EJ Wells DiMera (as played by James Scott on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about EJ Wells DiMera

* EJ Wells is the son of Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera.
* EJ was born February 21, 1997 and named John Black Jr.
* His name was changed to Elvis Aaron Banks when it was revealed that John was not the father of EJ, but that Stefano was.
* EJ currently resides in the same apartment complex as Sami, Lucas and Will, and Billie and Chelsea.
* Shot John Black.
* Had a fling with Kate and tried to have one with Billie.
* Raped Sami.
* Did a voodoo ritual with Celeste in order to find out if he was the father of Sami's baby.
* Chloroformed Sami Roberts against her will, brought her to Tony in order to save Stefano's life by providing him with the stem cells from her unborn child.
* Raped Sami.
* Got Nicole Walker pregnant but the baby died and she faked a pregnancy.
* Married Nicole April 23 2009.
* Estranged from Nicole months later.
* Kidnapped Sydney, his own daughter, in order to hurt Sami.
* He and Sami married but when she learned he was the Sydnapper she shot him, September 2010.
* Met Taylor, Nicole's sister while he was with Nicole, married in name only, and got together with Taylor.
* Taylor dumped EJ when she learned who he really is.
* EJ and Nicole got together and EJ cheated on her with Sami.
* EJ tried to explain to Nicole that the sex was grief sex and nothing more.
* Engaged to Sami Brady.
* Had an affair with Abigail Horton.
* Married Sami Brady.
* Arrested for tax evasion because of Sami.
* Turned to Victor Kiriakis for work after Sami dismantled his business.
* Sami ruined him financially because of his affair.
* EJ protected Sami against Stefano.
* Sami eventually forgave EJ for the affair with Abigail and they reunited.
* EJ attempted to get Clyde Weston out of Salem after the man refused to do business the DiMera way.
* Miguel, a DiMera goon, sided with Weston during an argument and shot EJ and killed him.
* EJ died in Sami's arms in the park.

Who's played EJ Wells DiMera over the years?

Dillon, Vincent and Avalon Ragone (February 21, 1997 - April 1998)
James Scott (May 30, 2006 - Monday October 13, 2014)

Past History

EJ Wells (Elvis Aaron Banks) was born to Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera on February 21, 1997. At the time, Susan, a Kristen DiMera look alike, was paid to give birth to a baby that would later be adopted by Kristen, who had miscarried John Black's baby. Susan found that Kristen was a cruel person (To quote Susan, Kristen's just "Mean, mean, mean!") and tried to take her place. She almost married John but when the wedding didn't go through all the way, she fell for Edmond and married him and moved to England with him. As far as we can tell, EJ was brought up by Susan, but Stefano was also a part of the picture. We recently heard (as of May 18, 2007) that EJ had grown up in Maison Blanche partially, with Stefano, who was somewhat of an idol to him. EJ was waited on hand and foot and got whatever he wanted, if only for the asking. He seemed to enjoy his childhood immensely, saying he and his father had a very good relationship and did everyday father - son things to strengthen their bond.

EJ came to town after years of being away, in order to do his father's bidding. He was told to plant his 'seed' into a Brady female of his choice and not to return to England until he had done so. When he came on to the scene, he was known as a race car driver. He moved in across from Sami and Austin and soon became friends with Sami. Austin and Sami were to wed, but Kate got to know EJ and the two plotted to ensure that Sami and Austin never married. EJ ingratiated himself into Sami's life and eventually, she refused to marry Austin.

Austin left town and EJ moved in on Sami and started the process of getting her to trust and fall in love with him. It appeared as though he really cared for her, but when Lucas started realizing that he was still in love with Sami, he and Will succeeded in breaking up EJ and Sami before they got too close. During the time that they dated, EJ started Mythic Communications with Kate Roberts and the two had a secret affair.
John and Marlena went to Italy to wed and met with an ailing Stefano. Marlena found out that EJ was a DiMera when she saw a photo of Stefano, Susan and Elvis on his table. When the two returned to Salem, John relayed the news to the Salem PD, and since the department was trying to link him to the death of Officer Eve Michaels, they tried to get dirt on EJ to send him to jail.

