Deimos Kiriakis (as played by Vincent Irizarry on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Deimos Kiriakis

* Younger brother of Victor Kiriakis.
* Arrived in Salem January 18, 2016 after 30 years of estrangement from his brother. Victor wanted nothing to do with him.
* Spent 30 years in prison.
* His nephew Philip acted as if he didn't know Deimos in front of Victor but it soon became clear that was not the case.
* Deimos blackmailed Philip in order to get him to give him the serum Caroline's been taking.
* Interested in Kate.
* Drugged Maggie in order to take revenge against Victor for sending him to prison for murdering Victor's first fiancée when he was innocent.
* Took Titan and the Kiriakis mansion from Victor but allowed him to stay there with Maggie.
* Started to date Nicole Walker.
* Is the Candyman, creating a drug called Halo and having it distributed.

Who's played Deimos Kiriakis over the years?

Vincent Irizarry (January 18, 2016 - present)

Past History

Deimos Kiriakis arrived in Salem on January 18, 2016, surprising his older brother Victor by just showing up inside his mansion. Deimos had been separated from the family because his 30 year prison sentence, but now that he was out he was looking for a job in order to rebuild his life. When Victor tried to throw him out Deimos alluded to some secret from their past. Victor's son Philip pretended not to know Deimos and Victor wanted to keep it that way, but it was soon clear Deimos had been working with Philip before his arrival. Deimos had blackmailed Philip after learning that a woman died from an overdose at his hotel room. Deimos helped Philip cover it up and in return, Philip would give his uncle the formula for the serum which is saving Caroline's life. When Victor learned of Philip's betrayal he was furious and it came out that Deimos went to prison for 30 years because Victor sent him there on false charges of murder. Victor's fiancée went over a cliff and died and Deimos was blamed. Deimos' innocence fired up a need for revenge and he went after Maggie. He poisoned her and she fell down the stairs when she became ill. Deimos only injected her with the antidote when Victor signed over everything to him. While he saved Maggie, her legs became paralysed and she broke her back during the fall. Meanwhile, Deimos had moved into Ben Weston's (Necktie Killer) old apartment and began dating Kate.

Flings and Relationships

Kate Roberts DiMera - Dated in March 2016


Victor Kiriakis (brother)
Philip Kiriakis (nephew)
Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis (nephew)
Eric Brady (nephew)
Brady Black (nephew)




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