John Black (as played by Drake Hogestyn on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about John Black

* Aliases: Forrest Alamain (birth name), The Pawn, Roman Brady, John Stevens, and Father John Black.
* Married to Marlena Evans (December 2006 - January 23 2009).
* Was hit by a car (hit and run) Friday October 12, 2007.
* "Died" in the hospital October 17th 2007
* Back to life via Stefano's hand January 2008. No memories.
* Tried to kill Colleen Brady, January 4 2008, until she told him she was his mother!
* Marlena divorced him November 2008.
* Left town with Marlena January 23 2009.
* Returned to Salem September 26 2011.
* Learned Jan 2014 that he is not a Brady or a DiMera after all. Colleen Brady's son had died.

Who's played John Black over the years?

Robert Poynton (1985 - 1986 - while bandaged)
Drake Hogestyn (1986 - October 26, 2007, then returned January 8 2008 - January 23 2009. Returned September 26, 2011)

Past History

An anonymous man arrived in Salem one day in the company of Steve Johnson. He was wrapped in bandages to recover from extensive plastic surgery. Steve tried to sell him to Stefano but the deal fell though. When he was finally unwrapped, he took the name John Black and a job in hospital security. He was also, though no one knew, the pawn of Stefano DiMera. John become friends with Marlena Evans and she worked hard to help him recover his memory. Some people began to suspect that he may actually be Stefano in disguise and even Marlena began to believe so when she discovered a phoenix tattoo on John's body. This theory soon crumbled when she viewed photos of John's surgery and quickly came to believe that he was her dead husband Roman. It wasn't long before they were renewing their wedding vows. Although John still couldn't remember her or the past they supposedly shared, he did know that he loved her.

Later, Marlena vanished after a bombing and was presumed dead. In reality, she was being held in Stockholm while John's old enemy, Orpheus, sought revenge on him. Olivia was sent by Orpheus to seduce John before they sent Marlena back to discover him cheating on her. The plan hit a snag when Olivia actually fell in love with him. Unfortunately for her, the plan was leaked and as Bo and Kayla tried to track Marlena down, Orpheus came out to settle the score and ended up shooting Olivia in the showdown. Although John managed to kill Orpheus, he had already put Marlena on a plane that went down over the ocean. Marlena was presumed dead.

John soon moved on with Diana Colville, the woman who rescued his daughter Carrie. Things got complicated when both her family and his were intertwined with Victor Kiriakis. She offered to marry Victor to free her mother from him, but John stopped her. It turned out that her mother was working with Kiriakis and had her kidnapped. She escaped but was then abducted by terrorists, John rescued her and they realized that her mother was their enemy. She went after revenge and things became more dangerous for them. Around this time he also began receiving hints that Marlena may be alive, but it was a trap from Stefano who wanted revenge on John for causing his son Benjy's deafness. Although Stefano lured him to an island to destroy him, it never happened.

Returning to Salem, John and Diana planned to marry but they could not prove that Marlena was dead. To their shock, Diana's supposedly dead husband then reappeared. Although he insinuated himself into their lives, it turned out that he wasn't really her husband. After a fight with Diana over her deceptions, John was shot and lapsed into a coma. Her 'husband' took the blame and she blocked it from memory. When she recovered her memory, she felt so guilty that she left town.

He recovered from his injury and became involved with helping his old friend Kayla. She had been charged in the murder of Marina Toscano and this let John get close to her sister Isabella. Their relationship prompted her to finally open up and admit that she had killed her sister. He arrested her, though she was later cleared. Discovering that she was intimately involved with Victor doomed any chance of a relationship for them.

The next year, Marlena returned after five years of supposed death. When she came back, she wore a strange medal. He managed to trace it back to a small tropical island and there he found the real Roman. It turned out that John was not Roman after all but was really Forrest Alamain and had been brainwashed by Stefano to believe that he was Roman. From then on, he was known only as John Black.

Things became more complicated for him now. While he searched for his identity he came up almost empty and what he could find was not appealing. Run-ins with his brother Lawrence, a known rapist and manipulator, and Vivian, an art thief, went badly. Proof of his relation with them did empower him in the family company and he used this to punish them for their misdeeds and to push Victor Kiriakis out of their lives and sabotage many of his plans in Europe. Trying to put things back together, he became involved with Isabella again and tried to track down the secret behind the medals. With Bo and others, they hunted down their secret in a Mayan temple. It turned out that Stefano was behind this all again and, as his plan came apart at the seams, the temple collapsed and his pursuers barely escaped with their lives.

