Dr. Marlena Evans – Black (as played by Deidre Hall on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Dr. Marlena Evans – Black

* Married to John Black.
* Has three children: Sami, Eric and Belle and two step-children, Carrie and Brady.
* Shot Stefano DiMera.
* Was possessed by the devil, twice!
* Drugged by Tony DiMera to believe she killed the Salem Stalker victims.
* She was known as the Salem Stalker from 2003-2004.
* Married John Black in December 2006 but divorced November 2008.
* Injected Stefano DiMera with a drug that put him in a catatonic state. When Stefano out of his coma he did the same to her, but luckily she was saved.
* Leaving town with John, January 23 2009.
* Returned with John, summer of 2011.

Who's played Dr. Marlena Evans – Black over the years?

Deidre Hall (1976 - 1987, 1991 - January 23 2009. Summer 2011- present)

Past History

Marlena was first glimpsed as one of the psychiatrists treating Mickey when he was in the Bayview Sanitarium. Not long after, she was in the asylum herself after being drugged and having her identity stolen by her twin sister, Samantha. Although she escaped, her sister recaptured her and subjected her to electroshock treatment. The man in Marlena's life, Don Craig, began to see the dramatic change in her character and started to figure out what was going on. Eventually he got Marlena released and Samantha was arrested and sent to another sanitarium.

Marlena and Don then married and soon had a child. Sadly, the child died of SIDS and Don blamed her for the death. They separated later that year. Early the next year, Kellam Chandler began to pursue her. When she rejected him, he raped her. As the months went by, she began receiving threatening letters. Around this time, dead women were turning up all over Salem thanks to the Salem Strangler. Fearing that she was being stalked, she hired Roman Brady as her bodyguard. She left town for awhile to avoid the nightmare her life had become. When she returned, she discovered that her stalker had been in her apartment and killed her twin sister. Realizing that she was still alive, the strangler came back for her, but this time Roman was there and killed her attacker.

As he helped her put her life back together, Roman and Marlena fell in love and married once Roman's divorce went through. The early years of their marriage were rife with deceptions as they tried to take down Stefano. They faked their deaths more than once and she even married Eugene Bradford to make Roman's death seem convincing, but eventually the evidence surfaced and Stefano was put away where he 'died'. Roman returned and they had twins, but, soon after, Roman also died, presumably for real.

The next year, a strange, heavily bandaged, amnesiac arrived in town. She began to treat him and, from the tattoo he had she suspected that he was Stefano. When the bandages came off she was even more surprised to discover that it was Roman. Little did she know it was really John Black (who was really Forrest Alamain). They renewed their wedding vows, though he still had trouble remembering their past together. The past of the mysterious man did come after him, however, and Marlena was caught up in it. She was believed killed in an explosion, while she had actually been abducted and taken to Stockholm by one of John's old enemies. Bo and Kayla managed to track her down and free her but, as she went back to Salem, her abductor managed to send her off on a doomed plane to crash in the ocean. Everyone thought that she was dead.

She remained gone from the scene for five years only to reappear with a strange medal around her neck. John began to try and trace where it had come from and ended up in Mexico where he happened to run into Roman, the man whose life he had been living. Roman was brought back and Marlena chose to resume her life with her real husband. As she tried to return to her normal life, she began counseling Roger Lombard, the drunken driver who had hit Kimberley Brady. Unfortunately his wife, Stella, got the wrong idea and held her captive in the boiler room of an abandoned warehouse. John came to rescue her and they escaped just before the warehouse could be demolished. This rekindled their love for each other. He decided that he should leave town and leave her to Roman, but, before he left, they ended up making love on a table at work. Her daughter, Sami, witnessed this and, when Marlena became pregnant, shielded this from everyone. She even doctored paternity tests to prove that Roman was the father. Once Belle was born, Stefano arrived just in time for the christening and revealed the truth about Belle's paternity. Roman was crushed and left town, but John had already moved on with Kristen.

Once Stefano had come back to town, he had become smitten with Marlena and wanted her. He began to drug her and take advantage of her. The chaos that he brought into her life opened her up for demonic possession. While she was working for Satan, she burned down the fish market, the Christmas Tree place, tried to kill Bo and Billie and shot a cop when he tried to arrest her. She also tried to kill John and Kristen, but John, who had gone back to being a priest, realized what was going on. He preformed an exorcism and saved her. Stefano was injured in the rescue and left with amnesia. She began to tend to him and his feelings for her deepened.

