal half-sister)
Philip_Kiriakis (maternal half-brother)
Tom Horton Sr. (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Alice_Horton (paternal grandmother)
Sid Grayson (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
Abigail Grayson (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Tommy Horton Jr. (paternal uncle)
Addie Horton (paternal aunt - deceased)
Mickey Horton (paternal uncle)
Marie Horton (paternal aunt)
Sandy Horton (paternal cousin)
Julie Olson (paternal cousin)
Steven Olson (paternal cousin)
Hope_Williams_Brady (paternal cousin)
Melissa Horton (paternal cousin by adoption)
Sarah Horton (paternal cousin by adoption)
Jessica Blake (paternal cousin)
Jeremy Jacobs (paternal half-nephew)
Abigail_Deveraux (paternal half-niece)
Jack Deveraux Jr. (paternal half-nephew)
Chelsea_Benson-Brady (maternal half-niece)
David Banning (paternal first cousin)
Spencer Olson (paternal first cousin)
Nick_Fallon (paternal first cousin)
Shawn_Douglas_Brady_(Current)y (paternal first cousin)
Zack Brady (paternal first cousin - deceased)
Unnamed Brady (paternal first cousin)
Scott Banning (paternal first cousin)
Claire_Kiriakis (paternal first cousin)


Will Horton (son with Sami)
Alice Caroline Horton (daughter with Sami)


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