Isabella then told him that she was pregnant and they quickly married after she gave birth to their son. They went on their honeymoon, but upon return, she discovered that she had pancreatic cancer. They went to Italy and she died by his side. He returned to Salem a crushed man. Despite that, he couldn't stop himself from beginning an affair with Marlena. Although he tried to end it and leave the country, Marlena always stopped him. When the affair was discovered by her daughter, Sami, she decided to make things difficult for them. Marlena soon gave birth to Belle, but it soon came out, thanks to Stefano, despite Sami's efforts, that the child was John's and not Roman's.

John tried to move on with Kristen when Roman decided to stay with Marlena and Belle. Stefano was appalled at this and tried to bar the relationship, encouraging Kristen to marry Tony. He even went so far as to fake his death at the hands of Roman to turn her sour on John. Months later, John received a strange puzzle with a photo of an old southern house. It seemed familiar so he went in search of it. Discovering it, he also found Stefano inside. Stefano imprisoned him in the dungeon and returned to brainwash him. John managed to escape after the mansion was set afire by an angry Celeste. Although Stefano escaped with Hope, John managed to recapture her while Stefano slipped away.

Returning to Salem, he began an affair with Kristen, who soon left Tony after discovering that he'd been deceiving her. John turned out to be full of more secrets though. He began seeing angels and, thanks to evidence Kristen found in a newly discovered diary held by John in his younger years, turned out to be a priest. He returned to see his mentor and lived as a priest again briefly before being asked for release from his vows. While still serving, he helped to exorcise the devil from Marlena. This ordeal reminded him of his feelings for her, but after he become a laymen again, he went with Kristen instead. Tony couldn't bear this and set John up for his murder. John was easily convicted and sentenced to death. Unfortunately for Tony, he'd left a record of his entire scheme and it was revealed before John could even become conscious.

The death sentence wasn't entirely lifted though. Stefano soon captured him and dragged him into his underground kingdom in Paris where he planned to behead him. This time John was saved by his aunt Vivian.

Returning to Salem, he decided to make a life with Kristen who was pregnant with his child (actually she had lost the child and hired her double, Susan Banks, to have a child to pass off as hers). Kristen even orchestrated a marriage between her double and John without him realizing it. Marlena did figure it out though, thanks largely to letters she'd found and the knowledge that John still loved her. She managed to get the truth to him at his wedding. He and Marlena promptly declared how much they loved each other, but, unfortunately, he had contracted an untreatable disease thanks to radiation exposure while on a dangerous mission the last time he left town.
Stefano, of course, had the cure, but for anyone to get it, they had to go down to the jungle with him. After some experiments, they returned to Salem and administered the cure in exchange for Stefano's pardon and they returned just in time to interrupt Roman's wedding to Marlena.

Soon after, Kristen was found dead in a pool. John felt guilty for this, but Kristen was not actually dead, only sent away, along with her double Susan. Before she left, she tried poisoning Marlena, but this brush with death only brought her and John closer. Roman bowed out, but John soon left to search for more secrets of his past. He came upon Princess Gina, who was actually Hope with a memory chip in her head, and got involved with her and her daughter Greta. Both of these relationships damaged his with Marlena. When he returned to her, Gina turned him back into the 'evil' John and they had an affair on her boat. Stefano arrived and threw John into the ocean where he washed up on a beach to be found by Marlena. Although he had no memory of this, Hope/Gina soon turned up pregnant and he was assumed to be the father. Luckily for him, it was later confirmed that Bo was the father and his relationship with Marlena was saved.

Things weren't to run happily for long. Tony DiMera returned from the dead and the truth about John's parentage soon came out. It tuned out that he was Tony's half-brother by their mother Daphne. This revelation was soon overshadowed by the Salem Stalker killing off most of Salem's residents. Although John was determined to find the killer, he consciously ignored the evidence that pointed to Marlena and pursued Tony instead. To his horror, Marlena was soon arrested and shot down by the police. Seeking answers, he drifted off to a desert island where he discovered all of the dead Salemites, including Marlena, living. As the residents banded together, they managed to escape although many of them, including Marlena, were thought killed in the arduous escape.

Returning to shore, he became addicted to pain medication to deal with the loss and began a relationship with Kate Roberts. To his amazement Marlena returned to him once again, effectively ending his engagement to Kate. He still had to fight for Marlena though, since she had hooked up with her abusive former husband, thanks largely to the amnesia she suffered from. Once they got back together, the reunion proved to be short lived. He was shot by his step-brother, EJ Wells, and put in a coma.