Meanwhile, Tony set John up for his own death and she began having visits from the Woman in White who led her to information that would free John. Knowing that Stefano was behind John's imprisonment, she confronted him and he absconded with her to his underworld lair in Paris. There he kept her in a golden cage and wanted her to be his queen. She began to get depressed so he had a magical set of goggles made so that she could see the life she was missing in Salem. The plan backfired when they allowed her to communicate with John. He went after her and Stefano captured him. After putting him on trial, he prepared to execute him. An explosion sabotaged this and John and Marlena escaped.

When they returned to Salem, he had decided to continue his relationship with Kristen and she had to bless it, though she knew that Kristen was deceiving him. When she broke down and was ready to tell the truth, Kristen had her imprisoned. Laura Horton managed to rescue her and the truth finally came out. This left her and John to reunite but, as they did, Roman returned to town. She was conflicted, but it turned out that Roman was deathly ill. As she cared for him, Stefano returned and offered to help. He would cure Roman if she could forgive him and help make him respectable. She grudgingly agreed and they went to the jungle to find a cure. Although he was on the mend, he was still weak so John and Marlena tried to fight their passion for one another until he recovered, fearing that he would relapse. They split up and he returned to Kristen. Soon after, Roman did relapse and Stefano had to cure him again. As he recovered, she and John began an affair, which Roman found out about and left her.

While John and Marlena eventually remarried, it was a difficult time thanks to Sami's murder trial and Kristen's 'death'. They went to Hawaii together where John disappeared again after trying to save a swimmer. Her fears of his death proved false though and he soon returned.

Back in Salem, she took a job as a talk radio host but the ratings were terrible. Her assistant took over the show. Things soon got worse when she discovered that John was the father of Hope's baby, impregnating her during one of his 'evil' episodes. Eventually they found out that this was false and Bo was actually the father. Returning to her psychiatric practice, she began to treat the Gemini twins and Tony DiMera. She and John traveled to the DiMera island where they learned that she had given birth to two Dimeras: Rex and Cassie and that their father was Tony. Although appalled by this, she couldn't deny an attraction to Tony but pushed him away. It turned out that this episode was a ruse and the children were biologically Kate's (Kate's eggs and Roman's sperm had been implanted in Marlena).

Returning to Salem things weren't much better. The Stalker was soon on the prowl and many of her friends were being murdered. John became suspicious of her but tried to pin everything on Tony. All the time, Tony had been drugging Marlena and manipulated her into killing the town residents. She even admitted to John that she was the killer and, after a fight with him led her to fall from her balcony, she began accusing him of being the murderer. She was charged and sent to prison. When she attempted to escape she was shot. John carried her dead body around town until he was finally persuaded to put her to rest.

In reality, she wasn't dead. She was brought to a desert island where all of the dead residents were residing. As time went by, the residents of the town came down to rescue their friends and family. Tony, who had masterminded the whole thing, wouldn't let people escape so easily and caused a volcanic eruption. Most of the captives escaped on ragged rafts to be rescued out at sea by the coast guard. Marlena was not rescued. Along with Roman and a few others, she was abducted by Tony and taken to his European castle. There, he forced Marlena and Roman to watch videos of John and Kate being intimate. Eventually they gave in to each other but Jack soon found a way out and helped them escape.

When they returned, they found John and Kate engaged but didn't tell them of their infidelity. She also realized that she was pregnant and that Roman must be the father. The truth came out and John didn't take it well. As he fought with Roman, they knocked Marlena down the stairs and she had a miscarriage. Upon awakening and hearing the news, she went into a violent seizure from which she awoke with amnesia.

Alex North, a specialist, was brought to Salem to care for Marlena, a choice which soon began to bother John when Marlena became affectionate toward her doctor. John confronted him and Alex came clean that he had been married to Marlena but was presumed dead. This made all of her other marriages invalid. Soon another person from Marlena's past appeared, Lois Banks. She told John that Alex had been abusive and had come to hurt her. Unfortunately he wasn't the only one. Lois had come to try and kill Marlena himself. After numerous attempts, John trapped her and shot her up with truth serum. She confessed that she and Alex were working together to take Marlena out. Discovering this, Alex killed her and framed John for the murder before renewing his wedding vows with Marlena. He then tried to kill John in an explosion but this accidentally caught Marlena. As she recovered in the hospital, she regained her memory. Alex discovered this, drugged her, erased her memory again and ran off with her. John went in pursuit and managed to shoot Alex off of a cliff.

