Kate Roberts DiMera (as played by Lauren Koslow on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Kate Roberts DiMera

* Name: Katherine Elizabeth Roberts.
* Committed bigamy when marrying Victor while still married to Curtis.
* Conspired to commit murder.
* Covered up Lucas' role in Franco's killing.
* Drugged Sami and attempted to kill her.
* Hired hitmen to kill Victor, resulting in numerous accidental deaths.
* Attempted to murder Victor.
* Set the mansion on fire, almost killing Lucas.
* Forged Victor's will.
* Drugged Brandon Walker and Sami and put them in bed together and ensured Lucas found them.
* Attempted to change the paternity results of Claire.
* Plotted with EJ DiMera to break up Sami and Lucas.
* Was arrested for the attempted murder of EJ DiMera, but was later cleared when her son Lucas was found guilty.
* Was diagnosed with lung cancer and was treated.
* Married Kate Roberts in name only so that the board at DiMera Enterprises wouldn't sell off the DiMera company.

Who's played Kate Roberts DiMera over the years?

Deborah Adair (1993 - 1995)
Lauren Koslow (1996 - present)

Past History

Kate has had a long and unhappy history in Salem. While married to the abusive Curtis Reed, she turned to Bill Horton for comfort. When Curtis discovered her infidelity, he abducted their children and went on the run, staging a car accident so that she would believe the children were dead. When Kate left town, she had Lucas, telling him that his father, Bill, had died.

She returned to town at the behest of Victor Kiriakis when he hired her to run Titan Publishing. He allowed her and Lucas to live with him and it wasn't long before she was in a relationship with him. Her past soon caught up with her when Jack Devereaux offered her a manuscript which was based on her old diaries. Wishing to keep her affairs a secret, she hid it away, bought The Spectator and fired Jack. Thinking things were behind her, Kate married Victor and her past returned again, this time in the form of her, supposedly dead, husband. Curtis wasted no time blackmailing her, but was soon found dead for real. She could barely breathe a sigh of relief before Billie's trial for the murder, where she was finally forced, by Laura Horton, to admit that she was married to Curtis. Laura went on to reveal that this nullified her marriage to Victor and that her husband, Bill, was actually Lucas' father. This was a blow for all of them, but Kate pursued a relationship with her newfound children, even if Billie was long reluctant.

Victor told Kate that they could only marry now if she would get pregnant. When she found that she couldn't, she visited a fertility clinic. When Vivian discovered this, she visited the same clinic and switched her embryos with Kate's. Now pregnant with her child, she managed to push her way into the Kiriakis mansion. When Victor was reluctant and set her up in a mansion of her own, she burnt it down. Now forced to let her in, she decided to set up Kate and Victor's wedding while she plotted to marry him. Vivian wed Victor in the rehearsal wedding, a fact which Kate discovered. Vivian then managed to go into labor when the real wedding began. In a last attempt to keep Kate from Victor, Vivian tried to drug her coffee but Kate gave it to the pilot of the plane she was boarding. The drugged pilot soon crashed into the ocean.

Although Kate was presumed dead, she managed to be rescued by a Spanish fishing vessel. The sailors kept her captive until she jumped overboard and wound up on a desert island with only one couple on it. On their television, she saw Vivian with Victor and eagerly built a boat to go in search of a way home. She found a man with a small plane and she convinced him to fly her back to Salem where she confronted Victor with the truth about Vivian's deceptions. Vivian was thrown out immediately but began fighting for custody of baby Philip. Upset over Vivian's relentless pursuit of he and his son, Victor had a stroke. While he was in catatonia, Vivian produced documents that showed she was Victor's legal wife and had Kate thrown out. Lucky for Kate, she soon found that, as Philip's mother, she was the rightful owner of 50% of Victor's assets and soon returned.

Things were far from settled for Kate though. She now had to deal with Sami drugging Austin and the endless scheming going on between Lucas and she. As she dug up dirt on Sami, she kept it in a shoe-box in her closet. Unfortunately this made it easy for Sami to find and blackmail her into keeping Carrie and Austin apart. The plan didn't go well for Sami and, as the details of her plot fell apart, she ended up being pinned behind Austin's car in an accident. This left her in a coma from which she awoke with amnesia. During this time, Kate feverishly searched for the blackmail info that Sami had on her, but had no luck. The hidden information was in Sami's doll, where it stayed until she got her memory back and promptly returned to blackmailing Kate for her past as a call girl. As Kate fought with her over the doll, the evidence spilled out. When he attempted to help her, Victor collapsed and Kate had to send him to a nursing home. When Lucas discovered that Sami was blackmailing his mother, he demanded to know her secret. She refused and Kate was then pushed into giving Sami a job at Titan where she continued to manipulate her. With Vivian's help, Sami tricked Kate into signing her project, 'new Faces' on at Titan after she initially refused it. This was only the beginning of Vivian's newest revenge scheme though.

