Lani Price (as played by Sal Stowers on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Lani Price

* Lani is a police officer.
* Is Tamara Price and Abe Carver's daughter.
* Dating JJ Deveraux

Who's played Lani Price over the years?

Sal Stowers (September 25, 2015 - present)

Past History

Lani Price showed up in Salem Friday September 25, 2015. She arrived at Salem PD to her new job and was met by Detective Rafe Hernandez. She seemed very intrigued by Abe Carver. Abe noticed her eyes looked like Tamara Price's eyes and assumed correctly that she is Tamara's daughter. Abe and Lani forged a relationship and she went away to Florida to work for a time. It was then that she and JJ Deveraux got drunk together and had sex. JJ had blacked out and didn't remember who he had sex with, and when she returned to Salem, she let him know what happened. He told his girlfriend Gabi the truth and she dumped him. He started seeing Lani and they are taking it slowly.

Flings and Relationships

Tamara Price (mother)


David Abraham (son with Eli Grant - deceased)


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