As Marlena recovered, her memory returned and she and John left Salem. She returned to town later, on a separation from John, so that she could sort her life out. In Salem, the Brady's were being tormented by the Gloved Hand and she tried to help. She received a strange job offer in New Jersey and went to investigate. She vanished but John later discovered her bound up in a cart. Returning to town, they found that Kayla and Steve had been poisoned and jetted off to Canada for a cure. Their plane went down and she jumped from it to be rescued by Smokey Robinson. John found her and they managed to get a hold of the drug in time to save Steve and Kayla. As John investigated the Gloved Hand, it became apparent that EJ Wells was involved. They tracked evidence back to Italy (where they renewed their vows again) and discovered Stefano deathly ill in bed. He had enough strength to deal John the death hand tarot card though. Once the couple returned to Salem, EJ shot John and he fell into a coma. Since then, she had continued to communicate with him through their dreams while she tried to help Kayla and Steve battle EJ.

With Marlena by his side, John finally came out of his coma and the two were happily reunited until a few months later when John was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. This was a great loss for Salem and many mourned John's death. Marlena tried to stay strong but she also worried about Brady Black, John's son, who hadn't shown up for the funeral and was reported missing. Marlena also worried about her daughter Sami, who insisted that she'd marry EJ DiMera to end the Brady/DiMera feud. Marlena learned that one of Sami's twins was father by EJ, the man she held responsible for John's death. While convincing Sami not to marry EJ, Sami went into labour and Marlena helped deliver her twins. Marlene confessed to a worried Hope that she had thought of taking revenge on EJ.

Sami went against her family's wishes and reluctantly married EJ, who was shot in the back during the ceremony. He survived but Marlena was arrested for his attempted murder. She was later cleared of the charges. During the holiday season, Hope helped a grieving Marlene clean out John's belongings. It was then that Marlene discovered a photo of a boy and a woman, but the photo was torn at the woman's head. Marlena went on a mission to figure out who the woman in the photo was, which lead her to a psychic named Crystal Miller, who told her that John was still alive!

Eventually, when EJ revealed that he had seen someone suspicious in the basement, Marlena, Bo, and Hope found John alive. Stefano was arrested and Marlena was overjoyed but saddened to see that John had no memory and was a completely different person on a "mission." Marlena stayed by his side and tried to get him to remember her and their life together. Overtime this proved impossible, and Marlena grew disappointed and frustrated. She vowed to take revenge against Stefano, and when she visited him in prison, she injected him with a drug that put him a catatonic state, permanently.

When Chloe Lane Black returned to Salem, Marlena sought after her for information on Brady's disappearance, but Chloe wasn't forthcoming with helpful information. Meanwhile, although John tried to keep Marlena at a distance, she was relentless in her efforts to bring the John that she loved back. John soon revealed that he had to go to Ireland to complete his mission. Marlena, along with Bo, Hope, Shawn Sr., Belle, Shawn, Philip, and Chloe, followed when they suspected that Claire and Brady had been kidnapped and held there. In New Ross, Ireland everyone discovered an alive Colleen Brady, Shawn Senior's sister, who before was presumed dead. Colleen had Claire with her and returned Claire to her parents, but Brady was still a mystery. Colleen revealed that her affair with Santo DiMera was at the root of the Brady/DiMera feud, and finally revealed that she was the woman from the picture: John Black's mother, making John a DiMera! Marlena encouraged John to embrace his mother, but John was indifferent. Unfortunately, Colleen confessed that she was terminally ill and died shortly after.

Everyone left Ireland to head back home but they faced a traumatic plane crash, due to plane sabotage. Unfortunately, Shawn Senior died a hero on the plane, and Marlena tried to console the heartbroken Brady's. John was able to crash land the plane in Greenland, where everyone waited for rescue. While waiting, Marlena and John got closer and made love, and while Marlena thought her old John was back, she soon realized that it was just physical attraction on John's part.

Once rescued and returned to Salem, Marlena moved into the DiMera mansion with John but was disappointed to see John take over the DiMera estate. Marlena notices the negative changes in John as he gets into a shipping war with Philip Kiriakis. Marlena returned to work and tried to help her friends Abe and Lexi Carver as their son, Theo was diagnosed with Autism. Marlena also left Salem for a bit to visit her son Eric Brady. She returned to see that John had moved on with Ava Vitali. Giving into her frustrations, Marlena decided to move out and take time away to decide on whether to stand by John or not.

When the war between John and the Kiriakis' got intense, Philip and Marlena met to discuss what to do about John. Marlena warned Philip to be careful as the new John proved her can be just as ruthless in business, and Philip gave Marlena a small disk that he believed was the key to unlocking the old John. Hopeful, Marlena went back to John and insisted that they unlock the disk to unlock is memory, but John was hesitant. He insisted that he would never be the man he used to be and she had to accept that. John keeps the disk but with Ava's prodding, he destroyed it. Hopeless again, Marlena tried to accept that her John was gone for good. She later found the disk split in two and took it to Rolf, insisting that he help her fix it. Too afraid of John, Rolf told Marlena he couldn't help her if he wanted to live. Marlena then asked Roman for help, and he said he'd try his best.

