Eric Brady (as played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Eric Brady

* Was a photographer for Countess Wilhelmina.
* Dated Nicole Walker until she cheated.
* Cheated on Greta Von Amberg with Nicole Walker.
* Became a priest.

Who's played Eric Brady over the years?

Greg Vaughan (November 13, 2012 to Present)
Jensen Ackles (1997 to July 31, 2000)
Scotty Hauser (1997 audio flashbacks)
Jesse Davis (1985 to 1986)
Edward Palma (1986)
Bradley Hallock (1986 to 1992)
Rory Beauregard (1984)

Past History

Eric Brady was born to Marlena and Roman Brady. He's a twin to Samantha Brady. Both were sent to Colorado to be with their grandparents and to attend school but Sami returned during high school. Eric returned later, after high school and during the time when Marlena and Roman were no longer together and she was with John Black.

When Eric's sister Sami feigned that her son Will was Austin's child, Eric did what he could to unravel the truth and learned on Sami and Austin's wedding date that Will couldn't be Lucas' son. Carrie stopped the wedding while Eric felt guilty about outing his sister. Sami eventually forgave him.

Eric had a stalker following him around Salem. Jed Fox was someone he knew in school and who caused a lot of issues for him. Jed was a date rapist who tried to make it appear as though Eric was the real rapist. Jed threatened to kill Sami if Eric didn't take responsibility for Jed's crime but Eric refused to do that and was able to convince Jed to accept what he had done and take a hike. After this, Eric was working as a photographer at Countess Wilhelmina when he met Nicole Walker who was a waitress at the Java Cafe. He offered to make her a model and the two got together in an intimate relationship until Nicole's past came to haunt her. Nicole got involved with Lucas and married him, when Eric's attentions were on Sami during the Franco Kelly murder trial. Eric then got involved with Greta Von Amberg. He couldn't get Nicole out of his head and started cheating on Greta with Nicole. Greta broke up with Eric and he left town shortly thereafter.

Sami, Marlena and Sami's children have visited Eric in Colorado since he left Salem and returned November 13, 2012... as a priest. He was keeping a secret, that he was a photographer in South Africa when he saw something terrible. A priest stood up for a child who would otherwise have been murdered and took her place. He was killed in front of Eric, who couldn't forgive himself for not taking the child's place. He has been back in the family fold and already into the issues surrounding his siblings, while trying to help Nicole Walker better herself. This worked for a time and Nicole started to fall in love with Eric. Eric overheard her telling Brady this and was shocked. Eric eventually realized he too had feelings but pushed them aside. When Kristen DiMera wanted to get back at Marlena for taking what she thought was hers (John), she had a doctor, Dr. Chyka, concoct some drug she could use to drug Eric and rape him. She set up a recording device while the duo had sex but before she could figure out what to do with it, it got into the hands of Victor Kiriakis, who gave it to Marlena. Marlena didn't know what the contents of the DVD were but played it during Kristen's wedding to her son Brady, thinking it was material which would cause Brady to dump Kristen. Eric was floored, as were all of the wedding guests at what Kristen did. It ruined his relationship with Brady, who thought his brother elected to have sex with his bride. Brady dumped Kristen who left town before anyone could find evidence that Eric indeed was set-up. Nicole and Daniel did eventually find evidence that Dr. Chyka was behind the rape but Nicole withheld the information because her relationship with Eric was growing and she worried Eric would go back to the priesthood if he had the proof. She did hand the evidence over after Eric learned she'd been keeping it from him and they broke up.

Flings and Relationships

Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera (dated)
Greta Von Amberg (dated)


Roman Brady (father)
Dr. Marlena Evans - Black (mother)
Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez (sister; twin)
Carrie Brady Roberts Reed (paternal half-sister)
Rex Brady (paternal half-brother)
Cassie Brady (paternal half-sister)
Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr. (deceased maternal half-brother)
Isabella Black (maternal half-sister and paternal second cousin)
Shawn Brady (deceased paternal grandfather)
Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother)
Frank Evans (maternal grandfather)
Martha Evans (maternal grandmother)
Nora Molly Brady (deceased paternal great-great-grandmother)
Pete Brady (deceased paternal great-grandfather)
Patrick Aloysius Brady (deceased paternal great-great-grandfather)
Samantha Evans (deceased maternal aunt)
Kimberly Brady (paternal aunt)
Kayla Johnson (paternal aunt)
Frankie Brady (paternal uncle through adoption)
Bo Brady (paternal half-uncle)
Max Brady (paternal uncle through adoption)
Jeannie Donovan (paternal cousin)
Andrew Donovan IV (paternal cousin)
Stephanie Johnson (current) (paternal cousin)
Shawn Douglas Brady (Current) (paternal half-cousin)
Joey Johnson (paternal cousin)
Chelsea Benson-Brady (paternal half-cousin)
Zack Brady (deceased paternal half-cousin)
Ciara Brady (paternal half-cousin)
Will Horton (Current) (nephew)
Johnny DiMera (nephew)
Sydney DiMera (niece)
Allie Horton (niece)
Claire Brady (maternal half-niece and paternal first half-cousin)
Colleen Brady (deceased paternal great-aunt)
Molly Brady (paternal great-aunt)
Robert Evans (maternal great-uncle; deceased)
Trista Evans (deceased maternal cousin)
Colin Murphy (deceased paternal cousin)
Brady Black (paternal second cousin)
John Black (paternal first cousin)




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