John came out of his coma in May 2007. He was up and around shortly thereafter, and he and Marlena lead a peaceful existence since then. Sami has since made up with John and they've forged a loving relationship.

When letters from Colleen and Santo came into their hands, they read them, along with Bo, Hope, Doug, Julie, Lucas and Sami. They recently found out the reason for the vendetta all these years and thought that things were going to be fine with Stefano's ill health and Bart's passing. It was suggested that to end the vendetta completely, EJ Wells and Sami should marry, after Sami got an annulment from Lucas. A few minute after Sami tore up the annulment papers, John and Marlena called by Belle to the Salem Clinic, where she had locked her keys in her car. John and Marlena broke into Belle's car for her and then John was struck by a car. The car took off as John lay bleeding.

John had multiple wounds so bad that surgery didn't help and he died in Marlena's eyes October 17th 2007. He visited Sami in a dream on October 26th 2007.

With Marlena tipped off that John was still alive, and EJ confessing that his father had someone in the basement, John returned to Salem in January 2008. John was very much alive but Stefano had re-programmed him into a completely different person. He had no memory from his life. Stefano was arrested for kidnapping and Marlena was overjoyed but saddened to see that John had no memory and was so different and seemed to be on a "mission." Marlena stayed by his side and tried to get him to remember her and their life together, but John kept her at a distance. With Stefano in a catatonic state, Marlena pressed John to remember who he used to be, but John kept talking about his mission. With Marlena, Bo, Hope, Belle, Shawn, Kayla, Steve, Philip, and Chloe following, John's mission led him to New Ross, Ireland.

There, everyone discovered an alive Colleen Brady, Shawn Senior's sister, who before was presumed dead. Colleen had John's granddaughter, Claire, with her and returned Claire to her parents, but John's son, Brady, was still a mystery. Colleen revealed that her affair with Santo DiMera was at the root of the Brady/DiMera feud, and finally revealed that she was the woman from the picture: John Black's mother, making John a DiMera! Marlena encouraged John to embrace his mother, but John was indifferent. Unfortunately, Colleen confessed that she was terminally ill and died shortly after.

Everyone left Ireland to head back home but they faced a traumatic plane crash, due to plane sabotage. John was able to recall his training to crash land the plane in Greenland. Unfortunately, Shawn Senior died a hero on the plane. While waiting for rescue, Marlena and John got closer and made love, and while Marlena thought her old John was back, she soon realized that it was just physical attraction on John's part. Also during this ordeal, John grew to embrace and bond with his granddaughter, Claire.

Once rescued and returned to Salem, John invited Marlena to move into the DiMera mansion, where he took over the DiMera estate. Slowly, John became a ruthless business man and got into a shipping war with the Kiriakis'. John also discovered a small disk from Stefano's safe, that was later stolen from the mansion. John saw the Marlena was disappointed in his behavior, but did nothing to please her. Also to Marlena's dismay, John befriended and soon started sleeping with Ava Vitali, which prompted Marlena to move out of the DiMera mansion.

Marlena returned to John with the small disk that was previously stolen, but refused to tell him how she got it back. Marlena insisted that the disk contained John's memories, and that they should unlock the disk to unlock his memory, but John was hesitant. He insisted that he would never be the man he used to be and she had to accept that. John kept the disk but with Ava's prodding, he destroyed it. John believed that Ava accepted the new person he was and their relationship grew until Ava jumped bail and left Salem.

Meanwhile, John heard that Stefano was going to come out of his coma, but as soon as that happened, Marlena was attacked and ended up in a catatonic state. John showed that he cared for her as he stayed by her side, and even contemplated killing Stefano for hurting Marlena. Fortunately, Kayla was able to use antibodies and save Marlena.

John tried to convince Marlena to return to his house but Marlena said she couldn't go back to the DiMera mansion with Stefano's threats. Eventually, Marlena agreed to spend her first night there so that John could take care of her but she left when Stefano re-claimed the mansion. John warned Stefano that he would not get his empire back because it was now his. Meanwhile, Marlena saw that there was going to be no improvement with John and served him with divorce papers!

John begged Marlena to change her mind as he said that he needed her, but Marlena had made up her mind. John grew annoyed when Dean Trent Robbins tried to pursue Marlena. When Nicole Walker informed John that Trent was bad news, John punched him and told him to stay away from Marlena. Right after this fight, John suffered some sort of brain freeze and other similar episodes later on, which worried Marlena. John tried to change Marlena's mind about the divorce, but she continued to see that the old John would never be back. Marlena said she'd only reconsider the divorce if John got checked out for his episodes, but John refused.

