Hope Williams Brady Hernandez (as played by Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Hope Williams Brady Hernandez

* Hope was born Born January 10, 1974 but then the date was changed to December 24, 1963.
* Was married young to Bo Brady.
* Hope is a police officer, and was a stay at home mom.
* Daughter of Doug Williams and step-daughter to Julie Williams.
* Julie and Hope are related as step sisters and step-mother and daughter.
* Had two sons, Shawn Douglas and Zach Brady, but Zack was killed in an automobile accident with step-daughter Chelsea, driving and he was stepping into the road, one night, looking for the neighbor's cat at a friend's house.
* Was brainwashed by Stefano to think she was Princess Gina for many years.
* Has a newborn baby, Ciara Alice.
* Married Bo about 3 or 4 times!
* Working at Salem PD as a cop.
* Was the Salem Mugger.
* Thrown in jail as the Salem Mugger and beaten.
* Learned the prison was killing off prisoners and harvesting organs.
* Escaped prison with Bo's help.
* Learned she was married to John in Alamainia as Gina and the Pawn.
* Returned to Bo in Salem in time to see him through is coma.
* Initially supported Bo when he left Salem but eventually sent him divorce papers.
* Dated Aiden Jennings and married him until he became unhinged.
* Became engaged to Rafe Hernandez, married him in the Horton cabin on Smith Island February 26, 2018.

Who's played Hope Williams Brady Hernandez over the years?

Kristian Alfonso (1983 - 1987, 1990, April 1 1983 - present)
Bluejean Seacrist (1997 in flashbacks)
Joanna Wexler (1994 - 1995 in flashbacks)
Sara Rose Johnson (1990 in flashbacks)
Tammy Taylor (1981)
Natasha Ryan (1975 - 1980)
Kimberly Weber (1974 - 1975)
Kristina Osterhaut (1974)

Past History

Hope's mother died in an accident soon after she was born so she was sent to be raised by her grandparents while her father recovered from his grief. Soon afterward, her father, Doug, remarried to his wife's half-sister, Julie. As Hope rapidly aged, she caught a severe case of the love bug for Roman, but he believed that it was only a crush. Seeing her trying to seduce Roman made prospective beau Bo very jealous. It was this that made him eventually realize that he had feelings of her. As he and Hope danced around it, they finally got involved in an on-again/off-again relationship that culminated in a proposal. Hope's father didn't approve of this and pushed her to marry Larry Welch, an unscrupulous politician. This wasn't without its complications. Bo crashed their first wedding and carried her away, but Larry tried again and pulled it off. The marriage was not to last, however, and Larry died within one year.

Soon after, Bo and Hope married and moved into the home of his father, Victor Kiriakis. Living in close quarters, she could see changes in his character. He seemed to be adapting too much to suit his father. The unpleasant changes that she saw created stress for her and led to her miscarrying their child. This event created further friction in an already troubled marriage. Although they tried to separate, their love was too strong for them to stay apart for long. Hope was soon pregnant again and this time gave birth to a son (Shawn-Douglas). The little family decided to get out of Salem and set out on a boat trip around the globe. They were gone for three years.

When they returned, the welcome homecoming was short-lived. They became embroiled in the paranoid revenge schemes of Ernesto. He took Hope hostage and held her in a cave. When the cave exploded, Bo was sure that she was dead.

Years later, Bo's world was shattered again when an amnesiac was found at Maison Blanche who just happened to be a dead ringer for his deceased wife. The timing couldn't have been worse. He had just proposed to Billie. He went ahead with his plans while amnesiac Hope calling herself Gina tried to figure out who she was. Her grandmother was certain about her identity and had her fingerprints taken to back it up. When the proof came out, Hope tried to resume her life, but this wasn't easy now that Bo had already moved on. She granted him a divorce and he married Billie, but he was still haunted by Hope. That marriage eventually fell apart as Billie realized that the connection between Bo and Hope was unbroken. Nonetheless, it took a long time for Bo and Hope to find their way back together. She was still hurt and alienated by his rejection and confused about her life. When the time came for them to remarry, Hope caught Bo and Billy in an awkward position and jumped to a conclusion, which ended the wedding. She quickly moved on with Franco Kelly.

Her life was about to take an abrupt shift though. When she had been Gina, she had lived for four years at Stefano's Maison Blanche. It was there that he'd had the memories of the real Princess Gina, an accomplished art thief, saved on a chip and then installed in Hope's head. For years she had lived as this other woman and now, when Stefano was seeking to get his art treasures from Vivian Alamain, he turned her back into Gina to help him. He had her kidnap John Black and they made love on his yacht. When Stefano found them, he ditched John and made love to her himself. They went on to Paris and were then held prisoner by the real Gina as she tried to reclaim her life. They were finally rescued and she found herself pregnant. She hoped that the baby was Bo's but that wasn't possible. She came to believe that the baby was John's, but the truth was stranger. The baby belonged to Marlo and had been switched at birth by Stefano. She discovered that the son that she actually had was being raised by Lexie and she demanded him back. She managed to get this child back, but lost the other in a custody suit to his biological father.

