Joey Johnson (as played by James Lastovic on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Joey Johnson

* Born May 16, 2008 to Steve and Kayla Johnson.
* Held hostage by Stefano as a baby.
* Lived in Africa with his parents.
* Boarding school student.
* Returned to Salem SORASd in August 2015 after running away from boarding school
* Dated Jade
* Got involved in a cult because of Jade
* Got shot but survived

Who's played Joey Johnson over the years?

James Lastovic (August 28, 2015 - present)
Jaden Wells (December 25, 2012 – December 26, 2014)

Past History

Joey Johnson was born a few weeks premature to Steve and Kayla Johnson on May 16, 2008, but after a few weeks in the ICU he went home with his parents a healthy baby. In August that year he was one of the hostages involved with a crisis at Salem University Hospital, and was taken by Stefano DiMera. He was returned unharmed, but with an unexplained mark on his wrist.

Joey left Salem for Africa in 2009, then returned with his mom after his parents were separated. He returned to screen August 28, 2015 a SORASd teen who had run away from boarding school.

Flings and Relationships

Jade Michaels (Dated)


Steve Johnson (father)
Kayla Brady Johnson (mother)
Stephanie Johnson (sister)
Duke Earl Johnson (grandfather - deceased)
Jo Johnson (grandmother)
Shawn Brady (grandfather - deceased)
Caroline Brady (grandmother)
Pete Brady (l great-grandfather - deceased)
Patrick Aloysius Brady (great-great-grandfather - deceased)
Nora Molly Brady (great-great-grandfather - deceased)
Jack Deveraux Sr. (uncle - deceased)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (aunt)
Roman Brady (uncle)
Kimberly Brady Donovan (aunt)
Frankie Brady (aunt)
Max Brady (uncle through adoption)
Bo Brady (half-uncle)
Carrie Brady (cousin)
Samantha Brady (cousin)
Eric Brady (cousin)
Rex Brady (cousin)
Cassie Brady (cousin)
Andrew Donovan (cousin)
Theresa Donovan (cousin)
Abigail Deveraux (cousin)
JJ Deveraux (cousin)
Joey Kiriakis (cousin through adoption)
Victor Kiriakis II (cousin through adoption)
Sonny Kiriakis (cousin)
Shawn Douglas-Brady (half-cousin)
Chelsea Brady (half-cousin)
Ciara Brady (half-cousin)
Tate Black (cousin)
Will Horton (cousin)
Arianna Grace Horton (cousin)
Claire Brady (cousin)
Sydney DiMera (cousin)
Allie Horton (cousin)
Johnny DiMera (cousin)


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