When Stefano inherited 49% of Titan from Kristen, Kate wished to buy him out but he refused. He and Kate had a long history. He had known her since she was a call girl and had helped turn her into a successful businesswoman. Together, they tried to fight off Vivian while she set about dismantling their lives to take the company out from under them.

Soon after, Billie returned to Salem. Wishing her daughter to be happy and knowing that she wanted Bo, Kate hired Franco to break Hope away from Bo. Franco was soon murdered (by Lucas) and Kate used this opportunity to frame Sami for it. As Sami was convicted and sentenced to die, Kate finally claimed that Roberto had confessed to the crime and Sami was freed. Things didn't let up for Kate while Vivian continued to try to bring her down. She began an affair with Nicholas Alamain. After he left her and Salem behind, she attempted to reconcile with Victor but lost him when he caught her and mob boss Vincent Moroni in an intimate encounter. Changing gears, she conspired with Vincent to kill Victor. The plan went wrong and Vincent's daughter, Angela, was killed in the fray leaving a crushed Vincent to suicide. In the melee, Victor escaped by faking his death only to reappear when she set the house on fire. While she tried to kill him, he escaped but Lucas was left in the fire, surviving with severe burns. Exposing all of her secrets, Victor forced Kate out of his life and she had to find work in a diner.

Thanks entirely to Philip, Victor finally agreed to pay Kate a small allowance. She got a new job and began dating Roman Brady. This was doomed when her secrets were finally revealed and she was left as one of the suspects in Abe's murder. Her past, and Lucas' paternity would also serve to alienate her from her son. Despite all of this, Roman found his way back to her and asked her to marry him. During the wedding, things hit a snag when she discovered Roman's corpse. The grief would find its way into her encouragement of Philip and her vitriolic hate of Sami who continued to pursue Lucas.

Moving on, she became involved with John Black. After months of helping him through his drug addiction, they fell in love and became engaged. To their shock, both of their supposedly dead spouses returned to Salem. Since they found that they could not go back to their former lovers, she and John stayed together. Soon, she had another problem though. She discovered that Philip could not be the father of Claire and so set about hiding this from everyone. While this proved to be impossible, she still did her best to break up Lucas and Sami. Becoming lovers and business partners with EJ Wells went a long way in this direction. She convinced him to seduce Sami, which he agreed to, though for reasons having to do with his DiMera roots and not with her. After Sami's miraculous saving of Lucas, Kate set out to discredit her by setting up a documentary re-enactment of the night of the incident. Sami couldn't do it, but things didn't go well for Kate. Though she discovered that Sami was pregnant, Sami discovered the ruse and vowed revenge. At the premiere of the documentary, Sami used a video of EJ and Kate having sex to publicly humiliate her. Although she and EJ managed to turn it around, it still notched up the vendetta.

Much to Kate's dismay, Lucas invited her to his and Sami's wedding. EJ encouraged Kate to get involved in the planning of the wedding in order to keep tabs on Sami. Kate tried to intervene by telling Lucas that Sami was having second thoughts about the wedding but Lucas just dismissed her. Kate continued to try and disprove that Sami saved Lucas' life at the cabin. Kate also suspected that there was something going on with Sami and EJ, and repeatedly tried to warn Lucas, but Lucas got angrier at Kate each time.

Kate and EJ's company, Mythic communications, went bankrupt when Lucas called the SEC on EJ for fraudulent records.

Eventually, Sami and Lucas get married but during a video show at the reception, Kate revealed that she planted a photo of Sami and EJ in Lexie's car, the night of the cabin incident. Kate thought that this would turn Lucas against Sami for sure, but Lucas surprised her by asking Sami if she'd still be his wife. After Lucas and Sami left happily, EJ revealed to Kate that Sami's baby might be his.

Lucas told Billie and Kate that he doesn't know what he'd do if the baby turns out to be EJ's. Meanwhile, Kate learned that Nick had stolen a hairbrush from the lab to protect Chelsea. Kate used this to blackmail Nick into changing the amino results to show that EJ's the father of Sami's babies.