EJ was lured by Sami to a warehouse one night, where he met up with John Black. It appeared as though he shot John Black and it was witnessed by TEK who was an ex-cop from the Salem PD. EJ didn't see TEK watching the crime and tried to leave Salem for a while and found Sami on the road. She was seeking help for Lucas, who had his leg pinned by a log when the roof of a cabin that they were taking refuge in caved in on him.

EJ held a gun to Sami and asked her to take him through police barricades and in return, he would help remove the log from Lucas' leg. After she agreed to it and they got through police barricades, EJ then had something else in store for her. He asked her for sex in return for saving Lucas. Reluctantly, she agreed, knowing that Lucas could die from hypothermia. After this, Sami kept the rape a secret from everyone but became pregnant. Since she had sex with Lucas, earlier that same evening and was unsure who the father of the child was.

Sami went through lengths to conceal her pregnancy but when EJ found out she was with child, he demanded she have an amniocentesis performed on her so they could find out if he was the father or not. Sami refused and wound up marrying Lucas.

EJ tried in vain to break up Sami and Lucas but Sami surprised him and confessed to Lucas that EJ raped her and she almost killed him at the cabin that they were stuck at in the winter. She admitted the child she was carrying could be EJ's.

EJ followed them on their honeymoon to Maison Blanche, where he asked Celeste to perform a voodoo ritual to find out the paternity of the child.

Eventually, DNA tests proved that EJ was the father of Sami's twins. When Stefano found out, he made it clear that the only way to end the Brady/DiMera feud was by EJ marrying Sami. Sami refused but after John was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Sami agreed to divorve Lucas and marry EJ for her family's safety. After Sami gave birth and more tests were done, EJ learned that he was only Johnny's father, and Lucas was Allie's father. Once the babies were born, EJ and Sami were married but he was shot at the end of the ceremony.

As he was rushed to the hospital, EJ feared that he could be paralyzed. With Stefano threatening her, Sami tried to convince EJ that she cared for him, despite his insistence that she go back to Lucas. Sami stayed by EJ's side as he recuperated and eventually he was able to walk again. He pressured Sami to act more like his wife but Sami reminded him their marriage was fake. Lucas was later arrested for EJ's shooting and he was charged and imprisoned for attempted murder.

Marlena Evans Black pressured EJ to redeem himself by helping her exact justice on Stefano. After discovering that Rolf and Stefano had a strange man in the basement, EJ told Marlena and Marlena found John alive! Stefano was soon arrested for kidnapping and EJ, Sami, and her twins were sent to a safe house for protection. EJ was pleased that he and Sami were able to bond over the twins. Once Stefano was found in a catatonic state in jail, EJ and Sami were released from protection. With the threat gone, Sami pressured EJ for an annulment, but EJ stalled and told Sami that his visa was going to expire and that he'd be deported. Sami agreed to stay married to him and pretend that the marriage was real, for the sake of keeping her baby's father in the country.

EJ was allowed to stay in the US and he got a job as a lawyer in Mickey Horton's firm. Sami and EJ lived in the DiMera mansion together and bonded over the twins. Despite Sami's efforts to keep EJ at a distance, they gave into their feelings and made love just as Lucas was released from prison and into house arrest at the DiMera mansion. When Lucas caught them in bed together, he was furious at Sami and the tension between them and EJ grew.

Meanwhile, EJ had started flirting with Nicole Walker, whom he was also defending in her divorce with Victor Kiriakis. He also helped Nicole when her ex-husband, Dean Trent Robbins, revealed that they were still married. Eventually EJ was caught between his attraction to Nicole and his love for Sami. Since Sami made it clear that she didn't share his feelings, EJ began looking to Nicole for comfort. When they were stuck in an elevator together, EJ and Nicole gave into their feelings and made love, to be discovered by a furious Sami.

