Ian McAllister (as played by Ian Buchanan on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Ian McAllister

* Villain.
* Connection to Madison James, and Kate Roberts DiMera.
* Is filthy rich.
* Tried to gain control of DiMera Enterprises.
* Slept with Kate DiMera.
* "Killed" Stefano.
* Was found to have kidnapped Stefano.
* Changed the results on the paternity test, which showed EJ not to be Stefano's son.

Who's played Ian McAllister over the years?

Ian Buchanan - (February 9, 2012 -August 22, 2012.)

Past History

Ian McAllister came to Salem to see Madison James. He is the co-owner of MadWorld and it turns out he's also married to Madison. He learned she was in love with Brady Black and threatened to have Brady sent to prison if she didn't stop seeing him. She tried to stay away but when she couldn't, Ian finally let her go. He started seeing Kate DiMera behind Stefano's back and slept with her only to have Stefano find out and dump Kate. Ian took care of Kate but wouldn't let go of Madison. He drugged Brady many times until Brady wound up back in rehab. Brady and Madison realized Ian was the culprit in getting Brady addicted again. They decided to marry and on her wedding day, there was an explosion. Brady was trying to save Melanie while Madison died in Ian's arms. Ian told Kate that he never loved her. He only loved Madison and was trying to use Kate to gain control of DiMera Enterprises. Kate turned on Ian and during a heated argument, Ian admitted he killed Stefano! Of course he was lying and it was soon revealed that he was holding Stefano captive. He kidnapped EJ along with him and let it be known that EJ really was Stefano's son before he was taken off to jail.

Flings and Relationships


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