Kayla Johnson (as played by Mary Beth Evans on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Kayla Johnson

* Kayla met Steve through his sister, Adrienne.
* Was raped by Jack.
* Was poisoned by Harper.
* Married Steve and had Stephanie.
* Attacked by riverfront knifer.
* Kidnapped by Victor Kiriakis.
* Went to jail but broke out and was on the run.
* Helped Steve regain his former self after being brainwashed by EJ Wells.
* Had baby boy Joe Johnson
* Moved to new apartment from Salem Inn, lived right across from where Sami and Lucas used to live.
* Was acting Chief of Staff at University Hospital, when Lexi was let go/retired from Chief of Staff.
* Was forced to admit Jack raped her to JJ.
* Went to Prague to find Steve after she heard he was shot by Anna by accident.
* Remarried Steve February 16, 2017 at TBD.
* Learned Steve and Ava have a son in Tripp Dalton in 2016.

Who's played Kayla Johnson over the years?

Mary Beth Evans (1982 - 1989; 1989 - 1992, 2006 to February 17 2009 - recurring.)
Rhonda Aldrich (1989)
Catherine Mary Stuart (1982)

Past History

Kayla returned to Salem and her family in 1982. She came back to set up a clinic by the riverfront after several years of absence, in 1986. When she was younger, she'd had a few failed relationships and had decided that it was best to leave town with her new lover, Chris Kositchek. When that fell apart, (meaning she didn't leave with him and things did not work out for them), she returned to her old haunts (Shananagans), and quickly found herself falling for Steve Johnson. As they became involved, later on, Kayla moved in with Adrienne Johnson, making Steve increasingly uncomfortable. He had disturbing recollections of Adrienne and became further unbalanced by nightmares. As he found himself in trouble, thanks to his involvement with Victor Kiriakis and Harper Devereaux, he found out Jack Devereaux (Harper's son) was his brother Billy and pushed Kayla away, thinking if she were with Jack, who loved Kayla, he'd live. Although she helped him hide from them later, she soon found herself attracted to Jack. Since Steve's rejections seemed resolute, she moved on with Jack to whom she was serving as a nurse.

After marrying Jack, Harper poisoned her when he believed that she had discovered that Jack was not his biological son. In a bid to help her, Steve rescued her from the Devereaux's, but she refused to accept his help and rejected his idea that she was being poisoned. After running from him, she collapsed only to be discovered by Melissa Jannings. As Melissa became the suspect in Kayla's attempted murder, Kayla began to turn back to Steve for comfort. As their affair intensified, it was discovered and spread across the media, humiliating Jack as a consequence. In revenge, he raped her and had Steve severely beaten. When Steve went after him, Jack was knocked off of a roof, resulting in severe injuries requiring a kidney transplant. Steve acquiesced and gave him his kidney and Kayla asked for a divorced and charged Jack with rape. He got off, thanks to friends in high places, and she returned to work at the Riverfront.

Things soon got worse for Kayla. She was attacked by the Riverfront Knifer and, after an explosion, lost her hearing and ability to speak. This trauma blocked out the face of the man who attacked her for a time, but it eventually returned to her: It was Harper. Before she could do anything about it, Harper kidnapped her but, luckily, Steve managed to rescue her and Harper went to jail soon after. She underwent a successful surgery to repair her hearing but her speech was still missing. Luckily, it came back just in time for her to say 'I do' to Steve on their wedding day.

They went to the East for their honeymoon and discovered an orphaned deaf boy named Beji, who they took back to Salem with them. His mother resurfaced and told them that Benji was the son of a nasty man. She let them take care of her son but was soon found dead. Later it was revealed that Benji's father was Stefano DiMera. Soon, Benji's grandfather came to claim him and Harper escaped from prison. He abducted Kayla, but Steve saved her once again.

Moving on, Steve and Kayla planned a family of their own and, just as Kayla became pregnant, Steve's past came back to haunt them. His former life returned in the form of Marina Toscano, who happened to be his wife. Steve was as shocked as Kayla when she showed up. He thought that he had killed her after a violent argument with him on a ship left her in the sea. She wasn't back for him though, she was back because she needed his help getting a key they had thrown away. Hoping that helping would earn them an easy divorce from Marina, Kayla supported Steve traveling with her to Italy. Once he had found the key, he was attacked by some of Kiriakis' men leaving him with his glass eye irrevocably damaged. Meanwhile, Kayla wasn't taking the threat to her family posed by Marina well and the pair got in a brutal fight that 'killed' Marina. Kayla soon found herself kidnapped by Victor Kiriakis, who was also searching for the key and believed that she was hiding it. The patched Steve returned to Salem and Kayla returned to his side once Isabella gave the key to Victor.

