Haley Chen (as played by Thia Megia on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Haley Chen

* Was thought to be Melinda Trask's sister - but is actually her daughter
* Undocumented immigrant from China
* Was suicidal over her secret
* Interested in JJ Deveraux
* Married Tripp Dalton in order to get a Green Card but came clean and the marriage was over
* Deported to China until a senator friend of Melinda's called in a favor and she was allowed to stay in USA

Who's played Haley Chen over the years?

Thia Megia - (December 30, 2018 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Nurse

Past History

Haley Chen arrived in Salem November 30, 2018 as a nurse who works at University Hospital that JJ found unconscious after she downed a bunch of pills from a prescription bottle in order to commit suicide. JJ brought her back and broke protocol when he told her he too suffered from depression over shooting Theo Carver, that led him to almost commit suicide himself. He then invited her to the New Year's Eve party at Doug's Place. They began dating and it was uncovered that Haley had a huge secret. She was an undocumented immigrant from China.

Past Marriages

Tripp Dalton (married April 15, 2018 in order to get a Green Card)

Flings and Relationships

Melinda Trask (mother)


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