Jack Deveraux (as played by Matthew Nile Ashford on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Jack Deveraux

* Alias: Jack Harcourt Deveraux, William Earl Johnson, Billy, and Clarke (alias while staying at The Meadows).
* Is father to Abby and Jack Jr.
* Resides in the UK with Jennifer and Jack.
* Has been back to visit Abby in New York in March 2007.
* PTSD from being kept in an Afghanistan prison after chasing a story.
* Died in an elevator shaft when it plummeted to the main floor after an explosion.
* Returned as a vision in 2017 to help family get through tough times.
* Returned December 28, 2018 with amnesia and Eve Donovan at his side.

Who's played Jack Deveraux over the years?

Joseph Adams (1987)
James Acheson (1987)
Matthew Ashford (2001 - 2003; 2004 to - September 21 2006); March 2007 as recurring - August 15 2012; May 24, June 20, August 5; December 2017; December 28, 2018 - present).
Steve Witmer (1994)
Mark Valley (1994 - 1997)
Steve Wilder (1997 - 1998)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Reporter

Past History

Jack arrived in Salem to be treated for his Hodgkin's disease. Kayla Brady was hired as his nurse and he soon fell in love with her. When her lover Steve 'Patch' Johnson broke things off with her, Jack asked her to marry him and she accepted. It wasn't long, however, before Kayla would begin cheating on him with Steve. Discovering this, he turned to Melissa for comfort and soon discovered that his birth mother was Jo Johnson and Steve was his brother. Finally, he lost Kayla to Steve and this threw him into a rage. He raped her and had Steve beaten. As the violence progressed, Jack ended up falling off a roof after a fight with his rival. The incident left him in need of a kidney transplant. Since Steve was his brother, he was a match and their mother pressured him into giving his kidney. Afterwards, Kayla filed for divorce and pressed charges against Jack.

After this debacle, Jack ran for his father's seat in the senate. His main competition was Mickey Horton, who happened to be Melissa's adopted father. Realizing that he was using her to get to her father, she left him. Seeking out opportunities, he became engaged in a desperate plan with Victor Kiriakis to break Harper out of prison. The plan went haywire when a freed harper kidnapped Kayla. She was recaptured by Steve and Harper returned to prison. As scandal surrounded him, he bought half of The Spectator to stop the paper from blackening his name. Using blackmail among other tricks, he eventually got the rest of it. It was there that he met the young Jennifer Horton. She was a charitable soul and he agreed to help her by posing as a married couple to care for the child of a homeless girl. As they pushed beyond mere poses, Melissa returned as did Jennifer's former beau, Emilio. After Jennifer left Jack and was prepared to marry Emilio, he abducted her on her wedding day.

During this time, he also broke Isabella out of a mental institution so that he could learn about the treasure which Marina Toscao had hidden. Discovering the key, he ventured to Italy to recover the treasure but found only a diary belonging to Isabella's mother and containing a dangerous secret: She was really the daughter of Victor Kiriakis. When her 'father', Ernesto, invited her, Jack and several other citizens of Salem on a cruise, he sought out the truth, which Isabella finally revealed to him. He abducted her and brought her to an island while leaving the ship behind to explode. Jack and Jennifer washed up on shore, made love and became engaged while the rest of the guests battled Ernesto.

Returning to Salem, Jack discovered that Harper had escaped prison again and was preparing to kill Steve at his wedding to Kayla. Jack managed to stop him by pushing him from a bell tower to his death. Meanwhile, Jennifer had returned to her old tricks of impersonating her former best friend Katerina. Things got out of hand when she ended up marrying Lawrence Alamain (who knew her true identity) and was raped and imprisoned by him. Jack went in search of her, becoming imprisoned himself in the process until Frankie Brady came to his aid. Together they freed Jennifer but Lawrence, seeing that his plans were falling apart, set off an explosion which triggered a series of earthquakes, trapping the captives underground. Finally escaping, they returned to Salem where Jack eagerly tried to mend his relationship with Jennifer.

The couple traveled to Smith Island, but her traumas had left her incapable of being intimate and she slapped back his advances. He was crushed to lose her, but it left him open to marry newly rich heiress Eve Donovan in a bid to stop Lawrence from taking over The Spectator. That marriage was soon annulled and Jack returned to Jennifer. She finally told him that she had been raped. He stood by her, helping her press charges against Lawrence and discovered evidence that would put him away.

