Henry (as played by Zak Henri on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Henry

* Helped the teens of Salem break into Club TBD on January 5, 2016.
* Admitted to being bullied after Ciara Brady shared the details of Theo Carver's bullying, but didn't say how.
* Has religious parents.
* Was called a "fag" and attacked at a rave.
* Came out to Paul Narita.
* Was invited to Ciara's 18th birthday party.

Who's played Henry over the years?

Zak Henri (January 5, 2016 - present)

Past History

Henry first appeared in Salem on January 5, 2016, breaking into Club TBD with some of the other teenagers in town, including Ciara Brady, Claire Brady and Joey Johnson. While they were all hanging out inside he admitted to being bullied himself after Ciara shared a story about Theo Carver being anonymously bullied. He didn’t tell the teens why he had been bullied.

Henry later attended a rave in Salem which broke up quickly after another boy at the party called Henry a “fag” and accused him of staring at him. A few days later while in the Horton Square Henry ran into Paul Narita who could immediately tell there was something wrong. Henry told Paul the other guy at the party misunderstood him. Henry then told Paul how inspiring it was for a teenager like him when he came out of the closet so publicly. He shared that his own parents were very religious and Paul told Henry that his mother knew all along that he was gay – sometimes it is not as secret as that person thinks. Paul offered to help Henry any time he needed it.


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