Gabrielle (as played by Joy Bisco on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Gabrielle

* Gabby and her father run a restaurant on a small island off of Australia.
* Is infatuated with Shawn and wants him for herself.
* Turned out to be a friend in need to Shawn and Belle.

Who's played Gabrielle over the years?

Joy Bisco (March 14, 2007 - May 18, 2007)

Past History

Gabby made her debut as an island girl who Shawn and Belle met while they were fleeing from Philip. She took them in when they had nobody else and nothing else. Gabby was interested in Shawn, even though her father, Duck, told her to leave Shawn alone, as he was a part of a couple!

Gabby strived to help Shawn and Belle escape from Philip when he showed up on Tinda Lau, but was still considered to be an enemy of the couple.

Things changed when the contract for this actor/character was cut short, and she wound up being a huge help to Shawn when he looked for Belle and Claire, who had gone with Philip in a boat and headed for Australia. She was last seen helping them with the GPS coordinates. She said goodbye to Shawn as he headed out in a plane with his father and Steve.

Flings and Relationships



None - However, there was talk that she may have had a baby who passed away.


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