Later, Kate slept with Stefano and asked him for money. She then visited Roman and when she confessed about having sex with Stefano, Roman woke up and told her to stop selling her soul. Lucas and Sami questioned Kate about the money she suddenly had. On another visit with Stefano, Stefano informed Kate that Lucas and Sami were going to get a divorce soon. Lucas got so angry at Kate for meddling in his life, that he disowned her as his mother, and changed his last name to Horton.

Sami had her twins and after some prodding from EJ, she agreed to help him convince Lucas to divorce Sami for Kate's safety and the safety of the babies. They plot to make it look like Kate was attacked. Worried about Kate, Lucas gives her a gun for protection but he later learned that this was all a set up. Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami divorced so that she can marry EJ to end the Brady/DiMera vendetta. Lucas warned Kate that the only way he'd let her back into his life was if she stopped Sami and EJ's wedding.

After EJ was shot at his and Sami's wedding ceremony, Kate gave Philip the gun to get rid of. She confessed that she did fire the gun, but that it missed EJ. She was arrested when the gun was found with her fingerprints all over it. Kate tried to convince Roman to hide the evidence, and they shared a kiss, but Roman refused to help her. After Lucas confessed to Kate that it was him that shot EJ, she tried to convince him to leave Salem, but they were both caught in time at the airport and Lucas is arrested for attempted murder. Lucas was found guilty and was sent away to prison.

Later, Kate got back into the business world with her furniture and decor line, Hearth & Home. She also hired Tony's advertising firm.

When Kate's granddaughter, Chelsea, was matched as a donor for Bo's pancreatic transplant, Kate was introduced to Daniel Jonas, a doctor that Victor hired for Bo's special case. Kate learned that Chelsea had a crush on him and she encouraged Chelsea to pursue Daniel if things with Nick Fallon didn't work out.

Kate stayed by Chelsea's side throughout the transplant surgery and urged Daniel to make sure that her granddaughter was going to be okay. After the successful transplant, there was some tension between Kate and Daniel, even as he and Chelsea started dating. Later, Daniel and Kate revealed to Chelsea that they had slept together during the transplant ordeal. Kate and Daniel tried to make amends with Chelsea, but she resented them both. This brought Kate and Daniel closer together, although Kate tried to fight her feelings and attraction for Daniel.

When Kate developed an awful cough, Daniel tried to convince her to get checked out. She adamantly refused but eventually was tested. At first, she refused to have Daniel as her doctor, but he convinced her he was the best for her case. Kate's sons, Lucas and Philip, also found about Kate and Daniel's affair and resented Daniel. They threatened him to stay away from Kate. Eventually, Kate was diagnosed with lung cancer and everyone agreed to let Daniel treat Kate.

Kate began chemotherapy treatment with the support of Daniel and her sons. Chloe Lane also offered her support to Kate, and they called a temporary truce. Kate was recently released from the hospital but still faced a long journey of cancer treatment and recovery. She eventually recovered and broke up with Daniel, feeling she needed to find herself. She found out that Chloe and Daniel were having an affair and eventually confronted them. She then tried to kill Chloe and put the blame on Daniel, when she stole a blank prescription from Daniel, learned how to sign his name and hired a man to pick up a toxic cancer drug to give to Chloe, unsuspecting. She hired Chloe and Daniel to do a medical segment on her Hearth and Home show and fed the poison to Chloe in the food that she ate on the air. Chloe kept passing out and was in and out of the hospital, but is now back into the hospital and in danger of dying. Chloe went into a coma and soon came out if it. During that time, Kate attempted to harm Daniel, too. Kate went to Stefano to bail her out. They married in exchange for him covering everything up for her. They've grown to care for one another more and more and Kate has helped Stefano through issues with diabetes and his children's issues.

Flings and Relationships

Bill Horton
Victor Kiriakis
Nicholas Alamain
Vincent Moroni (deceased)
Roman Brady
EJ Wells (lovers)
Dr. Daniel Jonas
Stefano DiMera (married)


Chelsea Benson-Brady (granddaughter)
Will Roberts (grandson)
Claire Kiriakis (granddaughter)


Austin Reed (son with Curtis)
Billie Reed (daughter with Curtis)
Lucas Roberts (son with Bill Horton)
Philip Kiriakis (son with Victor Kiriakis, carried by Vivian Alamain)
Rex Brady (son with Roman Brady, carried by Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Cassie Brady (daughter with Roman Brady, carried by Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Parker Jonas - grandson from Philip and Chloe.


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