Della (as played by Elena Lyons on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Della

* Dated Steve Johnson (Nick) when he didn't have a memory of who he was.

Who's played Della over the years?

Elena Lyons - (July 26, 27 and 31 2006)

Past History

Della dated Steve Johnson (Nick) during the years when his memory was gone. She resides in Cincinnati, and when Kayla took Steve back there to find out what they could about what he had been doing all these years, she poked her head up in a bar, telling them she was his wife! It turned out that she wasn't his wife but a girlfriend he was very close to. He had to say goodbye to her when he felt a pull to Kayla to go back to Salem.

Steve left Cincinnati and we have not seen Della since.

Flings and Relationships

Steve "Patch" Johnson (When he was going by Nick)






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