Leo Stark (Matthew Cooper) (as played by Greg Rikaart on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Leo Stark (Matthew Cooper)

* Was hired by Vivian Alamain to gaslight Sonny Kiriakis, then Kate Roberts hired him to do the same.
* Worked as a prostitute and conman.
* Worked for Titan until he faked sexual advances by Sonny.
* Got in a physical altercation with Will and wound up accidentally hitting his head on the mantle.
* Presumed dead.
* Will and Sonny tried to hide the body but it disappeared.
* Came back to threaten WilSon and force Sonny to marry him for his money.

Who's played Leo Stark (Matthew Cooper) over the years?

Greg Rikaart (March 27, 2018 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Prostitute/Conman

Past History

Leo Stark was first seen with Vivian Alamain at the Kiriakis estate. Leo was a prostitute that Vivian paid to get close with Sonny Kiriakis so that they could ruin his CEO position at Titan by later having Leo fake a sex scandal. When Kate "murdered" Vivian, who is still alive, she took over where Vivian left off. Sonny began to date Leo, unsuspecting of what he was really up to. Sonny dumped him when Leo became his assistant. Leo had to think quickly and used footage from a hidden camera to splice together a tape to make it appear that they had sex in Sonny's office. Leo then sent dirty harassing texts from Sonny's phone to Leo's and Kate hired Ted Laurent to attempt to start a lawsuit against the Kiriakis. Kate decided to drop the case but Ted refused since it'd have been a big payoff for him. When the harassment charges came out, Sonny told Will what happened. Will exposed Leo as a prostitute just as Leo demanded Sonny marry him in order to drop the harassment suit so he'd be paid what he felt he was due. Sonny learned that Leo's real name is Matthew Cooper and during the argument with Leo being exposed, he started to strangle Will. Sonny shoved Leo away and Leo accidentally hit his head on the fireplace mantle. The two thought he was dead and rolled up his body in a carpet and stuck him in his car, then drove him to a secluded area while they attempted to figure out what to do with his body. He went missing on July 3 and they couldn't find his car or the body and Leo turned up alive, November 26 on Sonny's doorstep.

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