The couple were ready to put things before them and get married when Kayla was arrested for Marina's murder. She stood trial and was found guilty, thanks largely to evidence that Victor had doctored. Thrown into prison, Kayla gave birth and little Stephanie went with her father. He, unknowingly, hired a deranged nanny named Sheila Salsbury who soon fled with Stephanie. Breaking out of jail, Kayla and Steve went to Australia in search of her. Luckily they found Bo and Hope there and, together, they managed to track down Stephanie. While down under, they also discovered that Kayla had been cleared of charges in Marina's death. It looked like a good time to go home.

When they returned to Salem, however, Harper escaped from prison with a vow of vengeance. As Steve and Kayla married, Harper waited in the church tower with plans to shoot him down. His plans were foiled by Jack and the marriage went ahead. It seemed like time for a change for Steve so he became a policeman. He was severely injured when a bomb exploded and was then poisoned by Lawrence Alamain. A crushed Kayla sought comfort with Shane Donovan, moving in with him while continuing to seek out who was behind her husband's death. Things were kept uncomfortable when her sister, Kim, returned. Eerily, things had a way of repeating themselves when Shane was injured in a bomb explosion. After losing the use of his legs, only Kayla could communicate with him as he became increasingly despondent. As their love grew, she helped him regain the use of his legs. Unfortunately, her sister was making her life a misery and Kayla left Salem for Los Angeles.

Years later, she returned for Jennifer and Frankie's wedding. She was utterly shocked when Jack appeared with the, supposedly dead, Steve. She fainted, but the man, calling himself Nick, claimed to have no knowledge of her. Sure that she knew who he really was, she tried to coax the memories out of him but they wouldn't come. After they came in contact with a lethal biological agent, he recovered, but she remained in a critical condition aggravated by the antidote. To help her, he began to fake memories and the hope of getting her lost husband back helped her pull through. It soon became apparent that he was faking though. Angered and disillusioned, she took some distance but he came back, remembering for real and working hard to regain her shattered confidence. Once he did, they reunited.

Steve had other problems yet, namely being brainwashed by the DiMera's as a covert agent. While the couple tried to rebuild their relationship, they had more difficulty with Steve's ravaged mind and its frequent manipulation by the DiMeras. As he has kept pushing her away for her own protection, she refused to leave his side and even helped him steal John Black's kidney and track down Stefano.

Steve had other problems yet, namely being brainwashed by the DiMera's as a covert agent. While the couple tried to rebuild their relationship, they had more difficulty with Steve's ravaged mind and its frequent manipulation by the DiMeras. As he has kept pushing her away for her own protection, she refused to leave his side and even helped him steal John Black's kidney and track down Stefano. Kayla tried to help Steve as he was put into a psychiatric hospital due to the brain washing at EJ DiMera’s hands. She sent his sister Adrienne to see him, in order to remind Steve of who he was and what type of person he was (kind). Adrienne’s visit worked and she broke him out of the hospital. Kayla tried to help Steve to remember who he once was, during a rocky time in their relationship. Steve felt bad for hurting her and their attentions were turned to Stephanie’s bad boy boyfriend, Jeremy Horton, who was abusive to her, then later, to comfort Stephanie when she was raped by Ford Decker. Kayla’s attentions with Steve paid off when he started having memories of his life with her. They moved in together and re-started their life, after some bumpy starts!

When Crystal Miller came to town, spying on the Brady family, for Colleen Brady, Kayla and family followed her to Ireland, where Colleen Brady was found and where Steve caught a glimpse of Ava Vitali for the first time. Ava, an ex-fiancee of Steve’s had her goons sabotage the plane returning to Salem, and Shawn Brady Sr. died before it crashed, leaving some wounded. Kayla reveals to Marlena she’s pregnant and once they return to Salem, she tells family. Steve worries about her, knowing that Ava had something to do with the sabotage, and puts a guard on her, though he hides it, not wanting to worry his pregnant wife. Kayla’s pregnancy is touchy and she is told she needs bed rest, but she sneaks out to care for her brother, Bo, who has surgery.
Ava realizes she kidnapped Hope, mistaking her for Kayla, Kayla and Steve are kidnapped by Ava and her goons, and Kayla is told the entire story about Ava and Steve being together during the time that Steve was brainwashed by EJ DiMera. At the Vitali mansion, Kayla is forced to watch Ava flirt with Steve and discuss marriage to him. It’s clear Ava is insane, or something, but Kayla finds out that she’s on drugs and wonders if the drugs are causing her to do crazy things. When Ava forces Steve to sleep with her after threatening to harm Kayla, Kayla witnesses them kissing. Bo and Hope rescue them all and the aftermath is hard on Kayla, who takes time to swallow this bitter pill that was Steve’s life. They go through some issues but their love prevails and Kayla decides to get Ava help, fearing that her father, Martino Vitali, and Ava’s psychiatrist, were drugging her. It turns out it’s true, and after Ava is detoxed, she’s fine, but facing prison.