Eventually, Nicole Walker, who said she was barren before they had made love, revealed that she was in fact pregnant with EJ's baby. Wary, EJ had Nicole take a paternity test which proved that he was in fact the baby's father. Once Sami found out that Nicole was pregnant with EJ's baby, she moved out of the DiMera mansion and Nicole moved in. EJ told a pleased Stefano that he'd have more DiMera heirs.

EJ saved Sami's life when someone attempted to shoot her for witnessing the murder of Mayor Marino. Sami was taken away into a witness protection program, leaving EJ to care for Johnny. Meanwhile, with Nicole arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins, EJ worked hard to get her out on bail.

EJ looked Johnny and continues to reassure Nicole that he wants a future with her and their baby, but Nicole lost their baby while he was away on business and faked the rest of the pregnancy with a pregnancy pad, blackmailed Dr. Baker so he'd go along with it and she found a young mother, Mia McKormick, who gave birth and sold her Sydney for 10K, which EJ gave to her for a wedding gown. Nicole feigned giving birth and swapped babies when Sami gave birth to EJ's daughter, the same day. She now has Sydney, who is EJ and Sami's daughter and Grace, Mia's child went to Sami (and later died). EJ wasn't aware of any of this, but can tell Nicole is hiding something. He found out from Sami,when Grace died, that Grace was his (but she's not) and tried to punish Sami for keeping the truth from him by taking full custody of Johnny from her but Nicole put a stop to that. In the meantime, when Stefano was kidnapped by Victor, during all of this, he had Stephanie kidnapped by Owen, the gardener and spy who worked for the Kiriakis'. Eventually, Stephanie was freed by Philip, and the families have since decided to stop feuding.

EJ learned that Nicole miscarried their child and faked her pregnancy and then stole Sami's "adopted baby" Sydney, who she found out was really EJ's kid. She pawned the child off as her own. EJ learned the truth and in his rage to hurt Sami for lying about Sydney being his child, he kidnapped Sydney with Anna DiMera's help (and 5 grand!) and felt bad about it when he started having feelings for Sami again. After EJ got Syd back, Sami and EJ tried to make a go of marriage but before they could say "I do," Rafe informed Sami that EJ was behind the kidnapping of Sydney. EJ became depressed and thought about suicide but that same night, Sami found him with the gun, drunken and passed out at the DiMera mansion and she shot EJ in the head. EJ spent a few days in the hospital and left without even a bandaid. He's fine and back seeking revenge on Sami. He took their kids from her once he learned what she did to him and vowed he'd send her to jail if she stepped foot near them. Weeks went on like this and he allowed Nicole to come into their lives again and live in the guest house until Johnny was found to have Retinoblastoma, a childhood eye cancer. EJ bartered with God that if he spared Johnny's life and sight, he'd allow Sami back into their kids lives. Johnny lost one of the two eyes and can see out of the one left. EJ drew up new custody agreements and is allowing Sami to be part of the children's lives but she's against him marrying Nicole, who he thinks is good for the kids. EJ doesn't want Rafe in their lives so he and Stefano had created a doppelganger to replace Rafe. The real Rafe was be locked up in the DiMera cellar. The fake Rafe lived with and had sex with Sami and EJ and Stefano let it happen. Fake Rafe (RoboRafe) was aggressive and nasty and eventually when Rafe got free and the doppelganger was taken care of, Sami realized what EJ and Stefano had done. EJ and Nicole got together during this time and as Sami was trying to repair her relationship with Rafe after what happened, Johnny went missing and EJ and Sami thought he was dead. They had angry grief sex and immediately regretted it. They kept it from their significant others and when it came out, a pregnant Nicole dumped EJ and Rafe couldn't forgive Sami. EJ tried to get Nicole back but nothing worked. She had Rafe and Daniel pretend that she and Rafe had a one night stand that got her pregnant. EJ could see right through this. During this time, Stefano found out that he wasn't really EJ's father, through a note from "Alice" that was actually written by Ian. Stefano didn't want EJ around now that he wasn't blood and hurt EJ very badly. When Stefano was "killed," EJ was a suspect though he did not murder Stefano. Ian faked his death. EJ found out later on but the damage was done. When Nicole lost her baby, she admitted it was EJ's child. He was crushed but decided not to do anything about it. He started going after Sami to date her and became her boss at MadWorld Cosmetics. They worked together and became close. Sami fell for him and the two finally got together. They made love and Sami professed her love for him.