In 1991, Jack and Jennifer married in a wild-west show arena before going on their honeymoon. It was then that Hawk Hawkins began to track them. He was a con artist and faked an injury at Jack's penthouse in order to infiltrate their lives. Jack allowed Hawk to move in when a lawsuit over the injury loomed. Hawk's partner than told Jack that the FBI was after him and he went on the run. While he was in hiding, Hawk stole his money and planned to take his wife as well. When Jack returned, he tricked Hawk into admitting his guilt and had him sent away. He and Jennifer were left broke and his Hodgkin's returned.

Accepting charity from her father, they moved into a little house and had a daughter, Abigail. Jennifer took a job as a talk show host and Jack became a reporter and novelist. Discovering money that Billie hid in a barn, he bought The Spectator back. Unfortunately the money belonged to a crime boss. Jack and Billie tried to make the money back by getting Jack's novel published. This backfired when Kate refused to publish it, kept the manuscript, bought The Spectator and fired Jack. To make things worse, Abbey had developed anemia thanks to toxic waste contamination. When he learned that Victor was behind the waste dumping, he had yet another to seek revenge against he and Kate. After confronting Victor, however, Jack discovered that he had ordered the dumping when he was a young politician. Burdened by guilt, he confessed to Jennifer, asked for a divorce and left town.

Jack retreated to 'The Meadows' to reflect on his life. While there, he met a woman named Monica without realizing that she was actually Laura Horton. They had a brief affair and it wasn't until they returned to Salem that they learned each other's true identities. On his return, he moved into the half of the house he still owned and tried to keep his affair with Laura a secret. She fell in love with him though and wanted to marry. At the same time, Jennifer began searching for the man who her mother had fallen in love with. Jennifer's new beau, Peter, took her to his hometown and proposed to her. Jack followed them with the desire to break them up but was waylaid when he met Sarah. She believed that the town was haunted by the Woman in White. Although Jack didn't believe this, a woman in white soon attempted to kill Jennifer in a fire. Sarah donned the personae in a bid to get close to him. Her desperation got the better of her and, as she followed Jack back to Salem, she was pushed into dire straits. He had to rescue her from a life of stripping and take her back to her hometown.

Although Jack made another attempt to get Jennifer back, it fell apart when Peter learned of his affair with Laura. Confronted with this, she became upset and Jack comforted her while Jennifer watched, horrified. This was enough for her to agree to marry Peter. Jack spent their wedding day in prison thanks to accusations of arson that came after Peter rescued him from a fire caused by one of his backhanded business partners, Jude St Clair. After the wedding, Tony DiMera was murdered and Jude haunted the scenery while Jack and Jennifer teamed up to hunt him down. They discovered evidence linking Peter to Jude, but, as the prosecutor, Peter had it sealed after a police raid. Undeterred, Jack and Jennifer continued to pursue Jude who would abduct her and threaten to starve her. While in captivity, she gleaned some helpful information and leaked it to Jack. After she escaped, they tried to track down their leads but Peter put a stop to that, erasing records and putting up blocks. After another kidnapping by Jude, this time Hope, Jennifer, Peter and Jack tracked him down in the mountains, and Peter killed his accomplice in cold blood. Although Jack witnessed this, no one believed him.

When Kristen and Rachel were caught in an explosion in Paris, Jack flew over to investigate. He met up with Jennifer there and they looked for information about Peter, discovering Stefano's underground hideout and books with Peter's name in them. Realizing their discovery, Peter set off a series of explosions, but they managed to escape. They then discovered Peter's criminal associate Daniel Scott in the city and paid off his gambling debts in exchange for information. When Jack confronted Jennifer with the truth about her husband, she refused to believe it. Once they returned to Salem, Peter brought Daniel along and bought him off to lie to Jennifer. She caught him in his deception though and Daniel confessed everything to her. After throwing Peter out, he planned to kidnap her. When he discovered the plan, Jack bought a gun and went after Peter. As the two struggled, the gun went off and Peter was killed. Stefano then blackmailed a judge into pushing Jack into a murder trial. He was sentenced to life in prison. As he appealed it, Kristen admitted that Peter was really alive but when the trial came, Stefano made sure that she wouldn't say anything and Jack was kept in prison.

Wishing to be close to him, Jennifer applied for a job in the prison despite Jack's protests. While she tried to help him unveil corruption in the prison, she was almost raped by one of the guards. Although Jack managed to save her, the guard paid him back with a beating.