Later on, John began to show positive changes, especially in his care for Sami. He even signed the divorce papers and gave them to Marlena telling her that the ball is in her court. John also befriended Nicole Walker, as they sought each other's relationship advice.

John continues to make positive changes that leave Marlena impressed. He went into therapy with Dr. Charlotte Taylor, and underwent hypnotherapy, which helped him to recall a past reunion with Marlena. Dr. Taylor hid this from John and his family, but with a little sleuthing, Brady found out. Dr. Taylor went psycho and though Marlena listened to the tape proving he remembered, and Marlena was able to let John know the truth. The couple eventually got back together after a few more trials and tribulations, but John was ran over by a car and paralyzed. His memories were restored, and he and Marlena married at the hospital and took off for Switzerland after hearing about therapy and a possible cure.

John and Marlena returned to Salem in Summer 2011 as the surprise guests in Hope and Bo's party in the opening of the Horton Town Square. John arrived in a wheelchair but proved his progress in rehab when he stood up in front of everyone. John and Marlena's happy return was short lived when John was arrested for stealing retirement funding from his Basic Black employees. Rafe and Carrie worked together to prove John's innocence and he was released from jail. In an effort to pay back all his employees for what they lost, John used his own assets. Though practically broke, John and Marlena are happy to be together in Salem. John currently works on rebuilding Basic Black with his son Brady. Recently, Hope started finding clues that led her to a secret that Alice had a secret hidden in a safe deposit box. Hope found the key and she and Stefano opened it only to learn Hope and John were married in Alamainia as Gina and John the Pawn. She and John flew to Alamainia where John revealed he's still in the ISA. Stefano kidnapped them and changed them into Gina and the Pawn again, in order for them to steal the Anastasia Egg that they were supposed to give to him when they were their alt personalities in the past. Soon they realized who they were and snapped out of it. They headed back to the states still married. John and Marlena were put to the test when Kristen Blake Black DiMera returned to Salem after fourteen years. Kristen manipulated the two to the point where she started to date Brady in order to get back at John for dumping her at the altar years earlier. Marlena was the only one who saw this for a time and eventually Kristen revealed her true self to John, but by then, he and Marlena were on the outs. Marlena kept it from him that Brady was having sex with Kristen because she was the tiniest bit glad Kristen wasn't bedding her husband. When John learned the truth, he accused her of mistrust and she accused him of the same. He flew to Europe for business and to clear his head and confronted Stefano to put him on notice. In January 2014, he kept in touch with Hope over the phone and let her know that he did some digging into his past and it was revealed that he is not Santos DiMera's son or Colleen Brady's son.

Past Marriages

Dr. Marlena Evans – Black (August 22, 2018, July 6, 1999, March 27, 2002, December 7, 2006, August 22, 2018, November 8, 2018. Read John and Marlena's vows over the years and view a gallery of their weddings.)

Flings and Relationships

Danielle Tremaine (AKA. Romulus)
Gina von Amburg (deceased)
Dr. Marlena Evans - Black
Diana Colville
Yvette DuPres
Rebecca Morrison
Kristen Blake
Dr. Marlena Evans - Black
Susan Banks
Hope Williams Brady (As Gina)
Kate Roberts


Leopold Alamain (father by adoption - deceased)
Philomena Alamain (biological aunt - deceased)
Lawrence Alamain (brother by adoption - biological cousin)
Nicholas James Alamain (nephew by adoption)
Vivian Alamain (aunt by adoption)
Daphne DiMera (aunt by adoption - thought for several years to be biological mother)

January 4 2008, John's history was revealed!

Stefano DiMera Half Brother
Santo DiMera Father
Colleen Brady (current) Mother
Colleen Brady in flashbacks
EJ Wells DiMera (Nephew)
Tony DiMera (cousin by adoption - biological half-brother)
Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver Half-Sister
Theo Carver (current) Half-Nephew
Andre DiMera (half cousin)
Allie Horton and Johnny DiMera (step-grandchildren)


Brady Victor Black (son with Isabella)
Belle Black-Kiriakis (daughter with Dr. Marlena Evans - Black)
Samantha "Sami" Brady-Roberts-Horton-DiMera (step-daughter by Marlena)
Eric Brady - Step-son (and Sami's twin) by Marlena
Claire Kiriakis (granddaughter)
Twins, Johnny and Allie - From Samantha and EJ/Lucas (Step-grandchildren)


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