Jeremy Horton (as played by Trevor Donovan on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Jeremy Horton

* Jeremy Michael Jacobs Horton lived in Isreal with his mother Robin Jacobs and father Mike Horton, who were divorced years ago.
* Is Stephanie's bad boy boyfriend.
* Helped Nick when Umar tried to kidnap Nick's step-kids, Demarquette and Artemis from him.
* On the run for his involvement in human trafficking.

Who's played Jeremy Horton over the years?

Jeremy Allen (1989)
Jeffrey Clark (1989)
Trevor Donovan (June 2 2007 - October 17th 2007)

Past History

Jeremy is Robin Jacobs and Mike Horton's son, who has resided in Israel with Robin for years. He is dating Stephanie, and is returning to Salem from Dayton Ohio. He's a bad boy who came to Salem to be with his girlfriend, Stephanie Johnson. He is the CEO of Touch Sky Airlines and appears to have some hidden past or secret.

Jeremy was a ladies man, and was an abuser to Stephanie and it turns out that Jeremy was trafficking humans with his friend, and also selling designer knock offs as a rouse. When found out, he went on the run and hid at the Inn, where Stephanie and her parents live. He was caught by Kayla and Steve and went back on the run, hiding out with a reluctant Nick Fallon, and his step-kids, Dee and Artemis. Jeremy seems to be turning a new leaf, seems to really love Stephanie, and proves himself to Chelsea and Nick when he helped Nick out of a jam when a man came looking for the kids one night.

Nick fled Salem a few days later on October 17th 2007.

Flings and Relationships

Stephanie Johnson (girlfriend)


Michael Horton (father)
Robin Jacobs (mother)
Dr. Thomas Horton Sr. (great-grandfather)
Alice Horton (great-grandmother)
Abigail Spencer (great-grandmother)
William Horton (grandfather)
Laura Spencer Horton (grandmother)
Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (cousin)
Abigail Deveraux (cousin)
Jack Deveraux (cousin)
Lucas Roberts (half-uncle)
Will Roberts (half-cousin)
Eli Jacobs (grandfather)
Robert LeClair (uncle)
Charles (Dougie) LeClair (adopted cousin)




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