Unknown to Jennifer, during this whole time, a spy had been set right next door to her. Trent was Jack's cell mate before being released and moved next door to Jennifer. He befriended her and spied on her for Stefano. While he informed on her and got her fired, she went after Stefano with everything she knew, reminding him that he would need the backing of her family if he wanted to become a 'respectable citizen' as he claimed. Realizing that she was right, he acquiesced to spare Jack. This happened just in the nick of time, for Trent and the guard had Jack pinned down and were about to kill him when they got the call to stop. As she sent Jack the password to the warden's computer through a cell mate's girlfriend, Jack discovered that his former cell mate, Travis/Trent, had moved in next door to Jennifer. He feared for her safety, and for good reason, she was kidnapped by Trent by the time. When Jack learned this, he broke out of prison and followed them to the Grand Canyon. After tracking them down to an isolated cabin, he fought Trent until he pushed him off of a mountain.

The couple returned to Salem safely, but soon Jack decided it was time again to hunt for Peter. He slipped away without knowing that Jennifer and Abbey were stowed away in his car. Things were soon reversed and Peter started following them. As he became more manic, afflicted with 'jungle madness', Jack and his family had to hide out by joining the circus. As the circus arrived in Salem, Peter found them and kidnapped Jennifer while tipping off the FBI of Jack's whereabouts. As he was taken into custody, Peter chased Jennifer's car off the road where it exploded. Jack was let out to attend her funeral. Peter also made an appearance, with a shotgun in his hands and opened fire on the proceedings. Jennifer's spirit then rose from her coffin and convinced Peter to turn himself in. Following this, Jack was released and when he and Abbey returned home they found Jennifer waiting for them. Her death and resurrection were faked with help by their circus friends.

The family went on vacation to Africa but things went awry. Jack and Abby returned to Salem while Jennifer stayed on in Europe only to be found and brought home by Bo. She moved back in with Jack for Abby's sake and, though she resisted him at first, they finally got remarried. As they readjusted to each other, they began to host a show called IN the House. Soon, however, Jack was struck dead by the Salem Stalker. In fact, he had been kidnapped and taken to an island that was almost identical to Salem. He escaped captivity and got lost in the jungle. There, to his amazement, he discovered Jennifer as she gave birth to their son. When they tried to escape the island, he was lost and thought dead once again. In reality he had been taken prisoner once more and held at the DiMera castle in Europe. He escaped and managed to find Roman and Marlena. Together, they returned to Salem and he was reunited with his family. Almost immediately, he began to feel ill and Lexie advised him that he had but a brief time to live. He kept this secret to himself so that his family could enjoy their time with him.

Jack lived, and the family moved to the UK, while Abby stayed behind to complete University with Maggie. Abby recently went to visit her parents for the summer of 2007. She returned and shortly thereafter, Jennifer followed, claiming Jack was on a walk-about. She couldn't find him and he was not in contact, except to write a blog once in a while. Jenn was livid but once Jack finally returned, he was bearded and had PTSD. He was chasing after a story in Afghanistan and was imprisoned. He wrote a book about this and sought therapy from Marlena Evans and was doing well. He and Jennifer went through rough times because Jenn had let go of Jack and was involved with Daniel Jonas. Eventually, Jack and Jenn made their way to each other and when they were at a fundraiser for Autism, there were explosions caused by a gas leak in the tunnels of Salem. Jack died after saving Abigail's life. The elevator dropped to the first floor and he died upon impact, Roman told the family. Jack was seen as an apparition of sorts in 5 episodes of Days in 2017, helping family get through tough times in their lives.

Jack returned to Salem December 28, 2018 with Eve Donovan at his side, at the annual New Year's Eve celebration at Doug's Place. He had amnesia and didn't remember anyone or anything about Salem.

Past Marriages

Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (dated then married)
Eve Donovan (annulled)

Flings and Relationships

Melissa Horton
Laura Spencer
Eve Donovan (annulled)
Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (dated then married)


Harper Deveraux (father - by adoption - deceased)
Duke Earl Johnson (biological father - deceased)
Josephine Johnson (biological mother)
Steve "Patch" Johnson (biological brother)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (biological sister)
Earl Duke Johnson (biological uncle)
Stephanie Johnson (current) (biological niece)
Joseph Kiriakis (biological nephew by adoption)
Victor Kiriakis, II (biological nephew by adoption)
Jackson Kiriakis (biological nephew)
Thomas DiMera (grandson)
Charlotte DiMera (granddaughter)


Abigail Deveraux (daughter with Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady)
Jack Patrick Deveraux Jr. (son with Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady)


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