Dr. Valerie Grant (as played by Vanessa Williams on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Dr. Valerie Grant

* First seen in Salem in 1976.
* Was involved in an interracial relationship with David Banning.
* Broke off engagement after Banning cheated.
* Briefly dated Abe Carver before leaving town in the early 80s.
* Returned to town October 25, 2016.

Who's played Dr. Valerie Grant over the years?

Tina Andrews (1975 - 1977)
Diane Sommerfield (1981 - 1982)
Vanessa Williams (October 25, 2016 - November 21, 2018)

Past History

Valerie Grant was first seen in Salem in 1976, involved in an interracial relationship with Julie Williams' son David Banning. They got engaged after her family took care of him following a car accident but she later broke things off after he cheated on her with Trish Clayton.

After a short-lived fling with Abe Carver she left Salem for decades but returned to town October 25, 2016. She and Abe dated again and her son Eli came to town. Though they had a rough time of it, when he learned David Banning was his father, they made amends. Val worked at University Hospital but left town when her old hospital in D.C. asked her to return as Chief of Staff. She and Abe decided to do a long distance relationship.

Flings and Relationships

David Banning (engaged)
Abe Carver (dated)


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