Kayla starts having cramps shortly thereafter and has her baby, early. He is born too soon and on a ventilator and eventually goes home, to their new apartment where Kayla has a hard time feeling calm about his health.

Kayla is caught in the hospital with Steve and Joey, when Stefano comes to from his paralysis and pours an unknown substance through the vents of University Hospital. Stefano takes the child, momentarily and after he returns him, Steve and Kayla notice there seems to be a new freckle on him. Nothing is said about this since and the baby seems fine.

Kayla acts as Chief of Staff when Lexi leaves her position and helps Lexi with advice for parenting, when Lexi finds out Theo has Autism. She also helps Marlena to realize that she’s jealous of Dr. Charlotte Taylor, who is John’s new therapist and spends quality time with Stephanie and Steve, who is a new Private Investigator.

Kayla tends to the patients at University Hospital and supports friend, Hope, but is not seen much until Maggie shows up at the hospital with a man who was stabbed and lying out in the cold. Kayla knows he's familiar and figures out that he's the man who killed the mayor. She calls Steve to let him know, but it's too late. The killer uses her to get out of the hospital. Hope shows up for a girl's date and stops the killer from taking Kayla with him, but she shoots at him and ends up shooting Kayla instead. Kayla is taken into surgery and comes out fine, but Hope is wracked with guilt. When Hope loses her badge, pending investigation, Kayla supports her and tries to help.

When Stephanie has issues with Philip, she goes to Kayla for help. Steve and Kayla think she may be better off without him, but Stephanie can't let go just yet. This is the last time they're seen on canvas together. Kayla turned up at Christmas 2011 to help Caroline with the pub. She was seen in one episode. She returned later just to care for the pub and Caroline due to her mother having Alzheimer's Disease and soon she was seen back as Chief of Staff at University Hospital. She and Steve divorced when they could not work out personal issues. She and Joe live above the Brady's Pub. When JJ learned that his father had a secret in his past that concerned him and Kayla, JJ did some sleuthing and learned his father raped Kayla, years ago. Kayla confirmed this to JJ.

Kayla and Steve had a rough patch and weren't together during most of this time. He was away with the ISA often, and when he returned to Salem, Joey was SORASed to a teenager and had daddy issues. Steve was able to break through the barrier surrounding his son and forge a relationship and after a few hits and misses, he and Kayla got back together. Steve married her February 16, 2017 with Stephanie, Joey and family and friends. Later that year, she and Steve learned that Steve had a son with Ava Vitali called Tripp Dalton. Kayla opened her heart to Tripp who was told by Jade Michaels that Kayla murdered his mother, Ava. Though it was a lie, Tripp did not know this and wound up planning on hurting Kayla's career by devising a nasty plan while shadowing her on the job.

Flings and Relationships

Tim Casey
Michael Horton
David Banning
Chris Kositchek
Shane Donovan
Steve "Patch" Johnson (ended by his death but now are together as he's back from the dead, married February 14, 2017)


Shawn Brady (father)
Caroline Brady (mother)
Kimberly Brady (sister)
Roman Brady (brother)
Frankie Brady (brother by adoption)
Max Brady (brother by adoption)
Bo Brady (maternal half-brother)
Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-grandfather)
Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-grandfather)
Eric Brady I (uncle)
Molly Brady (aunt)
Colin Murphy (cousin - deceased)
Caroline Anna Brady (niece)
Eric Brady (nephew)
Samantha "Sami" Brady- Roberts (niece)
Rex Brady (nephew)
Cassie Brady (niece)
Andrew Donovan IV (nephew)
Jeannie Donovan (niece)
Shawn Douglas Brady (paternal half-nephew)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (paternal half-niece)
Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (paternal half-nephew - deceased)
Will Roberts (grand-nephew)
Claire Kiriakis (paternal half-grand-niece)


Stephanie Johnson (daughter with Steve)
Joseph Johnson Friday May 16, 2008 (son with Steve)
Tripp Dalton (step-son from Steve and Ava)


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