After this, she and Bo began to work as bounty hunters. Along their adventures, Larry Welch returned from the dead to kidnap Hope but she was soon recovered and she decided that it was time to go back to the police force. It was at this time that the Salem Stalker case began to explode and claim most of their friends and family. Becoming increasingly distraught as the losses piled up, she went after her prime suspect, Patrick Lockhart. Pursuing him, they ended up in an affair and trapped on an island which, it turned out, happened to contain all of the people she thought had died. Bo found his way to the island as well and all of the captives began to rally for an escape. Even escape was bittersweet for Hope, however, because, beyond her friends and loved ones, the island also contained Billie.

Determined to put things right with Bo, despite Billie's re-appearance, she wasn't helped when Billie discovered that the daughter, Georgia, who she had believed long since dead, was actually alive. Hope was pushed into the background as Billie and Bo sought out their daughter. She took the moments she could to put things back together with Bo, but this was complicated by his family and the return of his daughter Chelsea. Just when things started to settle, her son died in a hit and run accident. Hope was crushed and, to make matters worse, the driver of the car was Billie. It wasn't really Billie however, it was Chelsea, and Hope found it impossible to forgive her, or Bo, for letting her have the car that she drove. To add further to the complications, Hope turned out to be pregnant again and a paternity test easily made it clear that Lockhart was the father. Bo was angry and tried to bring Lockhart down for his ill deeds. Although Bo was suspended from the force for going over the top, he felt vindicated when Lockhart finally confessed to everything, including the fact that the child Hope was carrying was really Bo's and that he had faked the test results.

Hope and Bo happily reunited. Hope and Chelsea also fixed their relationship and now get along well. Hope and Bo helped Shawn and belle when they were on the run with Claire. Eventually, Shawn married Belle on Thanksgiving, but Hope suspected that Belle had an affair with Philip. She was caught in the middle between telling her son the truth and keeping Belle's secret. Hope pressured Belle about telling Shawn the truth and this put a strain on her relationship with Belle. Eventually, the truth came out and Belle resented Hope's invovlement. Hope was sad to see Shawn and Belle separated.

Later, Hope and Bo decided to investigate the root of the DiMera/Brady feud. They learned about Colleen Brady,Shawn Senior's sister who had had an affair with Santo DiMera, Stefano's father. When Claire was kidnapped by Crystal Miller, Bo and Hope, as well as John, Marlena, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Chloe, Steve, and Kayla, went to Ireland to find Claire. They were surprised to meet an alive Colleen Brady, and learned that Colleen had Claire to protect her. Colleen revealed the source of the Brady/DiMera feud when she admitted to her affair with Santo DiMera. She also revealed that she was John's mother and that she was terminally ill. She died shortly after. During the trip, Hope became concerned about Bo's health as he was experiencing pain and discomfort.

On the way home from Ireland, Bo and Hope, as well as everyone else flying back, faced a traumatic plane crash due to plane sabotage. Bo's health quickly deteriorated and his father, Shawn Brady Senior, died as a hero on the plane.

Upon their return to Salem, Bo was immediately hospitalized and tests revealed that his pancreas was shutting down. Hope stayed by his side as they learned that Bo's only chance at survival was a risky pancreatic transplant. With Chelsea as the matched donor, Bo underwent a successful surgery. Hope was happy to have Bo's health restored, and to have Belle and Shawn reunited. Hope and Bo later wished Shawn and Belle a safe trip as they left Salem to sail around the world.

With his health back on track, Bo and Hope returned to work. Hope was wary about Bo returning to work and was concerned with his health. She suspected Bo of keeping something from her at work, and this put a small strain on their relationship. Bo surprised Hope with a beautiful ceremony to renew their wedding vows, which ended in Bo being arrested for previously withholding evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Hope stood by his side, and Bo was eventually cleared of the charges. When Abe left his position as police commissioner, the job was offered to Hope but she turned it down because she felt like it would take too much time away from her family, especially Ciara. As Abe was elected Salem's new Mayor, Bo was named the new Police Commissioner of Salem PD. Hope and Bo worked together to solve the murders of Dean Trent Robbins and ex-Mayor Marino. They found out that Nick killed Trent and some scumbag killed Marino and Hope decided that their lives were too hectic with both of them having jobs with long hours so she cut back her hours, but she is helping Bo now, to find out who has poisoned Chloe Horton and trying to keep Ciara safe from concerns, such as how Bo keeps having visions that Ciara will be lost somewhere in the woods with her Tommy bear. Bo's visions lasted a few months and finally a bump to the head and they disappeared.