EJ worked with Sami to steal the evidence Nick Fallon had that proved Will was the person who really shot EJ, not Lucas. In the process, EJ also stole the formula for a new Mad World product. EJ then overtook Stefano as head of DiMera Enterprises and kicked him out of the mansion. But when Sami was arrested for killing a dirty cop EJ turned to Stefano for help. Stefano agreed as long as EJ turned the company and house back over to him. EJ did and within hours Sami was free. EJ was also forced by Stefano to convince Chad to move back in, so EJ blackmailed his brother with info about his faked brain tumor. During EJ and Sami’s engagement party, Chad was shot protecting EJ from the dirty cop’s wife, but recovered.

EJ agreed to stand up for his sister Kristen during her wedding to Brady Black. Right before the ceremony he learned Kristen had drugged and raped Sami’s brother Eric but did not tell Sami. When the sex tape was played during the ceremony Sami doubted EJ didn’t know and cut him off from sex. Even when EJ hid evidence that Sami, Kate and Gabi killed Nick, she still kept him out of her bed. EJ had an affair with Abigail Deveraux but they ended it. However, Sami wed EJ knowing all about the affair and began to take the two of them down. EJ was arrested for tax evasion, and after he signed his proxies for DiMera Enterprises over to Sami she kicked him out of the house, sold off his jet and smaller companies, and filed a restraining order against him. EJ was forced to turn to Victor Kiriakis for work.​ He met with Clyde Weston, who wanted to work with him in some nefarious business dealings. EJ allowed it but Weston didn't want to do things EJ's way. He paid off a DiMera goon, Miguel, to help him get what he wanted, which was to do more business than what EJ wanted. EJ met with the men and punched Clyde in the face and Miguel shot EJ in the gut. EJ fell to his knees and the men left him to die. Sami came upon him in a wooded area and they professed their love for each other before EJ died in her arms. The EMS arrived and pronounced the DiMera dead at the scene. His body was brought to the morgue where Sami jumped up on the slab with him and cried over her loss. When he was alone, his sister Kristen, at Stefano's behest, injected him with a syringe. EJ's body was shipped to Stefano's undisclosed location and an urn shipped to Sami at the mansion. Nobody knows that EJ's cremains are not in the urn.

Flings and Relationships

Abigail Deveraux (January 2014)
Nicole Walker (Married, April 23 2009- divorced)
Samantha "Sami" Brady- Roberts (2007 dated, raped, married to end the vendetta and divorced 2008 and back together February 4, 2013)
Kate Roberts (fling)
Billie Reed (flirtation)
A woman in Mexico (fling while on the run for shooting John Black in 2006)


Stefano Dimera (father)
Susan Banks (mother)
Tony DiMera (paternal half-brother)
Renee DuMonde (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Megan Hathaway (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver (paternal half-sister)
Benjy Hawk (paternal half-brother)
Penelope Kent (maternal aunt - deceased)
Sister Mary Moira Banks (maternal aunt)
Thomas Banks (maternal uncle)
Andre DiMera (paternal cousin - deceased)
Theo Carver (current) (paternal half-nephew)
John Black (paternal half-uncle)
Chad Peterson Woods - Half brother from Stefano and now deceased Madeline Peterson Woods


John Roman DiMera with Samantha Brady Horton DiMera (rape)
Sydney DiMera with Samantha Brady Horton DiMera, but he originally thought Nicole was the mother.


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