Meanwhile, Marlena worried when she heard that Stefano DiMera was coming out of his coma. She visited him at the hospital where she feared that Stefano would seek revenge as soon as he remembered that Marlena was behind his catatonic state. Later, as she prepares to go to Hope and Bo's wedding, Marlena was attacked in her room and injected with a similar drug that slowly put her in a catatonic state. She was rushed to the hospital as Stefano came out of his coma and had their entire hospital floor locked down when he spreads a mysterious gas. Stefano visited Marlena several times as she lay in paralysis and showed her that he had the disk. Fortunately, Kayla was able to use antibodies and save Marlena as Roman and the Salem PD rescued the rest trapped on that floor.

John tried to convince Marlena to return to his house but Marlena said she couldn't go back to the DiMera mansion with Stefano's threats. Eventually, Marlena agreed to spend her first night there so that John could take care of her but she left when Stefano re-claimed the mansion. Marlena returned to work where she felt empowered by making a decision to let go of the past and divorce John!

Dean Trent Robbins tried to pursue Marlena which bothered John. When Nicole Walker informed John that Trent was bad news, John punched him and told him to stay away from Marlena. Right after this fight, John seemed to have some sort of brain freeze and other similar episodes later on, which worried Marlena. John tried to change Marlena's mind about the divorce, but she continued to see that the old John would never be back. Marlena repeatedly urged John to get checked out for his episodes, even using the divorce as her leverage, but John refused.

Later on, Marlena began to see positive changes in John, especially in his care for Sami. Marlena was especially shocked to see that he befriended Nicole Walker.

Marlena is still worried about John and his episodes, even though she is trying to move on. She also worries about Sami, who has gone into a witness protection program after someone attempted to shoot her.

John recently went to Dr. Charlotte Taylor for therapy, has undergone hypnotherapy and is starting to remember her. Dr. Taylor is keeping this a secret, but Brady found out by breaking into her computer files! He told Marlena and eventually they were able to take Dr. Taylor down. John and Marlena, after a few more issues, were finally able to get together. He regained his memory after being hit in a car accident, and Marlena took him to Switzerland for therapy.

John and Marlena returned to Salem in Summer 2011 as the surprise guests in Hope and Bo's party in the opening of the Horton Town Square. Their joy over their return was short lived when John was arrested for stealing retirement packages from his Basic Black employees. Rafe and Carrie worked together to prove John's innocence and he was released. In an effort to pay back all his employees for what they lost, John used his own assets. Though practically broke, Marlena and John were happy to be together in Salem. Marlena also resumed her practice. John later decided to bring Basic Black back and along with Brady started at making it a success again. The two learned that John was still married to Hope/Gina and John and Hope went to Alamainia to try to get a divorce. They were turned back into Gina and the pawn by Stefano but quickly realized it and snapped out of it and then headed back to the states still married. John and Marlena were put to the test when Kristen Blake Black DiMera returned to Salem after fourteen years. Kristen manipulated the two to the point where she started to date Brady in order to get back at John for dumping her at the altar years earlier. Marlena was the only one who saw this for a time and eventually Kristen revealed her true self to John, but by then, he and Marlena were on the outs. Marlena kept it from him that Brady was having sex with Kristen because she was the tiniest bit glad Kristen wasn't bedding her husband. When John learned the truth, he accused her of mistrust and she accused him of the same. He flew to Europe for business and to clear his head and confronted Stefano to put him on notice.

Past Marriages

John Black (August 22, 2018, July 6, 1999, March 27, 2002, December 7, 2006, August 22, 2018, November 8, 2018. Read John and Marlena's vows over the years and view a gallery of their weddings.)
Roman Brady (February 9, 1983)

Flings and Relationships

Richard Cates (only dated)
Eugene Bradford (fake)
John Black (adulterous)


Frank Evans (father)
Martha Evans (mother)
Samantha Evans (twin sister - deceased)
Robert Evans (uncle - deceased)
Trista Evans (cousin - deceased)
Will Roberts (grandson)
Claire Kiriakis (granddaughter)


D.J. Craig Jr. (son - deceased)
Eric Brady (son)
Samantha "Sami" Brady- Roberts (daughter)
Belle Black-Kiriakis (daughter with John Black)
Brady Black (step-son with John Black)
Unnamed (miscarriage with Roman Brady)


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