Bo and Hope started to have issues in their relationship over Ciara, after she was kidnapped by a bad cop. Though Ciara was found unharmed, Bo and Hope's relationship dwindled and they separated. Hope moved into the Kiriakis mansion with Ciara and Carly Manning headed to town after killing Lawrence Alamain, and moved in with Bo. The two became lovers, much to Hope's chagrin. Bo and Hope remained respectful of each other, but when Hope started taking sleeping pills to relax, she became another woman. She was "Nighttime Hope" who mugged men. She'd brand them with a celtic sign and take their money. Eventually she worked with Dr. Dick Baker, but was caught when Bo figured it all out. She was sent to prison and with the drugs out of her system, was back to normal. She felt it necessary to do her time, but learned that the prison was harvesting organs and tried to get a message to Bo about it. She was beaten and would have been killed if the warden, Jane Smith, and Trustee Lee had anything to do with it but Bo broke her out of prison and she's been hiding ever since. She enlisted her cousin Jennifer to help put Jane and Lee in jail and stop the killings, which put Jennifer in danger. Hope and Carly ended up saving Bo, who was captured by warden Jane and Jane went to jail, along with Ben, the doctor that helped her. Bo and Hope got back together after Bo dumped Carly. Ciara soon ran away, thinking they'd be better off without her but she was found the same day by a prostitute and by RoboRafe the Rafe impostor. Hope and Bo worked on the prostitution cases with Hope. Once the prostitution and RoboRafe cases were solved, Bo and Hope continued working together on other cases, including Johnny DiMera's alleged kidnapping. They also revealed their big 'secret' project: the revival of the Town Square, which they dedicated to Tom and Alice Horton.

During this project, Hope found a letter and some other clues that tied Alice to EJ and Stefano DiMera. She and Bo are currently trying to figure out why Alice was corresponding with Stefano. They also sought marriage counselling with Marlena, as Hope wants to face the grief she still has over Zack's death. They seemed to be growing as a couple when Hope started finding more clues which led her to a secret that Alice had hidden in a safe deposit box. Hope found the key and she and Stefano opened it only to learn Hope and John were married in Alamainia as Gina and John the Pawn. They flew to Alamainia where John revealed he's still in the ISA. Stefano kidnapped them and changed them into Gina and the Pawn again, in order for them to steal the Anastasia Egg that they were supposed to give to him when they were their alt personalities in the past.

In Alamainia, John resisted Stefano’s brainwashing, snapped Hope out of it too with a picture of Bo and the two escaped the country. When they got back to Salem, Bo was in a coma and Hope stayed by his side. When he woke up, Bo left the force and left Salem to look for a way to put Stefano away.

While Hope waited for Bo to return she got very busy with work at the police station and struggled with Ciara on her own. Her daughter acted out at school by bullying a boy and Hope immediately had friction with his father, new-in-town lawyer Aiden Jennings. Feelings developed after being forced to work together on the school’s fundraiser ball, and the two grew close, but Hope was torn because of Bo. He finally sent her word through John that he would be out of contact for an indefinite amount of time.

Hope had to investigate the death of her cousin Nick Fallon and eventually arrested Gabi Hernandez for the shooting. Aiden was a constant support and they grew even closer. Hope sent divorce papers to the last place she knew to find Bo and gave into her feelings for Aiden. And despite some strange feelings Hope had about what Aiden’s involvement in his late wife’s death, they made love, then told their kids they were dating. One day, Hope got a call warning her that dating Aiden was a deadly mistake.

Flings and Relationships

Jake Kositchek
Franco Kelly
Stefano Dimera (as Gina)
John Black (as Gina)
Aiden Jennings


Doug Williams (father)
Adelaide Horton (mother - deceased)
Douglas LeCleir (paternal half-brother)
Steven Olson (maternal half-brother and step-mother)
Julie Williams (maternal half-sister)
Thomas Horton Sr. (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Alice Horton (maternal grandmother)
Thomas Horton Jr. (maternal uncle)
Michael Horton I (maternal uncle)
William Horton (maternal uncle)
Marie Horton (maternal aunt)
Byron Carmichael (paternal half-uncle - deceased)
Sandy Horton (maternal cousin)
Melissa Anderson (maternal cousin - adopted)
Sarah Horton (maternal cousin - adopted)
Michael William Horton II (maternal cousin)
Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (maternal cousin)
Lucas Roberts (maternal cousin)
Jessica Blake (maternal cousin)
Spencer Olson (maternal half-nephew)
David Banning (maternal half-nephew)
Scott Banning (maternal half-grand-nephew)
Jeremy Michael Horton (maternal first cousin)
Abigail Deveraux (maternal first cousin)
Jack Patrick Deveraux Jr. (maternal first cousin)
Will Roberts (maternal first cousin)


Shawn Douglas Brady (Current) (son with Bo Brady)
Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (son with Bo Brady - deceased)
Claire Kiriakis (granddaughter)
Ciara Brady (daughter with Bo)


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